Dear Colin Kaepernick: All You Had To Do Was Play The Game, Boy.

All you had to do was throw the ball, boy. We concealed this auction block well, didn’t we, boy? You didn’t know you were on sale, boy? Didn’t we tell you to just run, boy? Entertain us, boy. Win championships for us, boy. Stay in your place, boy. Don’t you dare get these other slaves, Black men riled up, boy. Didn’t we pay you enough, boy? Why can’t you just be satisfied, boy? Stand up and salute this flag, boy. Honor your allegiance to the system, boy. Didn’t we give you enough money to entice you, boy? How dare you reject your master, boy. Didn’t you like your name in lights, boy? Didn’t we stroke your ego, boy? All you needed to do was play the game, boy. Keep dancing for us on Monday Night, boy. Make us rich, boy. We don’t care if you get hurt, boy. Our job is to break bucks like you, boy. Didn’t you know boys like you come a dime a dozen, boy? We can replace you with no thought, boy. Make sure our new boy is a controlled boy. Thought you knew we don’t trust Negroes to be the quarterback anyways, boy. We did you a favor, boy. How dare you turn your back on us, boy. If you are kneeling, it will be before us, boy. Ain’t this game your God, boy? Don’t you see how everyone else bows down before us, boy? Don’t you know what we do to Negroes like you, boy? Back in the day, we let Negroes like you sway from the trees, boy. Make an example outta you, so other Negroes will stay in their place, boy. Don’t you smell that strange fruit in the air, boy? All you had to do was just shut up, boy. We don’t have to kill you, boy. All we have to do is silence you, boy.

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Rose, White Feminism & Intersectionality

Rose, White Feminism & Intersectionality
(Or some other buzzword that’s hot this month)


Really, Rose? In your righteous fight against men that have sexually assaulted women in Hollywood, you went overboard by saying being called a woman is comparable to being called the N-word. To double down on your ignorance, instead of apologizing to every Black woman that you offended, you blame your now deleted comments on smoking weed. (Don’t worry, I have screenshots below.)

And THIS is my problem with White feminism and just how self-serving it is. 

You see, we were rooting for you, Rose. 

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Trump Doesn’t Give A Shit About You; He Just Wants To Win

I love winning. Who doesn’t? I grew up in an era where everyone didn’t receive a participation trophy. And quite frankly, I never wanted a participation trophy. I strived to be the best at whatever I set my mind to do. I wanted to win, and I wanted my winning to have precise definitions; first, second or third.

I, like everyone, likes to win, however, there is a problem when you want to win by any means necessary. That is the problem with Donald Trump. He is obsessed with winning and with this obsession it doesn’t matter who gets caught in the crossfire. Continue reading


As if Dove has been living underneath a rock and is not aware of the current climate regarding race relations, they thought it wise to take a page out of the Pepsi playbook for advertising and post an ad on Facebook with a Black woman removing her t-shirt and morphing into a White woman, I guess after she washed the essence of soul and being down the drain. Continue reading


When I was young, I used to play Monopoly. It was one of my favorite games, and I learned after playing a few times that while players kept rolling the dice hoping to land on Boardwalk and Park Place, I was better suited going after real estate that people didn’t value. I would start buying up the railroads and low-income property because I reasoned the odds of someone landing on Boardwalk or Park Place was not likely but the odds of them landing on a property that I owned was high.  My paper money payout would be even greater if I possessed a monopoly. Continue reading

Dear Women: Please Stop Apologizing, Dumbing Yourself Down and Allowing Men To Take The Credit For Your Work

“I’m sorry to ask you this but…”
“I’m sorry for calling you but…”
“I’m sorry to say this but…”
“I might be silly but…”
“This might be stupid but…”
“I hate to ask this but…”
“I’m sorry to send this text but…”
“It was my idea but…”
“Sure, you can use my business plan…”
“Of course, I don’t mind working late to build your empire…”

If you have said or wrote any of the above statements, please raise your hand! Continue reading

Lessons from Kevin Hart’s Statement on His Affair

“I’m at a place in my life where I feel like I have a target on my back.”
Wrong, Kevin. You do not have a target on your back. You have a target on your dick. Your back is fine. It is your dick that is causing you problems, and you are responsible for placing the bullseyes on your dick. Don’t deflect and don’t make it some conspiracy theory.  It is what it is.

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