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  1. There has always been “Karens” AKA White woman that have no problem lying on a Black person, not caring that it may cause that Black person’s life.

    For example Emmett Till who was a 14 year child who was lynched, (and much more was done to his body) in Mississippi in 1955, after being accused of offending and whisttling at Carolyn Bryant a white woman. Carolyn Bryant knew that her lie would get Emmett Till in hot water, that could of cause his death, which it did. Years later on her death bed, Carolyn admitted that she lied on Emmett Till.

    In 2009 my son was lied on by a White woman, Terrell’s Karen.

    My son was incarcerated for 7 years, and ALWAYS denied a trial. During those long years of being incarcerated, my son’s Mental Health was ignored, my son tried to take his life twice, and he wasn’t being feed, my son was 6’3″ and he was so skinny that you could see his spine and rib cage

    Terrell’s Karen is alive and well, not caring that she caused an innocent Black man to be incarcerated for 7 years.

    Terrell was released from State Prison on August 8, 2016, but being incarcerated for 7 years was too much forTerrell. Terrell took his life on August 20, 2016.

    I feel that these “Karens” should be sent to Prison because they seem to enjoy lying on Black people, not caring that their actions could possibly kill a Black person.

    Here are videos of the last days of my son’s life…

    Watch “My last hour with my son.” on YouTube

    Watch “My son saying thank you and saying goodbye to family and friends.” on YouTube

    Terrell, my first child
    Sunrise May 30, 1986
    Sunset August 20, 2016

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