“I am a Black woman with a pen, notepad, computer and an opinion and in this world that is a dangerous thing!”
-Hannah Drake
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Most anarchists believe the coming change can only come through a revolution, because the possessing class will not allow a peaceful change to take place; still we are willing to work for peace at any price, except at the price of liberty. – Lucy Parsons, orator and author once described by the Chicago Police Department as “More dangerous than a thousand rioters.”

Recently selected as a 2017 Hadley Creatives, Hannah Drake is an author, activist and spoken word artist that offers a powerful, stimulating, and motivational message.  In January 2017, Hannah started her blog, writesomeshit.com, offering commentary on politics, feminism, race, and social justice. Hannah’s article, Ivanka Trump’s Oprah Winfrey’s Tweet Is A Nauseating Display of White Feminism was recently featured on Cosmo.

Often regarded as a writer that stirs the pot, Hannah believes that people were born to be a problem!

“I promise  that my message will be thought-provoking and at times challenging but I believe it is in the uncomfortable spaces that change can take place.  My sole purpose in speaking and writing is not that I entertain you, although if you are entertained by my words as a byproduct of justice,  that is alright with me. However, I am writing not for your entertainment, I am writing to shake a nation from its slumber. I am writing to make you uncomfortable.”

You want to me to change the way I write my blog because it makes you uncomfortable?
Burying your 7-year-old granddaughter shot to death by police while she slept on a couch is uncomfortable.
Having an officer toss you across a classroom like a ragdoll is uncomfortable.
Seeing your son dead in the street for over 4 hours is uncomfortable.
Having a police officer wrestle you to the ground in an illegal chokehold while you whisper, “I can’t breathe” until you die is uncomfortable.
Being told your fiancé has been shot and killed by the police the morning of your wedding is uncomfortable.
Your son going out for Skittles and tea and never coming home again is uncomfortable.
Being raped by White men and the justice system does nothing because you are a Black woman is uncomfortable.
Walking miles to work because you are fighting for the right to sit up front on a bus is uncomfortable.
Getting a phone call that your daughter who was on her way to a new journey in her life is dead on a jailhouse floor is uncomfortable.
Being told that your son was murdered in jail because he was placed in a shower with water as hot as 180 degrees, is uncomfortable.
Being nervous every single time you get in your car to drive because you are Black is uncomfortable.
Existing in a world where your skin is your sentence, is uncomfortable.

Black people dwell in the realm of being uncomfortable every single day.

So, if you are coming to this blog and expecting to cuddle up with a steamy cup of hot cocoa and “Please-give-me-a-reward-for-doing-the-right-thing” cookies, I don’t bake so I suggest you stop right here.

However, if you come to this blog with the knowledge and understanding that you will be challenged to think and then act differently when it comes to race relations in this nation, you are in the right location. Am I infallible? No. Will I write things where I may have gotten something wrong? Possibly.  Am I open to criticism? Indeed. Will we have intriguing conversations that challenge both of us? I hope so!  I do not know what the future holds for Write Some Shit, but I promise to speak my truth, unfiltered and unapologetically.  It may not feel good, but I believe it is good for the betterment of us and for this country.

With Love & Revolution,

Hannah L. Drake