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I Am Becoming – Over 100 Women Share Their Becoming Journey

“Not as though I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus.”Philippians 3:12

But he knows where I am going. And when he tests me, I will come out as pure as gold.” Job 23:10


Forever First Lady Michelle Obama posted a video on Twitter about hearing from people that are #Becoming.  My friend Michelle Yeager Turner immediately messaged me and said, “Hannah, you need to reach out to Michelle Obama and see if you can be a part of her book tour when she is in Nashville.” As a poet, I wanted to write something that would reflect what I felt in reading Becoming, and then it hit me, I already had the poem that summed up how I felt reading Becoming because it was a poem that I wrote when I was starting my journey towards my destiny- Power.

I wanted to make a video of the poem and include photos of celebrities that have been influential in my Becoming journey, but I also wanted to include women that I interact with daily. I made a Facebook post asking for photos and what happened next completely blew my mind. Over 200 women posted their pictures, and they started to share their Becoming stories. Immediately I knew I didn’t need any celebrity photos in the video. These women were so powerful, strong, resilient, and faithful. They were enough. Their stories made me smile, made me cry, made me rejoice at their courage to share their failures, their pain, and their triumphs. What I thought would be a simple Facebook post immediately became more significant than me. I want to share their stories below in the hope that something will inspire you to start on your road to Becoming. (I did not edit any of their comments and left them just as they wrote them only removing anything that pointed the focus back to me. My focus was on them and their stories. Please be mindful these were from social media, and it is NOT about spelling or grammar. Focus on the message.) All it takes it the first step. Just believe and walk into your destiny. 


  1. From Parchill Housing Projects to Senior Pastor. From a 10th grade dropout, to GED, to Master of Divinity. #Becoming -Annettra Jones
  2. This WOMAN is still on her JOURNEY…From Foster Care to Still trying to FIND ME?… But, I MADE IT! –Victoria Mitchell
  3. God KEPT me….#SECONDCHANCES are real! – Ywanda Cherise
  4. She had two children before she left high school. She USED to be homeless. She now holds a Master’s degree and she just completed the coursework for her PhD.- Shameka Sells
  5. From Human trafficking victim to Owning and Running a Residential Program for women coming out of Human Trafficking also A Stripper to Speaking at the United Nations talk about different stages GOD IS DEFINITELY AMAZING #DaughterOfTheKing – Summer Dickerson
  6. Is there room for a senior still on her journey. From union activist to Board member of KFW and KAAH, To owner, artist @ Nzingha Creations Gallery and VP Mary Alyce Sweeney Foundation- Nzingha-Beverley Sweeney-Sheppard
  7. Hope it’s ok. A pic of me and my mom Sandra Charles both BECOMING the women we were meant to be through art. – Dionna Douglas
  8. Definitely becoming a Grown Woman – Tara Pruitt
  9. From the projects of Bluegrass-Aspendale in Lexington Kentucky to the United States Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps to Higher Education Administrator at 3 different institutions after being told “you can’t major in English, go to law school, work in Higher Ed., etc.” Retired at 56, I am still Becoming. To everyone – let your success shut the naysayers up. Never give up and never let anyone reduce you. – Francene L. Botts
  10. I’m becoming everything i was told i could never be. I’m a 33 year old college student. I’m president of our school’s honor society and vice president of the SGA. I have a daughter that i need to make proud. – Amiee Michele Sadler
  11. Becoming Unbroken – McCarthy Ashley
  12. It’s been a long journey but it will be worthwhile – Oremeyi Kareem
  13. 22nd birthday is in 2 weeks and I am just getting started!!! I am started new chapters, new challenges, new opportunities and I am harnessing all my energy into myself. I cannot be the best champion for my students, I cannot be the best aunt to my nieces and nephews if I do not consistently work on bettering myself. I owe it to myself to become the woman I promised MYSELF I would be!!!- Nikkia Dawn Rhodes –
