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To The “Not All” Posse, PLEASE, STFU!

Typically, as a writer, I take time to work through my thoughts, research statistics, develop a compelling opening and storyline and know that I am working towards a conclusion that will challenge the reader and invoke dialogue across sectors to move a conversation that is generally centered around race relations.

However, this time, I have done none of that. This time this blog will be short and sweet. Quite possibly the shortest blog I have ever written.

Perhaps I am tired.
Perhaps I am pissed off.
Perhaps I just don’t give a damn anymore.

New York

This is something that has bothered me every time I go online and read intriguing, thought provoking commentary that challenges the reader to think outside the box, revisit long held beliefs, and perhaps redirect the way they see the world.

If you address an argument about race relations, police brutality, feminism, etc. with the words, “NOT ALL,” PLEASE, SHUT…THE FUCK…UP!


You are contributing NOTHING to the progress of these issues by saying, “not all.” In fact, the people that read your “not all” statements have wasted their time, effort and energy to educate themselves about topics that are impacting society.

If you believe a writer TRULY means EVERY SINGLE WHITE PERSON IN THE WORLD when they say, “Dear White People,” you have a problem.  Instead of looking at the totality of a system, you want to make yourself FEEL better by saying, “not all.” Because of course that, “not all” statement includes you. For instance, when I point out the fact that 53% of White women voted for a racist, sexist reality star Donald Trump to be President, without fail, a White woman feels compelled to tell me that SHE did not vote for Trump. As if her saying that means we are going to get together and sip hot chocolate and braid each other’s hair. It still DOES NOT NEGATE THE FACT that White women helped put Trump into office. Instead of facing that fact, they would rather try to water down facts with the “not all” clause.


Similarly, when an issue about police brutality comes up without fail someone will say, “Not All police are bad.” Really? Thank you, Sherlock, for adding that worthless piece of information to the conversation. Most people know ALL police are not bad. Some police ACTUALLY signed up to do the job because they care about humanity, safety, their community and making the world a better place. However, that DOES NOT NEGATE THE FACT that there is a system at play when it comes to policing Black people and Black communities.


The same goes for the “All Lives Matter” posse. Saying Black Lives Matter DOESN’T TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM ALL LIVES HAVING VALUE! Do you REALLY think by saying, Black Lives Matter, we mean NO other lives matter? Think for a moment. Of COURSE, all lives matter. However, it seems that the value of Black Lives means nothing when it comes to policing and policies. In October when breast cancer is highlighted I have heard NO ONE say, “But colon cancer matters too!” Cancer affects EVERYONE and if it hasn’t impacted your life in some way, just keep on living. However, people took the time to HIGHLIGHT breast cancer because this cancer was disproportionately affecting women, so there was a  need to place a spotlight on it for awareness, policy changes, resources, treatment, etc. Does that mean the world doesn’t think all cancer is serious and important? OF COURSE NOT! When we say Black Lives Matter, we are bringing awareness to the fact that Black Life is often seen as expendable. Jumping on a Facebook thread to interject, “All Lives Matter,” does NOTHING to advance the conversation on race relations.


And while I’m at it, let me address misspellings. This is a tactic often used by the “Not All Posse.” Look, more than likely when it comes to social media people are typing on their phones. We ALL know predictive text will have you saying something you NEVER meant to say. More than likely someone knows the difference between there and their or your and you’re. Mistakes happen. I probably have a million of them in this blog. Such is life. STOP DERAILING THE TOTALITY OF WHAT SOMEONE IS SAYING BECAUSE OF A SPELLING MISTAKE!! Instead of trying to seem superior due to spelling and take away from the argument that is calling you to look at yourself in the mirror, pause and ask yourself, “Am I mentioning spelling because it is central to this commentary? Outside of minor spelling mistakes that can probably be explained and edited easily, have  I absorbed ANYTHING that is written about this topic?”  If you answer is no, STFU ABOUT SPELLING!! 


If your ONLY argument to race relations is NOT ALL, save us all the time of reading your comments.  If your ONLY argument to police brutality is, “NOT ALL police,” don’t waste our time. If your only response to well thought out commentary is, “You misspelled a word,” don’t bother. The NOT ALL argument contributes NOTHING to the advancement of humanity. In actuality, it is simply a way for you to feel better about yourself rather than admit the truth of the argument.

And while I understand admitting the truth is difficult, rather than say, “NOT ALL,” I would rather you scroll on by and just SHUT… THE FUCK… UP!



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