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Dear Colin Kaepernick: All You Had To Do Was Play The Game, Boy.

All you had to do was throw the ball, boy. We concealed this auction block well, didn’t we, boy? You didn’t know you were on sale, boy? Didn’t we tell you to just run, boy? Entertain us, boy. Win championships for us, boy. Stay in your place, boy. Don’t you dare get these other slaves, Black men riled up, boy. Didn’t we pay you enough, boy? Why can’t you just be satisfied, boy? Stand up and salute this flag, boy. Honor your allegiance to the system, boy. Didn’t we give you enough money to entice you, boy? How dare you reject your master, boy. Didn’t you like your name in lights, boy? Didn’t we stroke your ego, boy? All you needed to do was play the game, boy. Keep dancing for us on Monday Night, boy. Make us rich, boy. We don’t care if you get hurt, boy. Our job is to break bucks like you, boy. Didn’t you know boys like you come a dime a dozen, boy? We can replace you with no thought, boy. Make sure our new boy is a controlled boy. Thought you knew we don’t trust Negroes to be the quarterback anyways, boy. We did you a favor, boy. How dare you turn your back on us, boy. If you are kneeling, it will be before us, boy. Ain’t this game your God, boy? Don’t you see how everyone else bows down before us, boy? Don’t you know what we do to Negroes like you, boy? Back in the day, we let Negroes like you sway from the trees, boy. Make an example outta you, so other Negroes will stay in their place, boy. Don’t you smell that strange fruit in the air, boy? All you had to do was just shut up, boy. We don’t have to kill you, boy. All we have to do is silence you, boy.

The NFL is comprised of 70% African American males. Black Men have the power to dismantle an industry.

There is a story I once heard, could be fact, fiction or part fact and part fiction, however the sentiment of the story is something I will never forget. One day a man was walking through the circus passing the elephants, and he wondered how such a powerful, gigantic creature could be held in place with just a rope and a stake in the ground. The elephant’s freedom was just on the other side of believing that it could break the rope.  When the man saw the trainer he asked him, “Why doesn’t the elephant just break the rope and leave this place of bondage and return to his home where he will find sustenance and freedom in his original habitat where he will thrive?”

The trainer smiled and said, “When the elephant is very young and small, we tie a rope to his leg, and it’s enough to hold the elephant in place. No matter how the elephant might struggle, he cannot break loose. As the elephant grows older, he has been conditioned over time to believe that he cannot break the rope so, in turn, the elephant never tries to get free.”

Freedom is often connected to the ability to recognize that there is no rope that can hold you. Once you decide to walk in your power and authority you can no longer be bound. Restricted freedom is still bondage and it costs. You may not pay now, but the bill always comes due and the oppressor will always want to collect payment.

One voice can be a spark. United voices can ignite a movement. One voice can bring awareness to a system. A multitude of voices can dismantle it.

My brothers in the NFL, you are no longer enslaved. You have all the power. You hold all the cards. You have the power collectively to stand for someone that knelt for our brothers and sisters that were murdered with no regard. As Assata said, “It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

You have nothing to lose but your chains…


Featured Photo: Gerry Melendez for ESPN

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  1. Speak Hannah! When fame & fortune become your “gods” you forget who God is until Je shows you who He really is. Spoken from experience. Be careful who you sell your soul to. The price to buy it back may be the hardest thing you ever have to forgive yourself for.

  2. I can’t believe they called him boy… what, bcuz he had ballz to stand up! I want a man like him, who is not afraid!

  3. Down with the shameful NFL.
    No wish to. Be affiliated with them, no wish to support them. Shocked and sickened by their hateful mentality.

  4. Sports should get back to it’s roots. There is no reason it should make the money it makes, or the athletes making more than the men and women who fight for our country. Wilt Chamberlain put it into perspective with a few interviews he had where he mentioned the pay scale for athletes these days. Down with all overpriced organized sports, and back to a liveable minimum wage

  5. That rope is real, Hannah Drake. It leeps tppamy people; black pepple tied tp aquistion, compliance, and collusion. I hope the brother continues to do what he is called to do, even if it means fully releasing the frayed rope he seems to want to repair. The new ones don’t hang our “boys” who have talent, status, amd audience. No; the holders of the rope, instead, cut it off with hopes that they will fall from their might heights, amd land alone on the comcrete. We must be there to catch them and lift them up again. I salute you.

  6. Who wrote that shame on you you know God don’t like ugliest you and know body else own him and nobody else we are all free people just for that to come out your mouth tell me that you don’t belive in God and you don’t even like your self. You know God have great plans for him he doing God things now and he will be doing more ,yes we know that y all though that a black man couldn’t be a quarter back but we prove you wrong once again thank God for that NFL change your out look about people you don’t know what they can do well that all sports

  7. 40 million dollar slaves and they don’t realize they have the keys…thanks for the reminder, Hannah

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