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White People Have Been HOME For 3 Weeks – “Oh The Oppression.”

In a stunning display of 2020 Civil Rights, gatherings of White people found themselves at the Kentucky Capitol to protest Governor Andy Beshear shutting the state down (you know so we can live) in light of the Coronavirus. While the first known case of the Coronavirus in the United States was January 20, 2020, it was not until about mid-March that many states started taking measures to shut down non-essential businesses. Kentucky residents were asked to stay home unless it was to go to work, the pharmacy, or grocery store. Governor Beshear also requested that residents do not gather in large groups, but clearly, the protestors missed that memo as they gathered today in a hot cesspool of COVID-19. If their attempt was to disrupt Governor Andy Beshear’s daily briefing, he didn’t appear to be bothered.


As the unofficial Anger Translator for Governor Beshear, let me tell you something when you have to stand as the Governor and report on the number of deaths of Kentucky residents, all that other shit goes right out the window. This man has to stand and speak about people DYING. The last thing on his mind is a group of people that want to open Kentucky to sell stuff to NO ONE. If they felt this was all a hoax or whatever they believe, why stand six feet apart? Why did some have on masks? The very people that were outside protesting today will be the VERY SAME people being reported on in a few weeks.


Look, no one LIKES this! However, we understand while it may be challenging to stay at home, it is something that we MUST do for our health and the health of others. This is a DEADLY virus, and you would THINK most people would be able to comprehend that. How many deaths does the Governor need to report before those protesting in Kentucky understand this is NOT A GAME?!! Some people just have to see that fat meat is greasy!

Groups of White people descended on the Capitol to protest. And look, I am ALL for people being able to protest, but I just find it funny that White people were FINALLY told they could not do something and they are BIG MAD! They have sat at home for a little over three weeks, and all of a sudden, they are soooooo oppressed and can’t stand it demanding the Governor open up the state in the MIDDLE OF A DAMN PANDEMIC! MAKE IT MAKE SENSE? Even if they DID open up whatever shop they have or whatever, WHO IS COMING TO IT TO PURCHASE ANYTHING?! Most people in Kentucky UNDERSTAND why the state is shut down.

On another note, all I can think about is ALLLLL the times’ Black people protested, and we were told, “Stop protesting.” “Maybe we need to study that.” “Why are yall so angry?” “We don’t know all the facts.” “Why don’t they just listen to authority.”

Remember all that talk?

White people were “oppressed” for a little over three weeks. For THREE WEEKS, they have been home, with many of them sipping wine, watching Netflix, hanging out on Instagram, learning Tik Tok dances, and having Zoom Happy Hour. They can attend church services online, order takeout, and enjoy an evening at home alone or with their families. If that’s oppression, well sign me up!

And look, I am not knocking the protestors…go ahead and protest. Exercise your rights. But DON’T EVER ASK ME WHY ARE BLACK PEOPLE PROTESTING. You protested after three weeks of being at home, many in comfort and convenience. Black people are protesting hundreds of YEARS of REAL oppression. Years of slavery, terror lynchings, Jim Crow laws, and the killing of unarmed Black people by law enforcement. Black people have been protesting unfair wages, voter suppression, redlining, lack of access to healthcare, and systems designed to harm us. Even with this virus, we SEE who it is impacting the most. So many things that we were protesting were to PREVENT the very things that are contributing to this virus disproportionately killing Black people.

But yall didn’t care about that.
Not at all.
We were just supposed to get “over it.”

You consider yourself oppressed for three weeks. Imagine 400 years, and the NEXT time you want to ask Black people why we are protesting perhaps join us or kindly shut the fuck up.

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  1. I wonder if the governor knows that he has an “Unofficial Anger Translator?” I remember Key & Peele doing those skits when President Obama was in office. They were hilarious! Hannah, you’re doing an awesome job in the translation! 👍👍

  2. They say they want to go got work-there are places hiring. Plus, i am sure food banks are needing help too. Get to work.-Lowe’s is hiring.

  3. I am all for our Andy Griffith style smooth talking corporate lawyer doing well in these times of panic, however … and that is a big however. Do some reaserch on his wiki and it is easy to see that our man of the hour is well connected and has ties to some very old money. The Speed Family and The Browns and UofL … so be his anger translator for now, I think it’s funny. But I suspect soon that anger will turn to real disgust when his business style democratic wolf fur starts peeking through his fancy wool peacoat politics he is wearing now.

  4. I’m normally a fairly chill person but that orange buttstain in the WH, and his mindless followers, have definitely worked my last damn nerve. No offense to those white people who are being chill and handling all of this with grace and humor, but I have finally reached the point where I wish every single one of those protestors, and those like them were Raptured the f*ck out of here already!

    I’m not a religious person, at all, but this is what they’ve driven me to thinking, cuz I just know these times and people, must be a test of everyone’s character. They’re at the very least examples of how NOT to human!

  5. I just love how honest and straight up you are in your posts. Not only is the content really interesting and thought-provoking (and usually topics I agree with) but I love that I can always sense your emotions through the way you write too!

  6. Thanks for this great piece. I’ve now started commenting that, There may be some collateral damage but this is a good way to purge the ignorant from the populace.

  7. While they are so hot to open back up everything, what if my household is asymptomatic…we look and feel great, but there have been recent instances where folks have been tested and a big percentage of them are asymptomatic. That’s what scares me about being too quick to open up things. Until they are testing folks on a greater scale, issa no for me. I’ve been broke before and have survived that, but ain’t no coming back from death!

    • I agree. Quite frankly back in December I think my daughter had it. She was REALLY sick. Said it felt horrible to even touch her skin. She went to the doctor and they just prescribed over the counter stuff. I think many of us had this and didn’t know. We are now just walking around hopefully okay. They can open anything they want. I’m sitting my ass at home.

  8. It’s the same reason white people take umbrage over social consequences of saying the ‘n’ word. We can’t stand someone else making the rules, and we can’t stand being excluded.

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