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Sorry Not Sorry. Signed, A Racist Woman That Is Only Apologizing Because I Got Caught Being Racist

It’s the 911 call that has been heard around the world. By now, I know many of my readers have watched the video between dog choker walker, Amy Cooper and bird watcher, Christian Cooper,  however the video is posted below.

I knew a standard apology would be coming because it is the modus operandi of many White people that say something racist and then realize their world is about to fall apart.

Amy Cooper told CNN, that since the video was posted, her “entire life is being destroyed right now.” With everything going on in this nation when it comes to Black people and police relations, including the outrageous murder of George Floyd, Amy Cooper had NO problem destroying Mr. Cooper’s life should the police have shown up and harmed him.

So please do not be fooled by Amy Cooper’s apology. Amy Cooper is not sorry.  Amy Cooper is sorry she got caught.

Amy Cooper’s  “apology” is in the photo below.


This is what I read when I read her apology:

I am sincerely and humbly apologizing only because I got caught being racist. If I was remotely sincere I would not be calling him “that man” but I really don’t care, which is why, although this is now a global story, I never even took the time to learn his name. I don’t believe what I did was unacceptable. What IS unacceptable is that a Black man had the audacity to tell ME to follow the rules. Of course, I am concerned about people seeing me in a lower light because I have worked daily to craft the image of someone that is a decent human being and my mask fell off. It is not that I really care what I did, I just hate that the world sees me for who I truly am. When I think about the police, I am WELL aware that the police are there to protect and serve me- a White woman. Of course I am going to lie and say I realized this today because I want you to feel sorry for me like I was ignorant to how the police treat Black people in America. I am not ignorant to what is happening in America. It is for that VERY reason I made sure to say, “An African-American man is threatening me,” and of course my dog because nothing says send 10 police officers to my rescue, like a Black man threatening a fragile White woman and her dog. I knew EXACTLY what I was doing however, now I want the world to feel sorry for me. And since I am always allowed to be the victim, I am willing to play the part I have trained for all my life. If you can, please find it in your heart to forgive me and understand it is not that man who is the victim, it is I- I am the real victim in all of this.

Thank you.

Sorry Not Sorry!


A Racist Woman That Is Only Apologizing Because I Got Caught Being Racist


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  1. You are so right. I said the same thing. She is sorry since she got caught. They think they can pat us on the head like a puppy after they mistreat us and everything is alright. She can take several seats and keep that insincere apology. She got caught and people saw her for who she really is, a racist white woman. She disrespected that black man who still gave her the respect.

  2. I am so sick and tired of white people opting to excuse their racism by claiming they are not racist but just happened to do a racist thing. I do not care what pressure or stress you are under or what other psychological crap you have going on under your bonnet: if your impulse in any given moment is to commit a racist act then you are indeed a racist. Your facade slipped and you just revealed your core. This woman weaponized her whiteness, and especially her white womanhood and all the “Birth of a Nation” playbook connotations that carries, precisely because she understands how white people can utilize systemic racism to their advantage and that makes her a racist. And if I, as a white woman, am sick and tired of this BS “excuse” every time a white person gets caught out being racist and has to face the consequences then I can only imagine how exponentially more exhausting it is for black people and other people of colour to have to process this fake mea culpa every single time.

  3. What upsets me is that Mr. Cooper is already sating that this racist piece of garbage does not deserve death threats. I wonder would he be so ready to come to this racist bitch’s defense if this incident had turned him into the next George Floyd, who was most heinously murdered with malice aforethought by racists in blue uniforms that travel around in marked vehicles with those fake ass “To Protect and Serve” letters on them. Who the hell are they “protecting and serving” because it damn sure as hell ain’t us?

    Mr. Cooper’s life could have very well ended in that exact same manner in New York. He has forgotten Eric Garner already? How quickly we Black folks forget AND forgive! I may be Black, but I do neither! And this is why we are going to continue to get our asses kicked because we forgive; we forget. We have been brainwashed by the fake white man’s religion, quite well.

    I still recall that when Dylann Roof murdered those nine Black people sitting up in their church holding Bible Study, the relatives of those nine murdered Black people stated that they “forgive him.” SERIOUSLY??!!!! Yeah! This is why they keep killing us because we are SO damn forgiving. We should be going the F***K off over here, daily, but we just march through the streets for a few days and then it’s back to our daily routine of fighting with each other on Facebook. The whites have ‘trained’ us to accept them murdering us, and we do. We take it all in stride.

    Great post, by the way.

  4. I’m an old white guy living in Wyoming. I grew up just north of a Philadelphia. I see the rioting in America and it takes me back to South African Apartheid and the riots and the shootings and the beatings.
    And it reminds me too of the denial of Americans at the continuing racism going on here, while self-righteously calling for an end to apartheid. White America is as racist and as much ruled by apartheid as South Africa ever was.
    Do thou think that’s a fair statement?

  5. A racist never stops being racist. They only backtrack because they get caught. She is sorry for herself. Not for her actions. Zero consideration and sympathy for her and anyone who defends her. Period.

  6. The fact that she couldn’t even use his name, then went on about how HER life was being destroyed? Yea, she’s not sorry. But just out of curiosity, do these people not see that they’re being recordered? I mean it happens over and over again. I’m saddened by this cause it’s like they do not even care that they’re being overtly racist. Those are the racists that scare me.

    • They know they are being recorded. They don’t care. That’s the power of racism. They will risk everything.

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