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Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman With Receipts!

It was the hearing that was seen and heard around the world as we tuned into to hear Donald Trump’s personal attorney and longtime fixer, Michael Cohen testify before the House Oversight Committee. His testimony was riveting and only confirmed what many people already know about Trump that in fact, Trump is racist, a conman and a cheat. Micheal Cohen has been convicted and sentenced to three years in prison for financial crimes and lying to Congress. Most Republicans wanted to focus on that fact and not that Trump is an enemy to the American people. That is how White supremacy works. It will do anything to remain supreme even if that means denying the truth. In an attempt to discredit Cohen’s claims that Trump is a card-carrying, tiki-torch lighting, legacy of the KKK racist Republican Mark Meadows introduced Lynne Patton, an official at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development as an African-American woman in the Trump administration. What the entire fresh Rosa Parks hell is this?

Martin didn’t march for this shit!  Meadows appears to believe if you have a Black person that works for you, you can’t be racist. I will take SLAVERY for 1000 Alex!

Mark Meadows and Lynne Patton

To see this image of Patton standing behind Rep. Mark Meadows was stunning. It is an image that I will never forget of a Black woman that appeared as just a shell of a woman. A Black woman that was used as a prop and not seen as a human with dignity and agency.

But then another image came across my feed that seemed to make up for the image that will be remembered as yet another racist tactic by White men.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib

It was an image of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib staring at Michael Cohen waiting for their opportunity to question him.

Every woman knows this look.

This is the, “She said she gon do what to who? Let’s find out and see,” look.

This is the, “Stop running in and out of the house letting all the damn cold air out,” look.

This is the, “We got receipts,” look.

This is the, “I done already screenshot the text messages,” look.

This is the, “Lie to me if you want to, I double dog dare you,” look.

This is the, “I already know the damn truth, but I’m gonna let you amuse me with your lies,” look.

This is the, “Your ass forgot to sit out the chicken,” look.

This is the, “Oh I had my Wheaties and my coffee this morning,” look.

This is the, “I eat men like you for breakfast,” look.

This is the, “This shit is about to be light work,” look.

This is the, “I ain’t one of your little friends,” look.

This is the, “I wish a fool would,” look.

This is the, “Try me if you want to,” look.

This is the, “I got hot sauce in my bag,” look.

This is the, “We have trained for this day all of our lives,” look.

This is the, “Fuck you and your racist ass president,” look.

This is the, “I see you got some of these White folks fooled, but we ain’t impressed,” look.

This is the, “Don’t let this suit fool you,” look.

This is the, “Oh he must have me fucked up,” look.

This is the, “Now run that back to me again and this time look me in the eye when you tell the story,” look.

This the, “Oh you thought, did you,” look.

Every woman I know, KNOWS THIS LOOK! It is a mix of, “I wish this fool would,” “You got me twisted,” and  “I got you right where I want you!”

There is nothing more powerful than women who know who they are and refuse to be intimidated. Hell hath no fury like a woman that is sick and tired of your bullshit and that has receipts! 

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  1. Is this look an inherent thing in certain women? It must be. I used to get this look and then one day, sometime after my 30th birthday, I was suddenly able to deliver this look flawlessly.

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