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Let Me Tell You EXACTLY Why Stacey Abrams Lost.

I had some thoughts about last night’s 2022 election, particularly Georgia. So many people have asked, “How could Stacey Abrams lose the Gubernatorial race in Georgia?” Let me explain to you how.

Below is the, One Night In Miami scene I referenced in my video.

And please note how the granddaughter NEVER invited Jim Brown into the house because she KNOWS (she has been taught), and how the grandfather called “everyone else” crabs in a barrel, and STILL called him the N-word. Now ask yourself again, how is it, Stacey Abrams lost? Now perhaps you see.

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  1. As much as you want to believe that white people in Georgia could see that they suffering, in the end they would rather vote for the someone who looks like them than someone who has their best interest at heart. That’s the tragedy of the white mentality, and where did this “so-called Libertarian come from”? Your response is appropriate and sadly painful truth. America whites continue to live with fork tongue morality.

  2. It’s clear White people in Georgia, especially white women didn’t support Stacey’s candidacy. So let the Policies of Brian Kemp continue to bankrupt health services, women’s rights and see how their lives will be affected.

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