  14. There were days when I thought he’d kill me… but I’m still here. #neveragain- Dominique Stamps
  15. BECOMING!!! – Claudia Love Mair
  16. Here’s to becoming everyday. – Belle Townsend –
  17. My Growth is Power…I met Michelle Obama here in Louisville, of course full on Presidential VIP.. I was still in my “becoming phases”.. she said some things that truly changed my life. Even more importantly, when my daughter met her, they had conversation… She encouraged her to do good in school and eat well.. I’m so not intrusive on people’s impartation moments, I didn’t crowd but I do wish I had gotten a better picture of her and my daughter.. it would have been so easy to set that up. As you see. We we’re in touching and hugging range. Most importantly, my daughter says.. “Yes, I remember what she told me. She said vegetables will help me grow big and beautiful. – Charmaine Cuff
  18. Power is listening to God, retiring at 49, and stepping out on faith, writing a children’s book series, with two books produced in a year’s time! Look at God! – Gin Noon-Spaulding
  19. Life is shaping me. – Jenise Squires
  20. I recently realized that at 51 the majority of my major Life decisions were rooted in Fear. I will now focus my Life choices the next 51 years rooted in LOVE! – Lori Turner
  21. Six years ago I was facing 25 to Life…in June, I’ll be at Harvard. #Becoming – DeWana LeNae –
  22. I am Becoming- Carlinda Mincey-Woodford
  23. Becoming a whole woman after releasing childhood trauma and giving myself permission to be blessed -Alisha Jordan
  24. From the crackhouse to the Mayor’s Office. The same men who abused me I get to work with their sons to teach them a better way to live! I don’t hold grudges I hold memories that keep me from making the same mistakes. When women rise WE ALL THRIVE!! – Kimberly Denise Moore
  25. BECOMING a College Grad in Dec 2019 after delay after delay….B.A in Occupational Leadership and Learning U of L coming soon!!! – Erika Lett Glenn
  26. I spent my entire professional career trying to make myself be an engineer when all I ever wanted to be was a wife and mother. Now I am becoming the marriage mentor and family coach I was always meant to be. – Anitra Durand Allen
  27. I’m becoming what i knew I really was and could one day be. Getting accepted to grad wasn’t my ending but rather my beginning. Whew! My journey to becoming is amazing and i thank God for it. Believing in yourself is the difference in believing and achieving. – Lynda Russell
  28. Becoming aware and connected to myself. Championing my causes. Pursuing my passions. Saluting my sisters. Loving my community. Resisting gentrification. Enjoying this man I married over 36 years ago. Becoming engaged to these adults I raised. – Kelly Bates Oglesby
  29. I am becoming. – Chana Shipp –
  30. I am a self-taught Black Artist I am becoming. – Kristie Berry
  31. I am a work in progress, not yet complete daily evolving into the masterpiece He has designed. A valuable person of worth in the eyes of the designer. His purpose etched in to my DNA, filled with His love and covered by His blood. A designer’s original sculpted from His very hands and made in His image. Assigned to rule with His spoken word accessing His life giving power….She Is Built to Win! #unfinishedstory #designersoriginal #fearlesslymadebyGod “Becoming Her” has enormous challenges, setbacks, delays, trouble, misunderstandings, heartaches, disappointments, hurt, and losses BUT “SHE IS BUILT TO WIN!! “The enemy is relentless he works double time with his evil plans and conspiracies. He wants you to quit BUT he doesn’t know “SHE WILL NOT STOP GETTING UP!! Victory doesn’t just show up you have to fight everyday remembering that “SHE IS A WINNER” regardless of the struggle! Success is not measured by what you gain but measured who you are inside that’s the true container of all wealth! what they don’t know GOD LIVES In HER and they will bump into HIM! !!#VictoryEveryday #builttowin #CEOLife #keepingmyeyesonGOD – Cassandra D. Harris-Gray
