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Meghan Didn’t Come To Play With You Hoes! 

White people have picked and picked and picked on Meghan, and Meghan finally said, “Fuck y’all! Y’all ain’t about to mess up my shea butter baby peace! We out!”

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And now White people are sitting around like when you tell your boyfriend, “If you keep doing __________(fill in the blank) you can leave!” and he does. And you try to play it off as he is heading out the door, talking about, “You know I just find it funny that…” But Meghan called your royal bluff! White people kept bothering her, the media hounded her, tabloids wrote stories about her and she had enough!

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Now White people want to pretend they are so confused. Meghan is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. So why not preserve her peace? Meghan said, “I don’t give a damn. Y’all are not about to Get Out my ass! DEUCES!” Meghan pulled a Beyonce Don’t Hurt Yourself move, “Who the fuck do you think I is?” And told them to keep their money, she got her own!

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In my mind, Meghan’s mom told her, “Fuck them people and their stolen jewels from Africa. Come on home, Baby and I will have collard greens with fatback, a side of black-eyed peas, and a bowl of shrimp and grits waiting on you!” They should have KNOWN when Meghan’s mom came to the wedding with her nose ring she was not the one to play with, and you were certainly not about to play with her daughter. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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How much abuse do White people think Black women need to take?

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This world has NEVER appreciated Black women. EVER!!!!

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If Meghan touched her baby bump, White people hated her. If Meghan was compassionate towards children, White people hated her. If Meghan breathed, White people hated her. And White people can attempt to make this about ANYTHING ELSE, but we all know the truth. It would have been fine if Meghan was cleaning Buckingham Palace. They wouldn’t have had ANY problem with Meghan whatsoever if she was “the help.” They wouldn’t have had ANY issue with Meghan if she “stayed in her place.”

But to wake and see that beautiful Black woman every day grated at their nerves. Sorry. Harry didn’t pick your daughter. He picked Meghan.

And Meghan is well within her right to think about her health and well being.

Black women let this be a lesson for all of us! Never be afraid to WALK AWAY WHEN LOVE IS NO LONGER BEING SERVED!


In case you needed it, here is a detailed list of things that Black Women are just not tolerating for 2020. Period! 

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  1. This is beyond true and sad. I find that so often I’m criticized and my friends for just being happy and a Black woman. It never stops….

      • They couldn’t just leave her alone. Seems like she bothered no one and that still wasn’t good enough.

      • It just proves to me that respectability politics isn’t the solution to the problem of racism. Respectability is basically just assimilation for approval you’re never gonna get anyway.

        The only thing that is required for racism to rear its ugly head is for black people to exist. its our presence on this planet that is their problem, not whatever we happen to be doing while we’re here.

      • Well… i am a white person in Canada who is tickled to death that 1) She is leaving abusive Britain 2) That her supportive husband has the gonads to faciltate the move with her 3) That she’s coming to Canada (..and yeah, Harry, too)..!!! 😁 Yuppeee!!!! She is beloved by us.

      • Unfortunately there are some Black men who has shown some strange reactions to this young families decisions, they never knew one thing about the royal family til now. I wonder why?

      It’s poorly written, biased, is full of stereotypes and basically is garbage.
      This kind of writing belongs in cheap gossip mags you find at the register right before you check-out, the kind of magazines nobody buys but from whom the headlines are only red while we stand in line trying to pass time.
      This is pitiful.

      • Bless your heart. I am glad that you read it, or as you said as you criticized my writing, “red” it. 😂😂😂

      • All you have to do is look at the title of this blog and see some other content to know that this was going to be written in this tone. What did you expect here, The Times?

      • She expected someone to slow walk her through this topic. Not on my watch. I have learned as a writer sometimes you use a chisel and sometimes you use a sledgehammer. This topic needed the sledgehammer.

      • Gotta do a spell check before you start criticizing someone else’s writing skills.
        It’s read not red!

      • The article was written in the way it was intended to be written. It’s code switch and “we” knew exactly what the fcuk the writer meant and that’s all that matters. Be gone witch. Poof

      • You don’t get it! You can’t see the forest for the trees. For those who don’t get it, there’s always FOX News, The Daily Mail and any Rupert Murdoch publication


      • The word ‘whom’ is used as a replacement for a pronoun such as him, her, etc.
        As a magazine is an imanimate object (known as a relative pronoun) it must therefore be referred to as ‘which’. For example ‘..but from which the headlines are..’.

        Given this glaring grammatical error, along with the misspelling of the word ‘read’, it would seem that your criticism of another’s writing skills may be interpreted as somewhat hypocritical, petty, and in poor taste.

        But that”s just my opinion.

      • Exactly how I feel. If there a criticism why not offer it with some real facts and thoughtful criticism – not trash talk.

      • Yet U, I & millions others have read it🤔 Yet you also took time to let us ALL know u read it..Yet NO ONE ASKED YOUR OPINION NOR APPROVAL NOR GIVE NOT 1 F@#K…BTW I FREAKIN LOVE EVERY WORD THE AUTHOR WROTE….ALSO, YOUR COMICAL😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾(This means Dueces, kick rocks, bye Felicia)

      • This article is really the truth no matter how poorly written. Meghan just seemed to not do anything right according to most of the tabloids and articles written about her , always under scrutiny they fucked with her and pointed fingers at the things she did….and why do you think that is??? Not because she was from America, not because she was a commoner ( they adored Diana) and not because she went against the grain most times it was because the simple fact she was a Black Woman. Just like Brother Malcolm said years ago and it still rings true today we( no matter what heritage background we come from ) are still the most unvalued, most hated , most ignored, and most unappreciated women around, inspire of all our contributions to this world and this is what the article is touching on……and it’s funny the way written………until you could walk in our shoes you will never understand how Meghan feels

      • Thank you for your comments, Sonya. I want to be clear, I wrote it just the way I wanted to write it. Every single word.

