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F*ck M(B)itch and F*ck His $600

As a writer, I work extremely hard to produce quality content. I have been asked often to monetize my blog, but I believe that I am supposed to simply give it away for this moment in time. Now, make no mistake, because my content is free does not mean that I do not put my heart and soul into every blog. There have only been a few times that I wrote a blog where I was not overly concerned with “rules” of the written language. This would be another one of those times. I am just writing it how I feel it and let the chips fall where they may.

Mitch- It’s-A-Wonderful-Life-Mr.-Potter- McConnell decided after holding the American people hostage he is going to toss Americans a chicken neckbone and give those that have been suffering due to the impact of the coronavirus six hundred dollars. Before you go out and buy any beachfront property, let me explain to you, Mitch-I-Am-Rich-And-Don’t-Give-A-Damn-About-Your-Suffering-McConnell, is not “giving” Americans anything because the people NEED IT. Hell, we needed help in April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November after we received a one-time payment of 1200 dollars. Hell, I know when I can’t pay my rent/mortgage, bills are billing up, I am robbing Peter to pay Paul, $1200 is enough for me to think, “Why haven’t I been vacationing in Singapore in the Shangri-La suite on the 17 floor?” What was I thinking?!

iman shumpert eye roll GIF by VH1

Anyways, Mitch-I-Don’t-Really-Give-A-Damn-McConnell was willing to let AMERICANS suffer. Take note all of ya’ll MAGA, FLAG WAVING, HYPER-PATRIOTIC TO CONCEAL RACISM, CULT 45 people; NOW IS THE TIME TO REALLY SPEAK UP IF YOU LOVE AMERICA SO MUCH! But we all know that patriotic-I -go-to-bed-caressing-the-Constitution-bullshit was REALLY a cover for “I hate Black people.” So that’s why you don’t care. Economy, my ass. It was always RACISM. Yall WILL SUFFER TO YOUR OWN DEATH JUST SO THAT BLACK PEOPLE DON’T RISE. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT WORKING OUT FOR YOU NOW? I TOLD YOU SO! Your Whiteness will not save you!! But you didn’t want to believe me and many others, and now you see! How is that Whiteness working out for you during the great CORONAVIRUS EQUALIZER?

Now there is a run-off election in Georgia where Mitch-Let-Them-Eat-Cake McConnell is slightly worried about losing his power because many in America, Black people, People of Color, and many White people. ARE SICK OF THIS SHIT! And so he thought, let me toss the American people some crumbs. FUCK… MITCHS’S… CRUMBS! The American people have SUFFERED! Over 300,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus. We have watched our loved ones suffer from sickness. Too many people have gone on too soon. We have said our final goodbyes through I-pads and smartphones. We have wondered if our health insurance would cover a BASIC FUCKING TEST TO FIND OUT IF WE HAVE THE VIRUS!! We have stood in food lines to get food to feed our families. In Mitch’s OWN STATE we ran out out of food to provide to those in need. We have fought to keep our lights on. We have been evicted. Entire industries have been shut down! Restaurants we love have closed! HOW THE FUCK IS THIS MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?!!! SHOW US!
AND MITCH-I-PLAY-THE-FIDDLE-WHILE-ROME-BURNS-MCCONNELL wants to give us $600. I am hardly impressed.

IS THAT WHAT OUR SUFFERING IS WORTH? Is that what the fear of not being about to pay rent next month is worth? Is that what saying goodbye to your mother, father, son, daughter, loved one over an Ipad is worth? MY GOD! Aren’t we worth more? Have we not kept up our end of the bargain? We went to work. We paid our taxes. We tried to do the RIGHT thing in the HOPES that should we ever need to call on our government, they would respond. AND THE FEW TIMES American citizens have collectively called on the government for help; the government said here is $600 and a coupon for ½ off at Dairy Queen. WHAT THE FUCK?!

