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Black Women Have Warned You Time and Time Again…

Black Women have warned you time and time again! Do you want to know the trajectory of this nation? Listen to Black women! Do you want to know the health of this nation? Check the health of Black women. Black women are the foundation. Black women are the backbone to what would be a spineless nation that doesn’t dare to stand up and speak truth to power! Warning comes before destruction!

Black women warned you about Trump.
Black women warned you about Roy Moore.
Black women warned you that they would be taking your healthcare too.
Black women in Kentucky warned you that Bevin didn’t give a damn about your pension.
Black women warned you about racist White male mass shooters.

I stood up and shouted it to the rooftops yesterday about Travis Reinking. I knew he was racist. I knew it before the information came out because this is the modus operandi of the majority of these mass shooters.  When I spoke up, White people called me a gorilla, a cow, a racist bitch, a racist, on and on and on. And as usual, the truth about Travis Reinking came out. As it always does, America. Be assured your sins will always find you out.

And now it is being reported by Shaun King, that Travis Reinking was in a Publix grocery store before his killing spree, screaming racial slurs at Black people and calling Black women, Black bitches. And the grocery store management did NOTHING!

This is the way of America. It didn’t matter that Travis Reinking called Black women, Black bitches, because it was just Black women.

This is why Chikesia Clemons, a Black woman can be assaulted on Waffle House floor, have her body exposed and molested by police officers and no one does ANYTHING!
This is why an officer can put his knee in the back of Dajerria Becton, a young Black girl leaving a swimming pool, with no regard for her humanity.
This is why Black women can scream, “Me Too” for years and no one can hears our shouts.
This is why R. Kelly can (allegedly and I am ONLY putting allegedly in this sentence because of legal reasons) rape underaged girls and still go on tours across the nation.
This is why a hyped up school resource officer can toss a girl across a classroom like a rag doll, and this nation is silent.

This is why Sandra Bland can be found dead on a jail cell floor all for failing to signal.
This is why I was physically assaulted and men in power thought it appropriate to punish me for a man’s bad behavior.

No one gives a damn about Black women. Malcolm X was right when he said,“The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.” You listen to that quote in a Beyonce song and sing along not even understanding that she is trying to send you a message about the life of Black women in America.

I am tired.

I am tired of your talks and discussions and catchphrases and buzzwords. I am tired of TALKING about intersectionality just for the sake of talking about intersectionality. I am tired of your passive, lackluster resistance. I am tired of your signs and your hats. I am tired of your pins and your t-shirts. I am tired of your marches. I am tired of Black women being an afterthought if any thought at all. I am tired of Black women being the scapegoat. I am tired of fighting for you and no one standing with Black women. I am tired of your deafening silence that speaks so loudly. I am tired of you defending White men that seek to harm Black women because you share a bed with them.  I am tired of your Instagram displays of feminism with no true feminist action. I am tired of explaining my life as a Black woman to you. My entire life I have had to understand you and everything about you and your men and your children and I am tired of no one understanding me. I am tired of trying to get you to understand that our lives matter. I am tired of trying to get you to see our humanity. Either stand with me or don’t but please stop with the illusion of concern. 

There is no S on my chest.

Saving America is no longer on my agenda because I am too busy trying to save myself and my daughter and my niece and every little Black girl that is coming behind me. And you have made it painfully apparent that should Black women sink or rise, it will be us alone fighting the tide.

I have warned you. We have warned you, America. You didn’t heed our warnings. And now here we are. This nation is in trouble and unless you stand up and do it now, there will be no chance to save it. Chickens always come home to roost.

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