  32. I’m Becoming, because I decided to follow God’s plan for my life, than my own. It took a while but God is so gracious to wait on us, no matter how long it takes. Best life plan ever!- Olga McKissic
  33. I am becoming the educator I was meant to be. – Whitney Franklin
  34. I Am Becoming…- Markeeta Buntin
  35. I’m becoming. In embracing myself. My “bigbonedness”. Tomorrow I leave to walk in NYFW. Not Full figured fashion week..but shady melanin size 8 is plus size fashion week. I’m older, I’m a mother, I’m black and full figured…but I’m going for what they say doesn’t belong to me. – Dawnsheika Yates
  36. I am becoming because everyday I decide to give my students hope ! Hope even when things don’t go “ the right way! “ Hope that equals a smile, hug or “You Are GREAT!!” Hope that encourage them to use their CREATIVE SPIRIT! Hope that helps them become our next Plumbers, Beautician & Barbers, Musicians Lawyers, Doctors, Scientists, Preachers and Educators! – Melanie Stowe Robbins
  37. I am Becoming… – Alika Wickliffe
  38. .. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest smiles have experienced tremendous pain…you see my glory but you don’t know my story…I AM BECOMING – April Higgins
  39. I am a mother of 4 becoming a political leader and licensed clinical psychologist. – Adia McClellan Winfrey
  40. Author. Preacher. Mother. Trailblazer. Woman. I am becoming. – VaShaun Mosby
  41. I am becoming a divine woman. I have been burned. I have been broken and battered. I have pulled all of those pieces together and I am becoming something I never could’ve imagined. I am becoming the dreams of my ancestors and the fears of my enemies. I am becoming the mother I dreamed of being. The lover I dreamt of becoming. I am becoming myself and She was becoming someone I was almost uncertain I wanted to know… until I decided to love her. – Shelle D Terrell
  42. I am a wife, mother, Licensed Therapist and I am becoming a confident speaker!- Brittany Johnson
  43. #IAMBECOMING A Survivor of what was a obstacle! I JUMPED THAT THING…And I’m BECOMING -Saundra Moore Trowel –
  44. … good thing I don’t look like what I’ve been through. -Kia Kali
  45. I don’t hold titles or honors and I know I’m not where I need to be but I thank God that I’m not what I used to be and I don’t look like what I’ve been through! #Becoming – Jocelyn Michelle Glover-Humphrey
  46. Sometimes God has to breaks you down to bless you up. I am a believer and I won’t turn back. Glory to God I am walking in my becoming as a (MBE) Minority Business Enterprise Entrepreneur and a Women business Enterprise . I started my business Cole Construction Services LLC. I am proud of my accomplishments this far. It’s a struggle for a woman but worth it. I don’t need the hype I just want to get it right. – Rosalind Cole
  47. I am becoming me and I am learning to use my voice to tell my story. – Tina M. Durbin
  48. I am becoming cosmologist and lawyer all 2019. Blessed be! Love & light to all including the universe. #becoming – Nova Carmen
  49. I am becoming the best version of myself. I am becoming fearless. I am becoming the women of my wildest dreams. I am becoming so much and I am becoming because other beautiful women became – Nannie Grace Croney –
  50. Kimberly Cecil Jones She is a survivor encourager fearless soulful brave #sheisbecoming – Elizabeth Ann Cannon
  51. I have had quite the journey, I make no excuses or speak ill of no one. Many years ago I decided to make myself the priority and I’ve done just that. I’m proud of myself and love myself. I have made a commitment to help others love themselves. – Kelly Vonn
  52. Believing in the creative being I was born to be. Embracing my happy place…..every where I am! – Jeziyah Harvey