And don’t be fooled thinking this is just about Mitch-My-Wife-Is-Rich-Why-Should-I-Care-About-You-McConell. Wrong! Jim-I-Look-The_Other-Way-While-People-Are-Sexually-Assaulted-Jordan thought he would post this:

Those who are EMPLOYED BY THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER THINK IT IS JUST THAT EASY! They think it’s that simple! Why didn’t we ever think of this, Jim? You mean a JOB would fix it? WOW! Let me go out and get a job in the middle of a fucking pandemic! As if all the people that have found themselves in the UNEMPLOYMENT line don’t want to work! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! The American people would LOVE to be working! But the machine has stopped. The people driving the machine on the bottom, working to sustain the rich, has come to a halt, and they do not know how to act. What will they do if everyday people are not working to maintain their lifestyle?

Covid has robbed us of many things, but one thing Covid has done is shone a massive spotlight on the bullshit politicians in DC. We deserved better. We DESERVED better than Mitch-I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck-McConnell tossing the American people scraps and telling us to make it.

FUCK MITCH! And fuck his $600.

In America, the hardworking people are worth more than Mitch-I-Am-Rich-And-A-Bitch-McConnell, tossing us $600 after he fucked America. If Mitch is going to fuck us, KNOW we are worth much more for our services.

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  1. Whites hate us more than they love their own hide, hence why they continue to vote so that this piece of shit stays in office. They could have voted him out, but they chose not to. That speaks volumes. Hate ‘trumps’ EVERYTHING! I only feel sorry for ADOS, and ADOS only.

  2. This is correct, and you should say it!

    Someone wrote this quote at least a couple of decades ago:

    White Americans will be content to live with their entire family, in a cardboard box, under a bridge, roasting sparrows on a pole, as long as they can insure that the blacks, gays, immigrants, and others they consider beneath them, have neither sparrows, nor poles to cook them on…

    And in the book, Dying of Whiteness, the author tells the story of one very sick, white man, who was so wrapped up in his hatred of black people, that he was willing to die, because he didn’t want his tax dollars paying for “those people” to get Obamacare. Now this man was unemployed with a bunch of co-morbidities, no college education, hadn’t worked on years due to his sickness, so he didn’t pay taxes. But that’s what he told the interviewer. He, of course, died.

    There are some very surprised white people dying today because they didn’t believe in the coronavirus, something they’re able to do because they don’t think it’s anything that affects them, just as long as those other, less deserving, people get the disease.

    I’m really striving to hold onto what little compassion I have for humanity, because for me compassion (not love) is what keeps me grounded, human, and completely unlike them. People like that will drag everyone into the same pit they’re living in, and I will be kicking and screaming not to fall in their with them.

  3. It needed saying, Hannah. So much to be outraged about.

    What about Mitch-I’d rather-states-declare-bankruptcy-than provide-relief-McConnell?

    And Mitch-I won’t-meet-with-Merrick-Garland-but-we’ll-fill-a-SCOTUS-seat-in-2020-McConnell

    And voter-suppressing, election security-rejecting Mitch-because-I-get-to-decide what-we-vote-on-McConnell

    Excuse me, I need to finish writing my postcards to Georgia voters.

  4. WHEW! I feel all of this so strongly. I saw that tweet about a job being the best stimulus and I had to laugh and really pause my whole life in that moment. I legitimately cannot imagine waking up every day to be this wicked.

  5. Well worth saying, Hannah!

    And how about Mitch-I won’t-meet-with-Merrick-Garland-but-I’ll-fill-the-2020-SCOTUS-seat-McConnell?

    Or when legislation that included automatic voter registration never made it to the Senate floor because Mitch-Because-I-get-to-decide-what-we-vote-on-McConnell blocked it?

    And now there’s Mitch-Let’s-bundle-that-$2000-stimulus-with-shit-that-will-never-pass-McConnell?

    And notice how he bundled a study of the 2020 election (which Trump wanted) into the $2K stimulus, foiling both Democrats and Trump. Brilliant. All this tells me he’s the most powerful person on the Hill. He keeps the country’s minority in charge.

    Hugs, Karen

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