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Black History Month Kick-Off! Black People Are Amazing! PERIOD!

Today kicks off 28 glorious days of all things Black! (Please cue the White tears.) This is one of my most favorite times of the year where we take the time to highlight Black history, Black genius, Black joy, and Black excellence. Make no mistake, this celebration won’t just be 28 days of peace, laughter, and fun. What is a celebration without someone trying to rain on your parade? Undoubtedly, some White people will ask, “Why don’t we get a whole month for us?” Like they have forgotten every single day is a day that we have learned whitewashed, water-downed, Columbus discovered America, history. Every day America finds a way to celebrate White people so just relax. March will be here before you know it, but for the next 28 days, you will have to grin and bear it, watching Black people shine!

This month is our month! So Black people, I need your shea butter melanin skin glistening, Fenty gloss bomb poppin’, and afros, braids, wigs and weaves shining as we throw it back like we are takin’ over for the 99 and the 2000! I promise you, Black people are so amazing that when I read things about Black people, I think, “Damn Black people are so ridiculously dope! If I weren’t Black, I would be like, “Damn, I wanna be Black!”

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Black people are remarkable! 

Black people are brilliant. 

Black people are innovative!

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Black people ARE THE CULTURE! 

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Black people are hilarious! We can take ANYTHING and find the humor in it.

Black people are the kings and queens of the clapback!

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We invent movements that impact the world. #MeToo, #OscarsSoWhite, #BlackLivesMatter

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We create history! 

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We can make the mundane hilarious! 

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We can make the entire world dance!

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We don’t age!  If you don’t have melanin I only have one thing to say…

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Everyone wants our style.

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Everyone copies us! 

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We root for EVERYBODY BLACK and we don’t care who knows it! 

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If we participate we dominate. 

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We don’t understand mediocrity. If we do it, we are going to be the best. PERIOD! 

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We revolutionize industries. Yes. Black people do wear makeup!

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We are Gifted. 

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I can go on and on about Black people and our excellence! And trust me for the next 28 days and beyond I am going to do just that! Black people we are BRILLIANT! After 400 years of oppression in America THEY STILL CAN’T BREAK US!! Honestly, I believe that is why so many people are mad. Our very presence is a reminder to the world of our beauty, strength, power and resilience! EXCELLENCE ALWAYS SHINES A SPOTLIGHT ON MEDIOCRITY! ALWAYS. KEEP ON SHINING! 


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