  53. A young girl, bullied for being totally blind in her wandeing left eye. Laughed at for being under developed. Hated school but loved learning! She often read books to escape reality of her current life. Faced Sexual Abuse at home. Became a Teen Runaway and a teen parent. Her Mother began her vicious journey of verbal abuse. Telling her that she “Wasn’t nothing and would never be nothing”! (To this day it’s a mental tattoo… She’ll never forget) and eventually her put out of the house at 17. She didn’t complete school. Now with her son she was out on her own! Ran into the a nightmare of domestic violence at 19. From her new found drug addicted boyfriend (she later discovered had 13 convicted felonies)With the beatings and her current living conditions, for his welfare and stability she took her son to the babysitters and never picked him up. She knew she couldn’t take care of him. She knew his life with his grandparent would be better than what she could give him. Finally, the physical abuse, the past sexual abuse and now rape (while out on her own) had taken its toll. Adding to it the crippling bouts of depression.It was enough for her to want to take her own life. To keep her silent her parents cancelled her insurance so she could not tell of all she had at home endured to the medical facility she was admitted to. But her journey didn’t stop. Getting her son back and raising his two other siblings as a single mom. Going back to school at a Junior College and dropping everything she packed up her little preschool family (Not knowing a soul) and moved to Seattle Washington! A fresh start, getting away from all of her factors of her abuse. With more major life obstacles along the way, and a mental illness diagnosis of Depression she refused to let this name become her! In all of her painful arenas she always somehow managed to give laughs to others as it eased her own hurt and scars.Fast forward …It was nothing but Gods Hand on her as protection that kept her alive.They where broken back then, but little by little her wings have become strong! She has elevated and thankful that God is using her to spread laughter across the world through her gift of comedy and is sharing her life story as a testimony and offering of encouragement to those wanting to give up. “I did” … “You will”.. and as a unstoppable Force …”WE MUST” overcome anything designed to tear us down from all the trials of life.. She is (I can now say lovingly) “ME” and I am STILL BECOMING-Kimberly D Vaughn
  54. I was a voice silenced by child sexual abuse at the hands of a cousin. The silence has been broken and I fight against child sexual abuse and am an Anti-bullying advocate. My heart is for the children. So much more to my story as I continue the journey of becoming … Marsha Mayes-Burton
  55. I am becoming….more than I ever thought I could be!- Alaina Newman
  56. Stolen adolescence, misguided and abused girl, protected by the Woman, I am Becoming- Kkyslir Donyell Magee
  57. On a spiritual journey, not to be religious, but becoming spiritual – Latonia Lane
  58. I am becoming the VERY BEST version of myself!- Robbin Byrd
  59. From an awkward/self-conscious young girl who didn’t know her purpose and was afraid to dream for more, to now a wife, mother, and confident business owner. I am becoming and finally walking in my purpose. – Ruth Griffith Peebles
  60. I am becoming everything the devil has tried for years to convince me that I couldn’t be! An author, a chef, a teacher, a momager, a college graduate, and a mentor! But most importantly I am working hard each day at becoming the very best version of myself so that I may love and live OUT LOUD wholeheartedly! – LaNise T Page
  61. Always Becoming…I wanted to be a lawyer since the 3rd grade and every obstacle presented itself. Now I’m 12 years living my dream as a lawyer and living my best life. -DeAndrea Baltimore
  62. I dreamed of one day becoming a professor and teaching at a predominantly white institution so students of color would have faculty who look like them. And I wanted a variety of experiences and voices represented in the classroom. I earned a PHD and have been teaching for 12 years. But my “becoming” alone wasn’t enough. I decided that I want to change systems and structures, not just individuals. So, I’m on a new path to becoming….one that puts my hands firmly in the hands of others on the same journey. We are becoming at once alone and together! – Matisa Olinger Wilbon
  63. Becoming a woman who loves herself enough…- Yvette Gentry
  64. From a little girl from Pewee Valley, raised by a single mother, worked in Corporate America for 30 years, several layoffs, deaths, divorce, then God opened doors to live my dream of starting my own Event Management Company. It’s been 9 years. I Am Becoming…- Pamela Fulton Broadus
  65. I am becoming a Business Owner. I am becoming an influencer, I am becoming the Empress/Jahdess I was created to be.-Fran Arc
