Pawns, Props &  Politics – STOP USING BLACK PEOPLE for Political Gain

In typical, “It’s coming up on election season and I need to pose, position and take pictures of myself with Black people,” Trump Squared Governor Bevin decided he would take a trip to West Louisville Chess Club at Nativity Academy at St. Boniface which is located at 529 E Liberty Street in Louisville, Kentucky.  This seems like a fairly easy task and something that would be just a blip on the media circuit. A real governor should spend time with his constituents, but we all know we are dealing with a charlatan of a governor so doing that simple task went to hell quickly. Playing a few games of chess would be too easy for Trump Junior. Instead of just walking into the Nativity Academy and playing chess with some of the young people, getting his mandatory photo op, Governor Bevin decided that he wanted to speak his heart and say, “I’m about to go in and meet the members of the West Louisville Chess Club. Not something you would have necessarily thought of when you think of this section of town and yet some incredible young minds, some incredible teachers, people pouring into these young people. Come along and let’s check it out.”




I know he just didn’t say what I think he said.

“Not something you would have necessarily thought of when you think of this section of town?”



What the hell does that mean? While the location he was at today is not situated in West Louisville, based on the name of the club, it was clear what he said and very clear what he meant. West Louisville is a predominantly African-American part of the city. So where exactly would Trump Wannabe Governor Bevin expect to see chess played in Kentucky? Does Trump Cloned Governor Bevin feel that Black people do not have the mental prowess to play chess? Does Imitation Trump Governor Bevin think that Black people in West Louisville are just thugs? Perhaps that is what he believes since that is always the narrative he is telling when it comes to West Louisville.

Governor Bevin NEVER speaks about West Louisville in any positive terms.  It as always painted as, “What can White people do to come in and save the poor, unfortunate Black people?” When it comes to boosting investment and economic opportunity west of 9th street (read Bevin and  friends can come in, take it over and make a lot of money), areas of the West End have been declared an Opportunity Zone. Opportunity for who?  For Black people that live in the West End? For Black people that do not live in the West End but understand the challenges of living in a marginalized community and want to invest in the area to help increase the capacity and agency of the residents?

If you think that is what will happen with an Opportunity Zone, think again. This was proven to you when Governor Bevin allowed shuckin’ and jivin’ Pastor (word used lightly) Darrell Scott to tap dance his way into Louisville.

Darrell Scott had the audacity to call me out on Twitter and tell me to leave Louisville when I called him out about negating the impact of redlining in Louisville. Something that has been proven, that the city has admitted but that he feels is not a “real thing.”  If you want to talk about economic development in Louisville and do not start with racism and redlining, you are insulting Black people in this city.  Shame on you, Darrell Scott and Governor Bevin.

Or perhaps, Governor Bevin just speaks about West Louisville when it comes to a state takeover of Jefferson County Public Schools.  Let’s see what he has to say about that. “And we have too many children, especially so many of our underprivileged kids coming from the west end of Louisville that are falling farther and farther behind.”  Same narrative. Why not address racism in JCPS? Why not address the number of Black youth that are suspended? If you really want to get to the bottom of some of  some serious issues in JCPS you are fooling yourself if you do not start with racism.

When it came time to address combatting violence in the West End did Governor Bevin come with funding, policy changes, any of that? No.  His brilliant plan was to walk around West Louisville and pray. How insulting. Black people have always been a praying people. However, even the Bible says, “Faith without works is dead.” This is the SAME MAN who had a tantrum because he was not allowed to eliminate Affordable Healthcare and just last week ended dental and vision care for some of the very people in these communities that he claims he wants to help because when White men have a tantrum the entire nation suffers. 

You cannot have it both ways, Governor Bevin. You say you want to help people in West Louisville while establishing policies that hurt people in West Louisville. You are using Black people as pawns and props as you seek political power.

And it is wrong!

Perhaps if you took the time to get to know the people in West Louisville or just Black people in general, you would understand that we are not those poor, unfortunate people that you need to save. Black people are amazing and we can do anything we put our minds to. A weaker people would have already died, but you couldn’t break us. And we are not going anywhere.  We are all throughout Kentucky and some of the very luxuries this state enjoys was built with slave labor and the selling of Black bodies down the river.  So let’s not pretend.

We are not those people that you come by and take a few photos with to pretend you are not racist. We are not people that are easily enticed with a few trinkets and gimmicks. Also, before anyone tries to check me, I know what you are thinking, “Doesn’t he have Black children?” To that I say, even slaveowners had Black children by Black women that they raped and went on to enslave those very children. So I am hardly impressed

I will not stand for any politician now or anyone that is seeking office to use Black people for political gain. I believe it was Donald Trump that asked, “What do we (meaning Black people) have to lose?”  EVERY DAMN THING!

So I will not stand for it. I may be one woman, but I am one Black woman that is determined. I have thousands of people that read my blog every single month all around the world. If you are around town using Black people as props, you have gained yourself a headline on my blog. The last time I wrote about Governor Bevin, it was read over 8,000 times in one day. I have friends in places that can and will amplify my message. SO I ADVISE AGAINST THINKING YOU ARE GOING TO USE BLACK PEOPLE TO GET INTO OFFICE. DO NOT DO IT!! Black people are not your props. Black people are not your pawns. Black people are not your convenient photo ops. Black people have REAL ISSUES LIKE EVERYONE ELSE that MUST BE ADDRESSED FOR OUR VERY SURVIVAL!  Fuck your props! We want policies that make our lives better. We are done being pawns in your game.


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