When Darrell Scott Tap Dances Into Town…

Perhaps Donald Trump and mini Donald Trump, Governor (I’m going to make a run for President because why only make the lives of people in Kentucky hell when I can make all Americans lives hell) Bevin, thought it would be a good idea to send in boot licking, tap dancing, college mill doctorate recipient, Darrell Scott to grease the pathway to speak about a land grab, Trump’s Urban Revitalization 13-point plan, that is a strategy to “rejuvenate Black America and crumbling urban communities.”  The project was co-authored by Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael I-Pay-Women-That-Slept-With-Trump-Hush-MoneyCohen. Clearly, Governor Bevin has not learned anything from his failed visit to the West End of Louisville, Kentucky. During that visit, instead of working with the community and leaders to institute policies to deal with the historical racist policies that created many of the disparities in the West End, he suggested Black people march around Jericho the West End and pray until the invisible wall at 9th street came tumbling down.


Boondocks/Uncle Ruckus Creator: Aaron Vincent McGruder

The Wednesday discussion was put together by the owners of Caudill Seed Company and was not open to the public although the press was invited, to hear about the bullshit 13-point plan; a plan that Darrell Scott has called, “the Black plan.”  Because nothing says let’s get those Negroes together like having a Black overseer to do the work for Trump. This is a plan that has not been released but mentions buzzwords like, affordable housing, financial literacy and women’s empowerment training. Because we all know ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’ Trump is all about women’s empowerment training.giphy-151.gif

Instead of coming to Louisville with humility, sincerity and the willingness to have an honest discussion, Mr. Bojangles Scott decided it would be wise to mock and berate Black people who raised concerns about the invisible plan. This 13 point plan does not involve any legislation, leaving many to ask how could the plan be effective in creating long-lasting change? It appears their visit was just more verbal prestidigitation and smoke and mirrors to make it seem as if those in power are really attempting to do something for those in the West End when in fact, they have been very clear on their motives. If Trump and Mini Trump Bevin are REALLY concerned about doing something in the West End why not start with legislation? Legislation is what is needed to correct some of the racist policies that America notably Louisville put into place, called redlining, that created many of the disparities in the West End. However, instead of acknowledging the devastating effects of redlining, Darrell Scott said, “I think, in a number of cases, redlining is more imagined than real because we want to have that mentality that the white man is keeping us down or holding us back.”


Trump, onlooking making sure, Scott stays in his place.

There is nothing imagined about redlining. This is a historical fact. In fact, redlining prevented many Black people from establishing generational wealth. Louisville, Kentucky is on the front lines of discussing redlining. As reported by Eric Bosco, “Louisville Metro Government is making strides to spread understanding and awareness of how the discriminatory lending practices of the 1930s have had longstanding impacts to this day through the use of an interactive map that illustrates the effects of redlining on housing development, disinvestment, and lending patterns.

The map, “Redlining Louisville: The History of Race, Class, and Real Estate,” has been selected as the first winner of Harvard’s new Map of the Month contest, which recognizes best-in-class data visualizations created by all levels of government and nonprofits. “Redlining Louisville” was selected for its outstanding use of data combined from multiple sources, including historical data, its creativity and effective communication to the public, and the policy implications it is likely to have moving forward.” The map was developed by Louisville resident and local urban planner, Joshua Poe and Poe has spoken across the nation on the impact of redlining in Louisville.

Perhaps Darrell Shuckin’ & Jivin’ Scott should have been less concerned with where he could get a hot brown and more concerned about the history of the city he was visiting to tout his bullshit. While Governor Bevin and Tap Dancing Scott may feel that we must look forward, there are some fundamental issues from the past that must be addressed if we are going to make any true progression.  Systemic racism and redlining are two of those issues. Until Kentucky decides to address these issues in a way that seeks to rectify past wrongs in a restorative manner, anything Mini Trump and his minions proposes will merely be a Band-Aid over a deep wound that continues to fester with the infection of racism, hate and disregard, offering no real solution.

All of this is something that I would have loved to say directly to Darrell Scott, however, I was not invited to the meeting. Perhaps my invite got lost in the mail. I wonder why?


However, a failure to invite me, does not mean that my voice will not be heard and once I saw Darrell Scott’s post on Twitter about his visit to Louisville and his hunt for a hot brown, I took it upon myself to address him directly.

That is what Darrell Scott flashed his idiot card and told me that I was an embarrassment and to leave Louisville, a city in which I reside.  Sorry, Darrell Tap Dancing Scott, that would be a no. I will not be leaving Louisville today and tomorrow ain’t looking good either or any time in the near future.  See, while you get online and speak about your wife having a hot bath waiting for you in Ohio with mineral salts prepared for you after a day of traveling in a home I suppose you are no longer being evicted from, I am here in Louisville-a city where you came and showed yourself to be a card-carrying, boot-licking, Willie Lynch embarrassment of Black America.  What more should I expect from a man that rushes to get a college mill “honorary” doctorate to have people address him with a title that makes him feel important that he did nothing to earn and has not contributed to society in any way that would lend itself to him being called doctor.

I see Darrell Scott precisely for the person that he is. Darrell is so desperate to be in the proximity of power; he will sell his soul to the devil if that meant he could spit shine Donald Trump’s shoes and do his bidding.  The stench of his desperation precedes him before he even stepped foot into Louisville and trust me, bourbon and pathetic desperation have never mixed well together. The people he is so hellbent on impressing can smell it a mile away. 

Darrell Scott Donald Trump_1520393130479.jpg_13505019_ver1.0

Unlike you, Darrell, I am not doing this work for photo-ops and headlines. I do not care about being invited to any clique, country club or group. My life does not revolve around being able to say, ‘I dined with people who are much more important than me but if I drop their names maybe you will think I am important too.’  My value does not reside in who I know that society perceives as having some type of influence. I don’t tap dance to the tune of fools. I don’t give a damn about hob-knobbing with people that institute policies that seek to harm marginalized people. I have no need to be a part of anything that seeks to disregard injustice so that I can be on TV.  I will not be quiet because it might upset the people that are signing my paycheck. I will not over look systemic racism so that I can sip champagne with the wealthy. I will not deny history and turn my back on my people for 30 pieces of silver.


The very people whose ass you are so intent on kissing, are the very people that would walk all over you and you are so blinded by your sick, desperate desire to be part of their group, that you can’t even see YOU WILL NEVER be a part of that clique!  You are nothing but a glorified errand boy. You are the living, breathing embodiment of why Harriet Tubman had to leave some people behind.

Me leave Louisville? Oh no. I don’t think so. My father along with all of his 8 brothers and sisters were born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, right in Smoketown. While you are busy taking photos with Evander Holyfield, my father was born in a community where the Greatest Of All Time trained.  He was honorably discharged from the military after serving in Vietnam. He went on to graduate from one of Kentucky’s HBCU’s, Kentucky State University.  He dedicated his life to helping others in his community, and when he died, he passed the baton to me. And I am committed to fighting for justice every day of my life. It is my job to call out your bullshit. I stand by everything that I said. You are an idiot and an embarrassment to Black people in this nation. If you ever decide to tap dance your way back to Louisville, I will be right here waiting for you. 

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