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I saw #civilwarletters trending, people writing “letters” home to loved ones of this “fake” civil war that’s supposed to happen tomorrow. All fun and games. Then I thought about my people, Black men, and women who would be hung for reading let alone writing. It’s not so funny.

I laughed when they said there was a Civil War tomorrow. How ridiculous! Admittedly, I posted a Fight Club meme in response to one of the threads. However, as I got to thinking, the Civil War is not funny and should not be made a mockery.
No one would post a fake/joke holocaust thread, and it trends. Black enslavement and the fight for liberation shouldn’t be made into a joke.

If by chance people had the opportunity to write home during the Civil War we shouldn’t be making a mockery of it. People sacrificed their lives. Black people sacrificed their lives, and I am sure getting a letter home to whatever was home was a miracle.
If you write #civilwarletters write it to a Black man that doesn’t understand why he has to fight against Black men that look like him.
If you write #civilwarletters write it to a Black woman whose husband has been pulled away from her to fight a war for freedom she doesn’t understand.
If you write #civilwarletters write it to the Black girl that doesn’t understand why Master is upset and beats her and Momma because they say they free.
If you write #civilwarletters, write it to the Black girls that are still being raped by White men.
If you write #civilwarletters write it to the Black women that kept plantations functional so that Black people could have some semblance of home. If you write #civilwarletters write it to the Black men that you never considered men that were forced to fight a war for freedom he is still fighting for.
If you write #civilwarletters write it to the Black women that birthed children with shades of Masters skin tone in cotton fields.
If you write #civilwarletters write it in our blood, Black blood, thick like molasses, blood that cries out beneath the earth, screaming for justice.

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  1. Yep! I learned about the Civil War that was happening today by accident, but I didn’t know about the hashtag.

    I’m still upset that I was not informed about the new Civil War in time to get my wardrobe together, or do some meal prep. Am I insufficiently black enough to barbecue for the resistance?

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