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Dear Kamala or Susan…They Will Call You Loud.

Dear Kamala or Susan,
They will call you aggressive.
They will mock your body shape.
They will say you are cold.
They will say you are unfriendly.
They will send you hate mail.
They will say you are mean.
They will demand you fix everything wrong in this nation that they have broken, messed up, and ruined.
They will expect you to be the clean-up woman.
They will make you the fall person for every failed initiative.
They will call you angry.
They will pick apart your style of clothes.
They will criticize the music you listen to.
They will make your hair a National debate.
They will demand you smile when all you want to do is cry.
They will challenge your history.
They will make racist caricatures of your image.
They will call into question your Blackness.
They will call you “strong” overlooking your humanity.
They will call your vulnerability, weakness.
They will tell you that you are too loud.
They will overlook you and defer to a White man.
They will pretend that you are not in the room.
They will treat you like the help.
They will demand you use the proverbial backdoor.
They will ask to speak to the man in charge.
They will say you make everything about race.
They will say you aren’t ready; you aren’t educated enough.
They will boldly call you n*gger.

But you know this already because what they really mean when they say all of this, is that you are Black. You are Black Women in America. You know the narrative.

So be loud.
Be bold.
Be unapologetic.
Be Women.
Be Black Women!
With no explanations needed.

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