We Rooting For Black People

When Issa Rae was asked at the Emmy’s last night, who she was rooting for, Issa gave the most unapologetically Black answer I could have hoped for.  “I am rooting for everybody Black. I am.” Black America cheered, and White America cried.  And I laughed as I watched her […]

Nice Girls Say No

Recently, I found myself at an event that I did not want to attend. I attempted to be cordial at the event, but in the middle of the event, I thought, “Hannah, why are you here? Why are you doing this to yourself?” And for the first time […]


Removal of Confederate Statues Sparks Debate Rep. Thomas Massie: “It’s a slippery slope.” Sadiqa Reynolds: “Slide down!” Rep Thomas Massie: “Where does it end though?” Sadiqa Reynolds: “It ends with justice!”