      • You mean like all the trash magazines that dragged Meghan for years and are pissed she and Harry weren’t masochistic enough to continue to allow the abuse. Nah! This piece sums up the issues just fine. Go teach writing to folks who care about your petty.

      • You know, Brigitte, you should take a refresher course in spelling and proper grammar before you start spouting crap. Re-read this article again and PAY ATTENTION to the tone. But… that AFTER you get your spelling and grammar lessons.

        Until then……STHU.

      • bridgette sit your only offended because your white and privileged ass down. Its how white people get offended when the truth comes out.😂😂😂

  2. Spot on. It’s time for Black women to start saying, “Hey, if I’m not going to get anything for staying in this abusive situation, time for me to leave.”

  3. See….here’s the tea. HARRY publicly said that he DID NOT want HIS WIFE and CHILD to receive the same treatment that contributed to the death of his mother. Those wonky mouthed gits wanted MEGHAN to leave — WHAT THEY DIDN’T COUNT ON was HARRY grabbing her by the hand….AND LEADING THE WAY! They’re SALTY that HE CHOSE HER and CONTINUES TO DO SO. #OopsieMcWhelpington

    • Its very interesting that Harry’s opinion on this is the result of twenty/thirty years of dealing with his mother’s death. That in the years since his mother’s death, absolutely no one sought to ask her children if they felt some type of way about that. Now you and I both know, a person loses a parent in a tragic accident, that could have been avoided because the public was acting a fool, a person is gonna have some feelings, but none of the media I encountered ever talked about how the brothers felt about their mother.

      Well, it turns out that her death did have some kind of effect on them, and they did feel some kind of way about it! How Harry is about his family is the fallout of that event. People (mainstream media) are always acting like events in the present aren’t going to have some effect on the future!

    • And there u have it all wrapped up and pretty for all those who are hating the fact that a white prince chose a black queen and is standing by her side no matter what the backlash is!!!! I love this couple and thank u Harrry for making all black women feel we’re worthy to be treated with love& respect!!!People should take notes cause he’s a REAL MAN!!!

  4. In any case, I concur….Black women TAKE NOTE! To quote the Queen, Nina Simone:
    “You’ve got to learn to leave the table…When love’s no longer being served…”

  5. Such evil and bitter people.They have always been jealous , it’s a big reason for their hatred.Those are not superior traits.They hate us cuz they ain’t us !

  6. Did not “Basic” Brigitte Williams take her time to read an article written by an intelligent Black female writer about another intelligent Black female actor who married into the family that represents “European” Royalty and she actually responded w/her elementary school writing skills? Ultimately showing a pure example that supremacy is all in Their heads. Priceless.

  7. Gotta get yourself a harry who stands by you no matter the situation you find yourself in especially when everybody else seems to be against you

  8. I joined Word Press because I love this article and so appreciate it being written in sister voice!! Keep it up Sista!! I love your writing style.

  9. oh knock it off. meghan married into the royal family. The British royal family represents a history of colonizing and racism. She knew what she was getting into. She would not have gave Harry the time of day but for his title. This is all a realty tv social media made up crisis… She is no hero …

    • “She would not have gave Harry the time of day but for his title.”

      Well-educated, well traveled, war hero, exotic (from her perspective) accent…she wouldn’t have given him the time of day? You sound silly.

      As I recall, the article did not call her a hero. It served notice that sistas (Black American women, to be more precise) are not here for the bullshit. It applauded her taking the necessary steps in her self-care, as do I.

      …and the only “realty” is the place Harry, Meghan, and Archie are going to buy somewhere OTHER than Great Britain.

    • I can’t help but agree with Bola. As a Black Brit and someone who has spent the bulk of her life in the UK, I was wondering if this sophisticated, enlightened and educated black woman did not realize what she was ‘getting into’.

      I cringed when I saw her in the interview and said on meeting Harry, she did not know who he was!!? I would expect her to have done some sort of research, at least make proper use of people like Piers Morgan on finding out more about the family. Plus, I would expect her to have been aware that another woman in the past, a woman who was an aristocrat, found this family, also difficult and had a tragic ending.

      But perhaps, she felt she’d make a difference; that her ’fairness’ would somehow make her exempt from all the usual ‘black’ things they found intolerable. But my understanding of American history that the one-drop rule, racial classification in white people’s eyes still makes you black! What I find interesting is even the whites in the UK, who do not consider themselves as racist as their white American counterparts, also believe quietly in this one-drop rule.

      It was clearly a rude awakening for Her and for Him, but she should have known what she was letting herself in for. Sorry!

  10. This article is an amusing collection of colorful catch phrases and hoodspeak that doesn’t mention a single fact as to what offences “white people” committed against the princess.

  11. All I have to say is, “Good for her”… I’m glad I read the article… It all makes perfect sense to me… How much abuse can or will a person tolerate… Enough is enough!!! Go take several seats with your ignorant ass!!! Yes, I’m talking to whom ever it applies to…

  12. Love it! The kicker though…they expect you to stick around and smile why they abuse you! Then when you walk away with zero f*cks, you’re the one that’s crazy/angry/bitter/psycho/ABW…just choose one. Racism, wannabe white supremacists and eurocentrism got errrbody screwed up.

  13. Amen, Hannah!
    And to all those calling out how Hannah chose to write in her blog – it’s *her* blog – it’s not the New York Times; it’s not the Washington Post – she can voice any darn opinion in any darn way she wants. You just don’t like it because it means you have to think or be uncomfortable in yourselves when you disagree. Suck it up, buttercups, and, if you don’t like it, either learn to live with it or move on. Ugh.

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