You Cannot Kill An Idea

You kidnapped us from our Motherland, packed us on slave ships like human sardines, shackled us and thought you could lasso a human’s desire for freedom, and still, we stand

You enslaved us, and still, we rode the Underground Railroad to freedom

You saddled our backs with Jim Crow Laws, and still, we marched a pathway to justice

You kept us from learning, and still, our ingenuity changed the very landscape of this nation

You murdered Medgar never realizing that it was Medgar that told us, “You can kill a man but you can’t kill an idea!”

You killed Martin, and still, we fight for the dream

You assassinated Malcolm, and still, we fight by any means necessary

You killed Fred forgetting that it was Fred that told us, “You can kill a revolutionary but can never kill the revolution!”

You boycotted Muhammad Ali for his stance on racism, but still, he became one of the world’s greatest humanitarians.

You murdered Trayvon and just cast a spotlight on injustice

You killed Mike Brown, and his death shook a nation from its slumber and ignited a movement

You murdered Sandra, and her lifeless body on a jailhouse floor gave voice to Black women killed by the police

You blackballed Kaepernick for kneeling to bring awareness to racism and police brutality and without playing one game he became one of the most recognized NFL players in the world

You stood at a podium and used your platform as the President of the United States to vilify those NFL players that are kneeling to bring awareness to racism and police brutality, and the only thing you have done is water a seed.

Colin Kaepernick protest

Charlotte, NC – September 18, 2016: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) walks off the field at Bank of America Stadium with his fist up in the air after their game against the Panthers.(Gerry Melendez for ESPN)

A seed that was planted since the foundation of creation.

A seed that was planted centuries ago.

A seed that was planted on slave ships.

A seed that was planted in Old Negro spirituals.

A seed that was planted in cotton, tobacco and rice fields.

A seed that was planted while breastfeeding your babies.

A seed that was planted with every whip of the lash.

A seed that was planted serving you our food while we cooked on plantations.

A seed that was planted while you raped us for your pleasure.

A seed that was planted deep in the soil where our ancestors blood cries out for redemption!

And we hear them. Crying out. Calling out for justice! And today, we have answered the call!

Try as you might, you cannot beat us. You will not win. What you meant for evil, The Almighty meant for good.

What simple, naive and foolish thinking to believe that you can kill an idea.

You cannot kill an idea. Ideas are invincible. Ideas are indestructible.

Our backbone is constructed from resilience.

Our roots are planted in our history, our culture, our strength, our power.

We stand on the shoulders of greatness!

And we will not stop, “Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream!”


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