In 2020 Take A Gamble On You!

Just a few days into 20/20, and I am guessing that some things you vowed not to do in 20/20, you are already right back to doing. You said you were going to work out and just haven’t managed to find the time. You said you were going to eat healthier but find yourself still eating things you know aren’t good for your overall health. You said you were going to stop drinking so much, but what is life without that glass of wine after dinner? You said you were going to stop taking their calls, but you can’t bring yourself to block their number from your phone. The list is endless of things we claim we aren’t going to do in 20/20 that we haven’t managed to conquer. But don’t worry! We ALL have done it! We all have said, “This is going to be our year,” at some point yet find ourselves right back in the same tired rut we were in the previous year. But don’t fret! It doesn’t matter that you fall down, what matters is that you get back up!

I am challenging you for this year to Take A Gamble on YOU!

All your life, you have taken a gamble on everyone and everything else, but this year is YOUR YEAR! Dare yourself to take a chance on you. Your dreams are right in front of you. All you have to do is take a gamble! You have one life. What would your life look like if you decided, today, I am BETTING ON ME? What would your life be if you said, “I am taking a gamble on my ability to accomplish my dreams?”  Not for anyone else but for YOU! You don’t need permission to shine! The sun doesn’t ask the moon if it can shine. It simply does. A rose never asks the dandelions can it bloom? It simply does. You DO NOT need permission to shine, to blossom, to be everything that you dare yourself to be!  20/20 is the year of accomplishing your visions!


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Take A Gamble
Gamble –
To play at any game of chance for money or other stakes.
To stake or risk anything of value, on the outcome of something involving chance
To take risky action in the hope of a desired result

What are you willing to take a gamble on?
This year, I dare you to take a gamble on you.

Every year you start off saying, “New Year, New Me,”
Then three weeks later you are back to the same old you

But this time I dare you to take a gamble
Even if you fall, don’t count you out
Even if you mess up, don’t quit
Even if you go back to them, challenge yourself to leave again

Remember a righteous person falls down seven times but gets up eight so don’t count you out!

You aint done yet
The ref aint called the fight yet
The white towel ain’t been waved
And it aint over until God says it over
So get up


Your entire life you have gambled on everything and everyone else
For 20/20 I challenge you to gamble on yourself

And I know this is a foreign thought for many people
Because you are always taking on a chance on someone else
With no hesitation, you will take a chance on a man
You take a risk on a woman
You give up everything for your children
You clock in every day on a job that you hate
Always taking a chance on someone other than yourself

My question for you is…
When are you going to take a gamble on you?
When are you going to stop putting your life and your dreams and your goals on the backburner?
When is your relationship gonna stop simmering on the backburner?
When are you going to believe that your life can be everything that you desire?
When you are you going to wake up and say not tomorrow
Not next year
Not when my kids graduate
Not when I get divorced
Not when I get married
Not when I get out of debt
But today
When are you going to say today is the day?
Today is the day that I take a leap of faith
Today is the day that I believe in myself
Today is the day that I jump
Today is the day that I stop existing and start living
Today is the day that I go from surviving to thriving Today is the day that I delete their number from my phone
Today is the day that I say I appreciate the experience, but this is over.
Today is the day that “It’s complicated,” just ain’t gonna work for me as a relationship status anymore
Today is the day I stop playing small

Today is the day I move from side chick to main chick
Today is the day I say that looks delicious but I aint eating that
Today is the day I will take the stairs
Today is the day that I say no without offering you an explanation
Today is the day that I will no longer tolerate the drama
Today is the day that I see my value and my worth
Today is the day that I start loving me first
This year is the year I start walking in my Jeremiah 29:11 anointing, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

This year is the year that I want you to have an, “I’m putting my oxygen mask on me first mentality.”
This is the year for you to breathe
To dare
To try
To fly
To take a leap and ride the wind

Not for anyone else but for you

Lay it all on the line
Put all the chips in
Look at your hand and go ten
Roll 11 or 7
Take a gamble ON YOU!

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