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To Mayor Fischer and Chief Shields…What In The Hell Are You Thinking?

To Mayor Fischer and Chief Shields, 

One day after the anniversary of the death of George Floyd, a murder so horrific I could only watch the video in stages, the LMPD thought it wise to arrest the brother of David McAtee, a Black man that was killed by the National Guard and this city allowed his body to lay outside for over 12 hours. 

On the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, this city decided to let us know that NO CHARGES would be filed in the death of David McAtee. This city also let us know that a White police officer decides she didn’t like the way a Black woman was standing and shot pepper balls at David McAtee’s niece setting off the chain of events that led to his death. No protests were taking place IN the West End that day but that didn’t stop anyone in leadership (and I use that word loosely) or LMPD from going down to the West End to bother Black people. But that’s the modus operandi of the LMPD and the leadership in this city not only allows it but condones it, sanctions it and then colludes with law enforcement to cover up your dirty deeds. It’s the same way leadership colluded with LMPD in an attempt to cover up the murder of #BreonnaTaylor. 

This city MURDERED David McAtee, allowed his body to lay outside for over 12 hours, sent police in riot gear to antagonize people angry that a pillar in their community was murdered, and ONE day after his family learns NO ONE will be charged, you arrest his brother for leading a small march. 

I have one question for you Mayor Fischer and Chief Shields, what in the hell is wrong with you? All of this while UNDER investigation by the Department of Justice. If common sense is common, somehow you two and this city are missing it. The WISE thing to do would have been to let this man and the protestors march with NO ISSUES! They would have marched and went home. But for some reason someone in leadership (again word used loosely) thought it wise to arrest the brother of the man the National Guard killed because LMPD was being cowboy cops down in the West End. Is anyone in leadership thinking? Because if I was in leadership I would have allowed him to march and then go about his business. But y’all don’t know how to do that. Because anytime 2-3 Black people are gathered y’all feel threatened. 

To Mayor Fischer, All this talk about racial healing is nothing but talk. It sounds good but it is an illusion. The level of disappointment I have with you I can hardly express. We deserved better. Breonna Taylor deserved better. David McAtee deserved better.  Black people DESERVED better.

To Chief Shields I told you when you came you might have wanted to stay in Atlanta. I told you good luck because what you are working with is a corrupt police department. Let me tell you something you are Chief in name only. Someone(s) else is running your department. That is why officers can go to Kroger and get it shut down for Derby and you are oblivious. Either step up and into your title or move aside. If this is how you are going to allow your officers to continue to act you should have stayed in Atlanta. You are of no help here if you continue to allow others to run your department. Right now you aren’t in charge. You have a title with no influence because if you are about racial healing, NO ONE in that department is listening to you. Find the person(s) who are running your department and deal with them because right now it’s not you. So either you are going to be different or you are just like them. Pick a side and do something. 

This city has A LOT of work to do and we will not get there this way. I refuse to live in a city where being in my home can get me killed. I refuse to live in a city where how I stand is called aggressive. I refuse to live in a city where it is a crime for being Black. 

Something needs to fundamentally change. And I believe the change needs to start at the top.

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