  66. I am becoming who I was meant to be. – Korea Howard
  67. My goal is to become an interpreter for my church and travel. – Romiltia Prince
  68. Always becoming, always growing, always seeking, always loving…beginning to realize the beauty is in the transformation. I love you dearly, Hannah Banana. So blessed that our paths crossed while we were both transforming. So overjoyed to witness your metamorphosis. It is glorious to behold. – Nicole Hardin
  70. I AM BECOMING!! Future NURSE – Shamona Hales
  71. Wonderful! I too lived in a woman’s d v shelter with 2 kids for 2 months. After leaving an abusive millionaire! My parents said honey you better go back to that money but I loved myself over money. It was s book by LES BROWN I read in the d v shelter that helped me realize my POWER that I could one day BECOME a millionaire myself. With self love and a newfound knowledge of my inner God power I BECAME the victor and not a victim to step into a new wonderful chapter. – Jackie Bailey
  72. This year I am becoming……- Huniie Mann
  73. Through it All, I am Becoming- Tina Graves
  74. My ancestors wildest dream! I am becoming…a voice for the special needs community- Cassie Bell
  75. I Am Becoming The Leader That’s Been Caged Up On The Inside. #Becominguncaged- Keturah Herron
  76. I’m BECOMING the woman I’ve always wanted to be after fighting through 12 years of brain tumors, surgeries, radiation, sickness. I finally have health and I’m becoming me again – Chanelle Felder Curtis
  77. Not quite sure of what I am Becoming, but with God in charge of it, I’ll trust it! – Tasha Williams Brown
  78. I always wanted to finish my BS- I now have a MSW & CSW. Showing women what they can Become.- Glenda Newton-White –
  79. I Am JUMPING… To Completely Become…. My Own! Jackson Investigations LLC – Tija Jackson
  80. I was so inspired by everyone else and hitting the like button… I forgot to include Myself! Lol!! #BECOMING -Keisha LeBlanc
  81. The face of a survivor of all types of abuse overcame homelessness and prison I’m becoming who God has called me to be and that is to inspire uplift encourage and empower my sistas- Sabrina Heim
  82. I am becoming… a woman who now wants to live…- Tameka Elliott
  83. I Am Becoming An Advocate For Women In Recovery. 2/10/2004 I will be clean and sober for 15yrs…I CANT KEEP WHAT I HAVE-UNLESS I GIVE IT AWAY..I am willing, GOD IS ABLE…- Tempy Douglas
  84. Imma jump on here. 2x rape survivor who tried to commit suicide unsuccessfully so started giving her body away. To hell & back but I found purpose and now love life! #IAmBecoming the woman I was destined to be. Full of strength for myself & others – Monique Thompson
  85. I was told I wasn’t good enough for a uniform… when I’m talked about because I’m in uniform…when I stand strong to fight the same fight BUT just in uniform… when I cry many tears because I face the same obstacles if not more because I wear a uniform… BUT I AM STRONG, I AM A WARRIOR, I AM A FIGHTER… #IAMBECOMING – Precious Cornner-Jones
  86. Becoming the woman, mother, wife, advocate God intended me to be one day, one moment, and one prayer at a time. – Corinne Linnette
  87. I stepped out of my shell and began becoming my full self in all spaces again.- Ria Moni
  88. While I do not know yet fully who I am meant to be, I am becoming the woman God intended for me. I am working on taking my life back from physical illness, mental illness, and despair one day, one step, and one pound at a time. Although things have been rough God has been so good to me and He is showing me by and by what happens when you remain faithful to Him! – Lish Lish
