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I Asked When Are We Going To Vet White Men? Breaking News-White Men Called Me Racist.

Today I awoke to the news that once again, another town has been impacted by a mass shooting. It seems we can hardly process one mass shooting before dealing with the devastating effects of another one. In Nashville, Tennessee, 29-year-old White male, Travis Reinking, drove to a busy Waffle House, killing four people with an AR-15 rifle and injuring several others with an AR-15 rifle.

How many times is this going to happen? Once I read the information I tweeted, “When will we starting[sic] vetting White men?” (I meant, when will we start vetting White men, but Twitter doesn’t let you edit.)

The conversation that ensued after this question bolsters my point. I am going to post some of the comments and then follow up with commentary.

Then Lee Ann steps in like she is doing me some type of a favor by speaking up to @SwannieFTW after she has said my comments were racist, essentially calling me racist. I don’t need Lee Ann to swope in to “save me” because she cannot see she is equally if not worse that @SwannieFTW because she believe he is a problem and she isn’t so I had to address her.

You can follow this thread on Twitter because there are quite a few comments but you get the overall nature of the responses. While some people did agree with me and in fact the tweet has been liked over 300 times, the comments addressing my tweet are what they are. While many people were commenting with the hopes that I would be angry, I wasn’t. My responses were calm and measured because I stand on what I initially asked. If many White people in America want to vet others for the “safety of this nation,” why not start with some of the people that are committing some of the worst crimes against humanity in our country? If it is really about safety, why not start there?

The real issue isn’t safety. It is racism. That is the reality. It was never about safety. Because if it were, many White people would be the FIRST ONES to say, “We have to do something about these White men that continue to commit mass murders.” They want to make it about EVERYONE and EVERYTHING else, with many taking up the charge of gun control but REFUSE to take up the charge of White supremacy. Travis Reinking walked into Waffle House and murdered four minorities, a tragedy that could have been avoided. 

According to Secret Service agent, Todd Hudson, Travis Reinking was in Washington DC in July 2017 when he crossed a barrier at the White House and asked to set up a meeting with Donald Trump. This incident placed him on the radar of the FBI and Illinois authorities. Reinking was arrested because he refused to leave the grounds and according to reports, he entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with community service on July 26, 2017. On November 17, 2017, the court determined Reinking had successfully completed the program, and the case was dismissed. The FBI seized his guns and then because they are so generous, gave them back to his father. His father returned them to Reinking and today he killed four people.

How does that happen? If that had been a Black person or a Muslim person they wouldn’t have gotten off with community service. More than likely, they wouldn’t have left the White House grounds alive. What questions did the FBI ask Reinking? How much did they vet him before allowing him back on the streets? What questions did they ask his father?

Seemingly these are things that the Patriotic Make America Great Again people would like to know. Once again there has been an act of domestic terrorism committed by a White man, shouldn’t these how-dare-you-kneel-when-the-National-Anthem-is-sung patriots want to get to the bottom of this? Yet, me asking when we are going to start vetting White men since most of these mass shootings seem to follow a clear pattern, makes me a bigot, a racist, a racist bitch, a cow, and a gorilla.

You cannot have it both ways. You cannot want to vet everyone else because a Black or Muslim person has committed a mass shooting in America yet somehow believe as a White man you are exempt from that same level of vetting when a White man commits a mass shooting. The sad part is they cannot see that. They would rather argue with me than face reality, and the reality is since 1982, the majority of mass shootings — 54 percent — were committed by White men, according to data from Mother Jones.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.31.57 PM

Some White men act as if they are above reproach. How dare I ask that they are questioned! They refuse to look in the mirror and ask themselves the tough questions. They would rather make my statement about me because it is easier to attack me than deal with the truth. Reality hits too close to home. The reality is Travis Reinking looks just like them and so does Dylan Roof and Stephen Paddock and Tim McVeigh and James Holmes and Eric Harris and Dylan Kleboid and Gabe Parker and Michael Carnel and  Nickolas Cruz…

On another note, after all the racist language that I faced, the insults hurled at Black men and women, it turns out the man that saved the day in Nashville was James Shaw Jr., a Black man. Shaw was able to wrestle the gun away from Reinking before he was able to reload and kill more people. How’s that for irony?


James Shaw Jr.

Interview with James Shaw Jr

UPDATE: Travis Reinking was part of a right wing extremist group, Sovereign Citizen. You can read more about the group here  but the Southern Poverty Law Center defines the group as, A  movement is rooted in racism and anti-Semitism, though most sovereigns, many of whom are African American, are unaware of their beliefs’ origins. In the early 1980s, the sovereign citizens movement mostly attracted white supremacists and anti-Semites, mainly because sovereign theories originated in groups that saw Jews as working behind the scenes to manipulate financial institutions and control the government. Most early sovereigns, and some of those who are still on the scene believed that being white was a prerequisite to becoming a sovereign citizen. They argued that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which guaranteed citizenship to African Americans and everyone else born on U.S. soil, also made black Americans permanently subject to federal and state governments, unlike themselves.


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    • LOL! Gender neutral pastime. Ain’t that it. The majority of the comments were from White men. Who knew?! LOL! They are big mad! And when I didn’t argue with them they really lost it. Which brings joy to my soul.

      • In our house my husband INSISTS we call them “white boys” & he corrects me whenever I accidentally say “white men”! And “white” doesn’t deserve capitalization…they’ve been capitalizing off of our black/brown bodies long enough. It ends NOW!
        (*my own white boy sperm donor “dad” included.)

  1. Welp! Mu mother had a saying about that kind of behavior:
    A hit dog will holler!

    So yeah, I get why you wouldn’t be mad about their statements. When you speak truth to power you cannot be shamed by that.

  2. It is interesting that none of the responses offered any actual reasons why we SHOULDN’T be vetting them. They were just superficial ad hom. attacks against you…just how their leader satan operates. Or their leader Trump, which may or may not be interchangeable, I don’t know!

    Keep your FULL armor on, Hannah! I’m praying for your strength to endure, keep up the fantastic writing!

  3. I am sorry you have to contend with these vile comments on Twitter but I commend you for the way you handle it all with grace and civility and patience. I don’t think I could handle it as well as you do. Clearly these people are defensive and are deflecting. To be all armchair psychologist about it, I imagine a few of them could be projecting. Easier to accuse someone else of prejudice and intolerance than to dig deep and do some soul-searching, I guess.

    This country absolutely has a problem with angry white men. It has for a very long time. I actually cannot fathom how anyone can argue otherwise. The way this country addresses the issue of angry white men when it is forced to by whatever the latest tragedy is also makes emphatic the issue of systemic racism The fact they can live through encounters with law enforcement for a start but also the language that is used to describe them and their actions makes that very clear. Anyone who denies that is living in a state of wilful ignorance and ought to consider why that is the state they choose.

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