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My Advice to Dems, Stop Being Punk B!tches!


Yesterday the Democrats got their asses kicked, and rightly so. Am I shocked? No. Black people can always smell the rain coming, and we knew this would happen. Undoubtedly many people will study the election results, and potential candidates will hire analysts and political strategists only to find themselves here, once again. Why? Because Democrats simply do not get it. They do not listen. They consistently get it wrong. The November 2020 election results have lulled many people to sleep. They have forgotten that people claiming they LOVE America were willing to and attempted to overthrow the government even after an election. Where do you think all those people went? Home to sip tea and eat cucumber sandwiches? How foolish of you. They are planning, preparing, and plotting, waiting for the opportunity to seize power, all while y’all are back at hot yoga and being outraged over the slightest offense.

Here are just a few pointers that I offer the Democrats should they choose to listen, and they won’t, but here we go:

  1. Stop Underestimating The Power Of Racism – Charles Booker nailed this comment last night, “In all of the political analysis, there is a truth that must be understood. Republicans win by weaponizing racism, and Democrats lose by trying to ignore it.” Keep underestimating/ignoring racism, and you will continue to lose. PERIOD! This nation entered into a WAR to continue enslaving Black people. Do not for one minute think Biden’s win means all is well in this country. Racism won on election night 2020. In my blog, They Live Among Us, Donald Trump received over 72 million votes. President-Elect Biden received over 77 million votes (Trump:72,098.741 Biden:77,244,544). While Joe Biden emerged victoriously, the real winner of the 2020 Presidential Election was racism. As shown by these numbers, many White people will disregard EVERYTHING if that means racists can remain in power. How many times must Black people explain this to you? Racism is at the heart of everything in this nation. It is as American as raisins in potato salad. 
  2. Stop Being Punk Bitches!  What are ya’ll afraid of? I should have known the minute yall bitched up because you thought Trump would write a damn tweet about you, we were in trouble. A possible tweet had many of ya’ll shaking in your boots. Who gives a damn?! What do you have to lose at this point?! Stop acting so damn scary! Take a damn stand! Stop being lukewarm! Stand for something with CONVICTION! Be CLEAR on where you stand when it comes to issues that impact THE PEOPLE THAT PUT YOU INTO OFFICE! Ya’ll are afraid to say something about Critical Race Theory because a suburban mom who is plotting against you anyway won’t vote for you. Where do you stand when it comes to police brutality? Where do you stand when it comes to reparations? Where do you stand on anything? Stop being a candidate who is rooted in the sand. Be a candidate with a solid foundation. Have courage!
  3. GET YOUR FUCKING MESSAGING RIGHT! Outside of racism, this is the BIGGEST ISSUE I HAVE WITH DEMOCRATS! Republicans have their messaging down to a science, and it has NEVER CHANGED AND NEVER WILL CHANGE! They know what works – racism, guns, abortion- wash, rinse, repeat. They STAY ON MESSAGE, AND THE MESSAGE DOESN’T CHANGE! WHAT THE FUCK ARE Y’ALL NOT GETTING?! How is it Democrats haven’t developed a counter-message that resonates with the people? How are y’all STILL letting them speak about Critical Race Theory being taught in fucking elementary school? YOU KNOW THAT’S NOT HAPPENING!! Yet you remain SILENT! SPEAK UP! YOU KNOW THEIR STRATEGY!! IT DOESN’T CHANGE! Develop a messaging strategy that counters this. And say it with your chest! Don’t be lukewarm about it, AND EVERYONE MUST STAY ON MESSAGE!
  4. Stop Catering To A Group Of People That Are Never Going To Vote For You. Democrats consistently cater to people that are never going to vote for them instead of catering to the people that will actually put you into office. There are a group of people that you are NEVER going to convince to vote for you. Common sense doesn’t matter. Improving their lifestyle doesn’t matter. Offering them better jobs doesn’t matter. Offering them free or inexpensive healthcare doesn’t matter. None of that matters to them. What matters to them is upholding White supremacy by any means necessary. If that means they remain poor, don’t have healthcare, don’t have clean drinking water, that is just fine with them. You are never going to win that group of people over. Stop catering to them.
  5. Stop Treating Black People Like The Side Chick. You got this thing twisted. We ain’t the side chick. We are the main chick. We shouldn’t be an afterthought. We should be aforethought. Yall treat Black people like a 2:00 am booty call, and now you are shocked when we are like, “New phone. Who dis?” Stop taking Black people for granted! Stop using us to get into office and failing to deliver on ANYTHING we have asked for. Those days are over. We understand our worth and value. We will no longer be accepting a cheap tennis bracelet the day after Valentine’s Day. Come correct or don’t come at all! 
  6. Stop Bringing A Proverbial Knife To A Gun Fight. Maya Angelou said it best, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” What have Republicans shown you that you are not believing? Listen to me; there WILL NEVER be some kumbaya moment where we all get together and roast marshmallows in the Rose Garden while we braid each other’s hair and tell ghost stories. Democrats keep trying to have this moment of brotherhood that is not going to happen. How many times must you foolishly accept a Trojan Horse? Believe what Republicans have SHOWN YOU! If you aren’t clear, watch footage from January 6 repeatedly until you get it!
  7. Black People, Particularly Black Women, Do Not Exist To Save You. These election results do not rest at our feet. When it comes to elections and standing on the right side of history, Black people have consistently gotten it right. We stand on the right side of history but listen; Black people were not born to save you! We are not the clean-up folks. Black women are tired of Democrats suckling at our breasts only to forget the taste of the milk that lingers on their breath the minute they are in office. Voting is an EXCHANGE. Black people are TIRED of saving this nation. How many times must y’all use our backs as stepping stones? This is where I am at- I am WILLING to LET IT ALL FALL APART. I know how to survive off ramen noodles. Yall don’t. WAKE UP!
  8. Hire Black People. PERIOD! And pay them EXACTLY what yall would pay White people. Stop calling Black people to “pick their brains” over coffee when you can HIRE THEM ON YOUR TEAM! Stop hiring White people and paying them to show you how to lose. If you want to win, hire Black people that can help run your campaigns. Pay them to be in LEADERSHIP/DECISION MAKING POSITIONS! Hire Black people that are not part of the “My-Daddy-Was-On-Capitol-Hill-And-I-Interned-For-Senator-Who-Gives-A-Damn” coalition. MANY Black people are not part of the political clique, club, and group, but they are intelligent, outspoken, and know what resonates with people!
  9. Use Your Damn Feet. Elections are not won while you sit in a cozy office. You want to win, put some mileage on your shoes. Go in the community, knock on doors, get to know the people. The only time y’all show up in our communities and clap your hands offbeat in our churches is when you need us to vote for you. Any other time we do not see you. Come down off the mountain and dwell among the people.
  10. Listen To What Resonates With The People That Will Vote For You. What matters to the people that will vote for you? What is your agenda? How is your agenda going to impact my life? Are you listening to me? There are issues in this nation that the people who will vote for you care about, yet Democrats continue to speak about other things. If you are not listening to me, why should I vote for you?
  11. Karen Is NOT Your Friend.  KAREN IS THE NECK! Karen is going to plot against you. Karen is a co-conspirator. Karen works with her husband, who is the head, and Karen is the neck. As the character Maria stated in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, “The man is the head, but the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head any way she wants.” Karen’s job is to uphold White supremacy. You are foolish if you believe Karen is going to side with women’s rights. Dangling abortion rights in front of Karen doesn’t matter. In fact, Karen is the one working to take away women’s reproductive rights. Karen cares about being racist. So instead of catering to Karen, you might want to start caring about Black women.
  12. When They Go Low, GO LOWER! I love First Lady Michelle Obama. She is the epitome of grace to me. However, I am not there in my walk. Do I believe there is a time to go high? Yes. Is this it? HELL NO! When you are fighting for your very life, fuck taking the high road. When they go low, GO LOWER!!! This isn’t the time to play nice. As Cersi said in the Game of Thrones, “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”
  13. POWER IS POWER! PERIOD! If you are in power, use it! You have watched the Republicans use their power repeatedly. In Kentucky, I have watched Governor Beshear, a lovely Governor, trying to do the RIGHT thing in a pandemic be stripped of power. The people in the General Assembly didn’t care that he was a nice guy. They had the POWER, and they used it! If you are in a position of POWER, USE IT for the betterment of this nation. Stop seeking permission from Republicans to do your damn job for THE PEOPLE! If you have the opportunity to use your power for good, DO IT, because they damn sure ain’t gonna ask you for permission to fuck over a nation for their gain, when they have the power. 