  89. My healing and been slow and long, but within time, I am becoming. I’m a survivor of CSA (Child Sexual Abuse), Intimate Partner Abuse and Sexual Assault. I have also been dealing with PTSD from police due to an incident where I was terrorized by an officer about two years ago. After my abuse from past partners, I went into a deep hole doubting a lot of my self worth and body image. My abuse made me spend a year dealing with eating disorders and feeling ashamed of how I looked. I dropped out of college because I thought I wasn’t smart enough to finish and spent my last semester in college as a full time student in a relationship that was unhealthy and being manipulated so I resorted to binge drinking to mask the pain. Today, I am becoming because I decided to leave Louisville and move to Northern Kentucky to give myself a fresh start this Spring so I can focus on my healing. I am enrolling myself back into college at a different university. I stopped binge drinking and have a much healthier relationship with alcohol. I no longer have an eating disorder. I have much healthier boundaries about romantic and platonic relationships and feel more comfortable with my sexuality and my body. I am working on becoming who I aspire to be, which is a person who can help guide another survivor so they can heal and thrive.- Krystal Spencer
  90. From a young mother of four who struggle with the hateful words of all my naysayers false prognosis, battling cancer twice and 35 major surgeries before the age of thirty years old. I am becoming who God has created me to be, “An educated Woman, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Friend, Encourager, Supervisor, Career Coach, Teacher, Preacher, Author, Mentor, God Chaser, and supporter to all my sisters regardless what state they may be in, especially my younger sisters. – Kim Colbert
  91. On many occasions you’ve given me a voice. You’ve echoed my aches & my achievements and weathered micro-aggressions and Baptist guilt alongside me. Your truths affirmed my reality. You inspired me to hold my space and encourage others to do so. I love you Sister. May God continue to bless you and keep you. – Ivory Rollins
  92. This thread is AMAZING!!! Everyone is so beautiful and truly becoming! I’m becoming and moving my way through until I am Dr. Viisha P. Souza after lifes trials and tribulations #Becoming – Pauahi Souza –
  93. I AM ENOUGH….(My book coming soon) – Bethani Elaine Bonmon
  94. My study abroad experience has been so instrumental in my journey towards Becoming! On May 11th, I will walk across the stage as a first-generation college graduate. -Destinee Germany From Cecil to South Africa
  95. #becoming – Sherry Powell
  96. Getting there – Amira Aro
  97. Surving a jump six foot from 2nd story window to save my life from my abuser.Walked with a limp doctors said I would not recover ,lost everything my childrens love and respect .But God…..Im still becoming – Charice Malone
  98. Becoming just who God wants me to be and leaving everything not in his image behind me! – Stacy Sumlin
  99. Dionne C. Griffiths – Becoming. – Dionne Cherise
  100. It’s a struggle!…I’m trying!…l’m transforming!… I’M BECOMING!! – Crystal Reid Felder
  101. Becoming who God purposed me to be.- Kristin Kristi Combs
  102. Becoming a public health innovator – Monica Marie
  103. On Thanksgiving night, my husband tried to beat me to death and held me hostage. I am just now getting over the pain of my physical injuries. Since then, I left and went back because he had isolated me so that I had noone to depend on to help with our 5 kids. CPS took the kids for neglect on my part on Jan 6th for going back to him. I left with the clothes on my back and have another court date tomorrow to prove that Ive left him. I cant get my kids back for at least 6 months. Truth is even with all that, I still love him… I hate that. My whole world just fell apart but I didnt and wont break. I started working harder and got stronger. I almost died. I almost wasnt here to write this to you. To love my kids and see them grow! I feel so cheated. Im grieving. But I learned and grew. My story is not a unique one. -Kenya Gholston-Tyler
  104. My becoming story can be found here. – Hannah Drake

I hope this blog has inspired you to be all that you are destined to be. Many of these women have overcome incredible challenges to be who they are today. Nothing is impossible!

If you are so moved, PLEASE share your Becoming story in the comments below . You NEVER know who will read it and say because she did it, I can do it! Remember, your story just may be the key to someone’s lock! 

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  1. This is amazing. These women are amazing. You are amazing. Thank everyone for sharing your stories❤ ai wish you all love, peace and success!

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