When White Men Have A Tantrum, We All Suffer

When White men have a tantrum, the entire nation suffers. Click To Tweet

Once again, Trump Wannabe, Governor Matt Bevin proved he doesn’t give a damn about the welfare of Kentuckians by canceling dental and vision care for nearly half a million Kentucky residents. Because of course, Kentuckians don’t need dental and vision care.


According to reports, dental and oral health problems, such as cancer or other diseases of the mouth and gums, remain a significant problem in Kentucky. And it’s a problem that tends to affect poor, less-educated people in rural Kentucky at much higher rates.

Kentucky still has a high rate of adults over 65 who have had all their natural teeth extracted. About 25 percent of such adults have no teeth, making Kentucky the fifth worst in the nation.

Kentucky also has some of the nation’s highest rates of oral cancer, associated with smoking or other tobacco use.

In spite of those statistics, surely there must have been a good reason for Trump Squared Governor Bevin to cut dental and vision care, right?

Wrong. Bevin’s retaliatory reaction is because, as reported by The Hill, “a federal judge blocked a controversial Medicaid waiver that was set to go into effect July 1 and would have imposed work requirements on beneficiaries.  Under Bevin’s Medicaid proposal, along with work requirements, enrollees would have had to earn dental and vision benefits through completing activities like taking classes or searching for a job.” Because in Kentucky Bevin feels dental and vision care is equivalent to playing a video game, and after you get all the tokens on a certain level you can power up and receive a dental cleaning. Once you reach the dental cleaning level, you can continue playing and earn a gold star bonus and get a cavity filled. And after you save the princess, you can get an eye exam along with a pair of glasses. Mission complete.


According to the The Hill article, U.S. District Judge James Boasberg ruled that the administration never adequately considered whether the work requirements and other restrictions would violate the program’s central purpose of providing medical assistance to vulnerable citizens. And Mini Trump Bevin didn’t like that. Oh no. How dare someone tell Bevin no. This is a small man with a warped God complex that is used to the world bending to his whim. When Bevin didn’t get what he wanted, he pulled the old, “I am taking my toys and going home” routine.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 9.51.35 AM.png

White men are so used to getting what they want that when someone says no to legislation, they take it as a personal affront. It stops being about legislation, policy and the well-being of the people and starts being about them. This isn’t about legislation, this is about a small man having a big tantrum. Because he didn’t get his way, he wants to punish Kentucky. I always wonder about men like Trump and Bevin. Did they have friends in school?  Were they not allowed to sit at the “cool table?” Did Mommy and Daddy neglect them? Did the head cheerleader turn them down for prom? Are they lacking in other areas that make them feel inadequate?


I know Trump hates this picture. This is really why he hates Barack Obama. We all know it.

What gives White men like Trump and Bevin the authority to play God?

When White men don’t get their way, people die.

When White men don’t get their way, they build walls.

When White men thrive off ego, wars are waged.

When White men don’t get their way, women are physically and sexually abused.

When White men are insecure, everyone is seen as a threat. 

When White men don’t get their way, they murder Black boys and girls in the street.

When White men don’t get their way, innocent people lose their healthcare.

When White men don’t get what they want, they separate families at borders.

When White men think the world owes them something, people are enslaved.

When White men wake up feeling inferior, unjust laws are established.

When White men have a tantrum, the entire nation suffers.

Governor Bevin doesn’t care about Kentucky. Governor Bevin cares about Governor Bevin. Governor Bevin removed vision and dental care for one reason and one reason only -because he is a child in a man’s body that is throwing a fit because he didn’t get his way. And now Kentucky will suffer because Governor Bevin wants to win an imaginary pissing contest instead of providing vision and dental care to vulnerable people. Hopefully someone will give him a bottle, send him to bed for a nap and he will rethink his behavior and come out and play nicely with the rest of Kentucky. Or maybe Kentucky residents will wake up, stop voting in the name of racism and against their own interest and vote this man out of office.

A girl can dream.


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  1. It’s really fucking hard to have sympathy for the White citizens of Kentucky who voted for this man. It’s really testing my ability to be compassionate when people are so stupid, and resentful, that they will vote to cut off their own damn noses because they think they’re gonna hurt the n*****s worst! Well, the n*****s are gonna be alright. We still gonna be here taking care of our business.

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