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I’m Maxine Waters, B*tch! Put Some Respect On My Name!

Dear Mr. Bill O’Reilly,
Black Women ain’t new to this. Black Women are true to this!  The card that you just played is one that we have heard since our mothers were pressing our hair  with a smoking hot comb off the stove and Blu Magic hair grease.  Let’s break out the confetti another White person speaking on a Black woman’s hair! Groundbreaking journalism. Eye roll nene

It seems that is all people like you do. I often wonder how some White people get things done when 75% of their day is spent on how a Black woman should wear her hair and the other 25% is asking if they can touch a Black woman’s hair.  Dont touch my hair 2

If it isn’t our hair, it’s our hips. If it isn’t our hips, it’s our lips. Black women are the most analyzed and criticized women in the world. If you can’t own it, you covet it and attempt to imitate it. We cannot be duplicated. And at best, men like you, when you cannot dispute or discredit what a woman has to say, your typical mode of attack is to mention her appearance. In this case, Mr. O’Reilly mentioned Maxine Waters hair, likening it to a James Brown wig.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Black women everywhere are not impressed.

While as a balding White man, Mr. O’Reilly  matter of fact, let me just call you Bill. Bill, as a balding White man you may not understand that Congresswoman Maxine Waters didn’t wake up and coif her crown with you in mind. I know as a White man on a network that is equated to the Innermost Circle of Hell, you are used to the world revolving around you. It doesn’t. How Congresswoman Maxine Water chooses to wear her hair is not your issue. Congresswoman Maxine Waters hair is not on your agenda. I get it. Men like you are always secretly consumed with women they cannot have. Women they must intimidate to get their way. Women they must call and have 10 Shades of Grey phone sex with because it was nowhere near 50 shades. Then men like you attempt to discredit women that accuse them of sexual harassment, and because they are so innocent, men like you pay millions of dollars to the victims of your sexual harassment that men like you claim never happened. (allegedly) But I heard the tapes. We. All. Heard. The. Tapes. Falafel ring a bell? Refresh my memory Bill on where you wanted to place that “falafel”. As a matter of fact, I can refresh my own memory because the audio is on Youtube for anyone that wants to hear how Bill gets down.

If you want to make your personal issues the news we can do that all day. Or unlike you, we can stick to the issues because Congresswoman Maxine Waters hair is not on the agenda. What is on the agenda of what you support, is a failing presidency that is in a tailspin in under 100 days. An administration that operates similarly to the Sopranos. sopranos.gif

A federal investigation. A cloak a dagger visit to the White House by Devin Nunes who is supposed to be over the Russia investigation. The firing of Sally Yates.  The rise of hate crimes since Trump entered office. A bill that sells America citizens internet privacy down the river. Trying and failing to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. A president that golfs more than he governs. The list is endless of true issues that we can cover. But in typical fashion you choose a Black woman’s hair.

Men like you must always try to take from women like Maxine Waters. Congresswoman Maxine Waters accomplishments are endless. One of 13 children, raised by a single mother, Congresswoman Maxine Waters diligently worked her way to Congress. She once chaired the Congressional Black Caucus and was once the ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee. She has stood in favor of reparations for Black people and spoke out against the CIA and their (alleged) complicity in the crack epidemic that ravished Black families. She is the most senior Black woman of the only 20 Black women that serve in Congress.  And you, Bill want to talk about her hair. How big of you.


The next time Bill, you want to mention Congresswoman Maxine Waters put some respect on her name! She’s Maxine Waters, B@tch! Now are you finished or are you done?

Cause Black women around the world have been done!

MAxine done

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  1. O’REILLY is a pos and ignorant. The only audience he has are the KKK, Trump and other republicans. His ratings are dropping like a stone. Which proves white supremacist are not a majority. Time for you to retire O’man. I promise if you have a retirement party I’ll bring you a whole Minnie chocolate pie. Because you deserve more than a slice.

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