These are just a few thoughts that came to mind after yesterday’s election results. Will the Democrats listen? Probably not, and we will be here again, listening to the pundits and analysts trying to study things that are glaringly obvious to everyone but them. Democrats wanna keep losing, keep going down this road. Or I dare you to do something different and have the courage to fight for this nation. 

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  1. Yeah, this collection of relentlessly useless people is reminding me why people have become disenchanted with hope to dismantle the dominant narrative. Immature toddlers screaming at each other while doing nothing is helping no one.

  2. It strikes me that this blog post should be sent to every single Democrat legislator in the nation. It is so completely infuriating to see these same misjudgments being made over and over again. Our political leaders are not lacking in intellect or other capabilities and they certainly are not short on resources yet they seem to be completely confounded by what we can all see is patently obvious. I absolutely agree with your analysis of what they are doing wrong and your suggestions as to how to get it right. I am angered by the fact the Democratic leadership and elected officials never seem to listen to the people they are supposed to be representing. How about actually engaging with the people with their boots on the ground, the people who are out there working their butts off in communities, the folks doing incredible things at grass roots level, the actual organizers? How about lifting up their voices and taking heed of their observations and analysis and assimilating their strategies and expanding them from local to state and national level?

  3. I just finished reading “Caste” by Isabel Wilkerson. The portion of the post concerning entrenched racism is exactly what she was saying. According to her, whites aka “the dominant caste”, would fight tooth and nail to maintain their caste privileges over non-whites aka “the subordinate caste” even if it hurt them economically and physically. Racial superiority is everything to them. It goes way beyond mere racism. A lot of the Democratic party leadership is white. They are not really interested in truly engaging with their BIPOC constituents because their caste thinks these people are inherently inferior and do not have any ideas worth listening to (tokenism doesn’t count). The white leadership is only interested in staying in power, just like any white leadership. I am also, like you, Ms. Drake, “WILLING to LET IT ALL FALL APART”. Enough is enough. As the ditty goes:
    “Republicans are red, Democrats are blue, neither one gives a shit about you.”

    • Ditto! I am reaching the point where I as a black woman am tired of being asked to pull white people out of their own shit! I’m quickly developing the attitude of f*ck it and f*ck them, too! Except I might need to get involved to save Poc (ie. black people) who didn’t ask for or create any of this shit!

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