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Trump The Ridiculous Liar | Christmas Parody

You know Conway and Sanders
And Mike Pence and Miller
Cohen and Kelly

And Ivanka and Jared
But do you recall
The most famous liar of all?

Trump the ridiculous liar
Had a very shiny nose
(Like Kavanaugh)
And if you ever saw it
(Saw it)
You would even say it grows
(Like Pinocchio’s)
All of the sane Americans
Laugh at Trump and call him names
(Like Stupid)
We never let poor Donald
Get away with his Russian games
(Like Collusion)

Then a few weeks before Christmas Eve
Mueller came to say(Ho, Ho, Ho)
“Donald I’m here to bring the world delight
Won’t you get ready for jail tonight?”
Then how America loved him
As we shouted out with glee (IMPEACH!)
“Trump you’re the worst POTUS EVER
That’s how you’ll go down in history!

Songwriter: Hannah L. Drake IG:…

Vocals: Chanson Calhoun IG:…

Sound Engineer: R.C Coates | Coates Music Studios

Motion Graphics: Brandon Jones ROCK PAPER JONES LLC

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