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Black Women Are Always To Blame. Even In Death.

The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.”  – Malcolm X 

As a Black woman, I often wonder where we can find peace? Where is the place that Black women can lay down their burdens? It seems even in death, Black women will find no rest. Even in death, this world will find a way to blame Black women. 

As worldwide as Breonna Taylor’s name is known, it seems odd to regurgitate the details of her murder. Breonna Taylor was a 26-year-old Black woman drifting off to sleep with her boyfriend only to be murdered in her home by the Louisville Metro Police Department. To this day, no one has been held accountable. Justice once again eludes Black women.

Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker

The Courier-Journal has covered the murder of Breonna Taylor extensively. I have applauded them on Twitter for not shying away from this story. I have been featured in and interviewed by the Courier-Journal many times. I appreciated them following the story and highlighting many voices within the protests and movement for justice for Breonna. I have often been interviewed by Courier Journal reporters and consider some of them my friends. I am still going to speak my truth. The Courier-Journal has done a good job of reporting about Breonna. In fact, many journalistic awards have been garnered off the back of Breonna Taylor. A murder I don’t believe some of the award winners were covering when it actually happened on March 13,2020. Because who really cared about a Black woman being murdered in her home by the police?

Breonna Taylor

So, when I saw the article today, I was a bit taken aback. 

How is it that an innocent Black woman is being cast as a problem in Louisville? To even ask, “Did the Breonna Taylor protest hurt Louisville,” is egregious. As usual Black women are being blamed for the response while people ignore the action that ignited the protests. Why not ask, “Did the MURDER of Breonna Taylor Hurt Louisville?” 

Black women are always blamed for the aftermath. The Courier-Journal surveyed 500 people who said the protests did more harm than good. Five hundred people. The Courier-Journal asked 500 people about an event that changed the trajectory of this city. An event that changed the trajectory of my life. An event that, to this day, I still find tears gathering in my eyes when I speak about it. It almost doesn’t seem real. But it happened. But they thought to ask 500 people. Louisville is a city with over 600,000 residents.  I never received a survey. Why not ask me? I am a Black woman that was teargassed in Louisville during the protests. Why not ask how I feel? Why not ask me? Why not ask other people who protested daily? Are we not a part of the “exclusive survey?” 

Shame on you, Courier-Journal, for using the name of Breonna Taylor in this way. Shame on you for asking about the protest when you should have asked about her murder. Shame on you! 

Think about this as you update your CVs, Twitter bios and polish the awards you got from covering the MURDER of Breonna Taylor. 

What you have done is what White people do ALL THE TIME! Make Black people the problem. “The negative responses were driven by white residents, according to the poll results.” Congratulations on being typical and basic. I’m not sure if there is an award for that but if there is you can add it among the others you have received reporting on Breonna Taylor.

Breonna TAYLOR was the VICTIM! Perhaps you forgot that. Maybe you will remember that every time you speak about your awards.


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  1. Thank you for this article. I agree that it is shameful to ask about “damage” resulting from the protests. The damage was indeed done by the murderers and there is no excuse for the lack of justice. Amen.

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