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This Genie Is Not Going Back In The Bottle

We are just a few hours away from what many believe is one of the biggest Election’s Day we have seen since the election of President Barack Obama. For the past four years, we have watched as our nation has drawn clear lines in the sand regarding hatred and racism. Trump was clear with his intentions for this nation when he stated his 2016 Presidential slogan, “Make America Great Again.” There is no time in America’s history that it was great for everyone, but there was a time in history that it was great for White people. His racist rhetoric and policies have shown us exactly what Trump means when he uses the word “again.” In his 2020 slogan, Keep America Great, it is clear that his actions and message has not and will not change. Trump’s message is one that has resonated with many people who follow him blindly, wear a red hat, and feel they can be blatantly racist with little to no consequences.

Trump’s racism and failure to lead this country during a pandemic may be the nails in his presidential coffin. Many people are frustrated with the direction of this nation, believing that America can be better. They hope that when Joe Biden gets into office, life can get back to “normal.” I want to be clear; there is no going back to normal. 

Many people believe that we will no longer have to worry about racism if Joe Biden is elected. However, Trump did not invent racism. Racism is sewn into the very fabric of this nation. Racism did not start when Trump was elected; Trump simply used racism to his advantage. Trump tapped into what he already knew existed in America. When Trump states, “The “suburban housewife” will be voting for me. They want safety & are thrilled that I ended the long-running program where low-income housing would invade their neighborhood,” it is clear he is speaking to White women. His comments suggest that White women will vote for him because he keeps Black people out of their neighborhoods. Trump uses numerous dog whistles to alert White people that he is working for them and will continue instituting policies that uphold racism. For those that support Trump, that is all they need to know in order to vote for him.

Donald Trump has unleashed something in America that will not easily be contained. This genie is not going back in the bottle. The Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED) and MilitiaWatch, determined Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Oregon to be at high risk for increased militia activity leading up to and following the election

Should Joe Biden win the Presidential Election, Trump and his followers will not go off quietly into the night. Our work doesn’t get any easier. Our fight for justice doesn’t end. Racism doesn’t care about elections. It persists, and so must we. 

 Remember, you do not resist your way back to comfort; you resist your way to change. 

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  1. This! ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾
    I’ve been telling people that as far as what I’m going to do after the election, it’s what I was always going to do, which is continue to fight to make this country better than it is, and to hold those people who want to destroy it altogether, accountable. I’m going to do what I always do every election, go to bed, get rested, and get back to work the next day.

  2. You are always inspiring. I love the way people are crazily acting as if the election is some magical unicorn fairy that’s going to erase their nonsense. No one is confused, and that “landslide” was a lie, just like most of what we’ve heard for decades.

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