I love, First Lady Michelle Obama. God knows I do! But FUCK GOING HIGH!

I was honored to see a Black woman standing in the highest office for a woman in the land. A Black woman that was not simply riding on her husband’s coattails but a Black woman that was established in her own right. Michelle LaVaughn Obama was raised on the South Side of Chicago and went on to graduate from Princeton and Harvard. Bitch what?! What? Say something?! Anything! Crickets! Silence! You know why? Because she’s a bad mamma jamma! SHUT YOU MOUF!


Michelle Obama is poised and confident. Michelle Obama is Harriet, Coretta, Serena, Beyonce, Cardi and every little Black girl that ever dared to dream the impossible all rolled into one!

Not only is she intelligent, but her body is also relentless! Have you checked out those arms?! Michelle Obama didn’t come to play wit’ you hoes! She likes cornbread and collard greens!


Michelle Obama can sport a crop top and high slit skirt and remind you she is probably having better sex than you can ever imagine having! Why? Because she doesn’t give a fuck now! She’s free to be her, thigh meat and all! Watch her stunt on em!


Look at Barack.

barack-obama.jpgThis is the look of a man this is seriously fucking the love of his life and not quiet, reserved White House fucking. Barack is getting it in. Michelle is pleased.

And I want her to be happy. If this were Coming to America, I would be one of those rose petal women tossing rose petals at her feet. I love her.



When Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high,” I died a little bit inside. The world applauded, and the hood in me was thinking, “Nah.” But I’m trying to refine my hood tendencies, so I was going to give this, “they go low we go high” tactic a chance. But these “I’m-coming-out-of-the-closet-as-racist” muthafuckas done went over the top. So, no. They go full on racist because Panera Bread ran out of the everything bagel or some shit. This “go high” tactic IS NOT WORKING!


I am from the, “When they go low, we go even fucking lower” tribe.

I am baffled why People of Color, who have been hurt, victimized, discriminated against, vilified, marginalized, harmed even to the point of loved ones dying at the hands of White people, must always take the high road. FUCK THE HIGH ROAD! I AM ANGRY! I am from the Cardi B school of politics, PULL UP ON ME!

Pull up on me
I heard you talkin’ cray, I know you hella fake
You better pull up on me
I hope you feel the same when you see my face
You better pull up on me
Ain’t no backing down, prepare to shake, you better pull up on me
Now you wanna be my friend, no you ain’t safe
You better pull up homie


Recently a video surfaced online of a Sikh man being accosted by a White woman, and his response was, “We welcome you, we support you and we love you.” AND I GET IT! I DO! Because in that MOMENT if he says something, he is the enemy. At that moment, the media is ready and waiting to flip the story. At that moment, if he stands up for himself against a White woman that is yelling in his face, she is now the victim. So he has to eat her bullshit!

Similarly, Black people are always expected to provide sanctuary for their oppressors. Black people are always expected to offer forgiveness to those that have harmed them. Black people are always expected to take the high road. Black people are always expected to understand their oppressors. Black people are always expected to take racist comments as a joke. Black people are always expected to take racist comments from the police as “no problem.” Black people are always expected to take celebrities appropriating their culture as appreciation. Black people are always expected to just “get over” slavery. Black people are always expected to wait for the evidence, not rush to judgment. Black people are always expected to understand injustice.

Why must Black people be the race that must understand hatred? Why must we have compassion for those that seek to destroy us? Why must Black people and other People of Color be the ones that go high? No one asks the White woman going ballistic because she missed out on a cup of Starbucks and decided to go full racist, to understand Black people. No one asks White men marching through the streets with tiki torches to pause and understand how their actions can be problematic. But Black people are supposed to be immune to injustice. Black people are expected to bend over and say, “We’s so sorry that our existence made White people feel threatened. Forgive us, White people, for daring to ask for justice. Who was we? What was we thinkin’? Please keep “discriminatin’ against and killin’ us, White folks. We’s just love it, and we’s offer yous our forgiveness! And we’s just gonna wait for justice in the big by and by.”




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