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Dear White People, None of Your F*cking Business. That’s What I’m Doing.

Throughout history until today, we have witnessed many White people feel it is their personal duty to police Black people in spaces. From deciding how much space Black people can take up on the sidewalk, to even stopping Black people and telling them to leave an entire state, White people feel it is their constitutional duty to meddle in the business of Black people.

This seemingly current phenomenon of White people not minding their own damn business is nothing new. ‘BBQ Becky’ has been Beckyin’ for centuries.


Historically, many states instituted Black Codes, which were laws that governed the conduct of free Black people. Those in authority empowered White people to police Black people. These groups of White people were called slave patrols which were, “squadrons made up of White volunteers empowered to use vigilante tactics to enforce laws related to slavery.” Sound familiar? Formerly enslaved people often had to carry Freedom Papers, should they be stopped by a White person to prove they had the right to be free. Black people were even prohibited from gathering in groups of 2 or more. White people were trying to make social distancing a thing for Black people long before the coronavirus.

Even today, White people still seem to believe that Black people must explain why they are in spaces.  Just this week, Travis Miller, a delivery driver, was stopped by David Stewart who demanded to know why Miller was in their community. David Stewart stated, “I want to know where you’re going?” Travis Miller was right in his response when he said, “It’s none of your business. I’m going out, that’s where I’m going,” WHY DOES STEWART FEEL IT’S HIS RIGHT TO KNOW WHERE MILLER IS GOING?! IT’S NONE OF STEWART’S DAMN BUSINESS!


that's what you not gon do basketball wives GIF by VH1

In the year of 20-I -WISH-A-MUTHAFUCKA-WOULD-20, I ain’t explaining ONE THING to ANY White person with a “Let-Me-Speak-To-The-Manager” Haircut! When it comes to my life and the way I move throughout the world, I AM THE FUCKING MANAGER!

Let me be clear, in the words of our great ancestors, “YOU GOT BLACK FOLKS FUCKED UP!”

But since White people continue to want to police Black people in public spaces, I thought I would make a list of acceptable responses when White people inquire, “What are you doing here?”

  1. None of Your Damn Business!
  2. Get The Fuck Out Of My Face!
  3. None of Your Fucking Business!ABC Network sass rookie rookieabc mindyourownbusiness GIF
  4. I Ain’t Telling You Shit!
  5. Back The Fuck Up!
  6. You Got Me Fucked Up!
  7. Find You Some Damn Business!
  8. What The Fuck Is Wrong With Yall?
  9. You Picked The Right One Today! I GOT Time!  Matter Of Fact For This Bullshit, I’m Gonna Make Time!
  10. Ask Your Fuckin’ Mammy!none of your business schmoedown GIF by Collider
  11. Trust Me; You’re Better Off Catching Corona Instead Of Catching These Hands!soul food cooking GIF by WE tv
  12. Somebody Better Let Karen Know, I Ain’t The One!
  13. The Day I Explain Myself To You Will Be The Day Frosty The Snowman Is Selling Ice Cream In Hell!
  14. I Wish A MuthaFucka Would!
  15. Try God Bitches, Don’t Try Me!
  16. I Will Explain Myself To You When Diana Ross Tells Me Why The Fucking Road Turns!
  17. Touch Me And Be Prepared For A Piping Hot Serving of A Spicy Two-Piece And A Buttered Biscuit!
  18. Shut The Fuck Up!

All of the above are perfectly acceptable responses to ANY White person inquiring why you are merely existing in spaces. Black people are done explaining why we are jogging, barbecuing, driving, walking, shopping, just. fucking.breathing.

Black people have been beyond patient with this issue, and personally, I am DONE BEING PATIENT! My patience has worn thin like Rachel Dolezal edges! I HAVE NO MORE PATIENCE! Black people have EVERY RIGHT TO EXIST IN SPACES!! I know some of y’all may not like it, but that fact is not going to change. What is going to change is our response! The NEXT TIME YOU WANT TO POLICE A BLACK PERSON IN SPACES I SUGGEST YOU DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS!

As Langston Hughes so eloquently put it,

“Negroes, sweet and docile, meek, humble, and kind:

Beware the day they change their minds!”



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  1. “Beware the day they change their minds!”

    If only we would! It is because we are so docile, meek, forgiving and all that crap since we’ve been brainwashed into accepting the white man’s god as our own, we humbly get out the damn way and let Massa have the sidewalk, the parking lot, the aisle in the damn store, the microphone; every damn thing. I wish a white muthafucka would! And if ANYBODY has been on MY blog, then they already know, “whites better get the fuck outta MY face and I ain’t playing!” I done sent so damn many whites running from my blog, it ain’t even funny. I don’t mind writing to my damn self, but I’ll be no “Yessum boss! Yessum Massa!” Black woman, that’s for damn sho.

    Job well done on this one!

    • Thank you for that perspective. And Black people wouldn’t. For the most part we mind our own business. If you are in the community, you are in the community. It’s not my business to ask you why. Clearly you are there for reasons you know. I wish White people could get this concept.

  2. You actually think white busybodies don’t go after other whites? Bless you, you’re not special, Hannah. And have you ever been a white person trying to get through a black neighborhood? No, of course not! So you’ll never know what we experience!

    • So . . . sure, White busybodies go after other Whites as well, but there’s always going to be an element of “othering.” White people don’t just go off on other White people randomly (which is the behavior towards Black people that is being described in this article) – it’s always because of some perceived superiority, usually socioeconomic. (And, of course, it’s an irrational perception of superiority that drives this behavior toward Blacks, as well). White people complaining about the White homeless dude just trying to survive down by the creek, or White people complaining about the “White trash” family having a picnic in the park, etc. etc. That White people don’t exclusively stick their noses into the business of Black people by no means invalidates the author’s original point.

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