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Dear White People, The Bell Is Tolling For You! 

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

People love to post this quote by Martin Niemöller when shit hits the fan in America, and with the acquittal of Donald Trump, shit has hit the fan. While I understand the sentiment of Niemoller’s words, I always say; First, they came for Black people, and the world said, “Who cares?” 

This world has NEVER listened to Black people even while we are screaming! Black people REPEATEDLY tried to tell you BEFORE this RACIST was in office. But noooo you didn’t want to listen to us, a people that have COLLECTIVELY ALWAYS gotten it right. Black people are the moral compass of the world! If Black people are WARNING YOU, LISTEN!!!

This racist fool gets into office, and y’all want to knit pink hats, and make cute signs with Instagrammbale slogans and take pictures and selfies and share hashtags and show that you are part of the resistance and it is so cute to be a part of something. You have your Black friend that knows all the latest slang, and you weave words like yassssss, intersectionality, inclusion and diversity in between ordering your avocado toast on multigrain bread with your almond milk latte. You really think you are doing something. You aren’t. You have effectively PLAYED THE PART of someone that gives a damn about justice because it is TRENDY to be “down with the Blacks and Browns and Resistance.” And you have done NOTHING outside of creating an illusion of giving a damn, and those in power know that you are more committed to tweeting the illusion than truly doing ANYTHING about dismantling systems that ultimately benefit you.  

And now, here we are.

My social media feed is in an uproar, talking about the fall of America. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? This nation never fully stood when it stands on the backs of Black and Indigenous people as its foundation.

What is funny is that White people STILL believe after today, they are safe. White people still believe they will be okay. Let me be CLEAR; even if you are White, you are NOT on ANY LEVEL WITH THE MEN AND WOMEN PLAYING THIS GAME! You think this is like the game Monopoly. You are happy because you are on Boardwalk, not understanding RICH, RACIST WHITE MEN CREATED AND OWN THE BOARD! Do not be fooled. You believe these chickens won’t come clucking at your door, but chickens always come home to roost. Please make no mistake about it.

White America (because COLLECTIVELY Black people ain’t in this shit we just have to deal with the fallout of your shit), IS RESPONSIBLE for placing Trump in office and allowing Trump to remain in office. This acquittal wasn’t a vote for Trump. This acquittal was a vote to uphold White Supremacy. If you believe it is about ANYTHING ELSE, CHECK YOURSELF! I don’t even think you understand what is coming down the pike. Oh, but trust me, you will.

Don’t come to me or any Black person with your tears. Don’t tell me anything about disgracing the Constitution. Don’t say one word about how unfair this acquittal is.  

It was unfair for Martin Luther King to die on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel.

It was unfair that women were given the right to vote, yet many White women supported denying that SAME RIGHT to Black women. (Knit a hat about that.)

It was unfair that Black people couldn’t sit anywhere on the bus.

It was unfair for Africans to be brought to this country in chains.

It was unfair for Indigenous People to have their land stolen.

It was unfair for Black people to pick cotton from sun up to sun down with no pay.

It was unfair for Black women to be raped by an officer, and no one paid attention.

It was unfair for Aiyana Stanley-Jones to be shot by police while sleeping on the couch.

It was unfair for Eric Garner to be placed in a chokehold and die for selling loose cigarettes.

It was unfair for Sandra Bland to die on a jailhouse floor.

It is unfair for Black students to be suspended more than any other race in this nation.

It is unfair for Black men and women to be incarcerated more than any other race in this nation.

It is unfair that the Central Park Five spent time in prison for a crime they didn’t commit.

It is unfair for Black women to die in childbirth because the medical community doesn’t honor us as human beings.

It is unfair for Trayvon Martin’s mom to celebrate his birthday while he is lying in a casket.

It is unfair for Black people to need clean water in Flint still.

It was unfair for Botham Jean to die in his home for no reason.





RACISM AND INJUSTICE HAVE BEEN GOING ON ALL AROUND YOU!! (Sorry racism inconvenienced your brunch hour.) And make no mistake, TRUMP DIDN’T INVENT RACISM. HE SIMPLY USED RACISM FOR HIS BENEFIT. And Trump KNEW he could use racism because he knows the HEART OF THIS NATION! Racism prevails because racism is what this nation knows, believes in, and supports.

So, don’t cry to me. Don’t weep to ANY BLACK PERSON! We have already shed our tears throughout history, and they were met with deaf ears.


I turn this issue to YOU!


Please don’t ask us what we are going to do. Ask YOURSELF WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

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  1. The heart of the problem comes down to immaturity versus maturity.
    If America was mature they would easily have rejected Donald Trump and the White Supremacist movement because it is based on immaturity.
    How do you own a land that was first stolen from the Native American. Then the Africans cultivated and worked it for free.
    And, you treat those from whom you stole and mistreated like they are less than animals.
    How can I say less than, all the animals in the zoo that are in cages have never been raped as much as the Native American, and African women.
    This disrespect was never shown to all the animals except in occasion a sheep, or a goat. And, they have never been raped more than Native American and African woman on this North American Continent.
    If you didn’t rape anyone, you stood by and did nothing about it.
    What mature parent would watch, and idolly stand by and watch children( theirs or anyone else’s)rape other children.
    A mature adult would stop it immediately.
    It’s time for us to match the age of existence of this nation with us becoming equally mature.
    The main reason white supremacy exist is due to IMMATURITY PERIOD!!!
    Drinking coffee, and buying all the guns your home can hold won’t invoke maturity.
    Going to church and praying, yet watching others to be mistreated won’t start maturity to begin.
    Facing the truth head on, eyes wide open, and hearts ready to become larger than the fear that lingers in our minds will allow maturity to stand front and center where it truly belongs.
    It’s time to stop putting candles on cakes to indicate how mature we claim to be, and let the wisdom that is supposed to come with our age show in how we start living right, doing right, and no longer tolerating what we know is unjust, inhuman, and IMMATURE!!!

  2. Speak the breath of truth
    From middle passage to WWII to current 45 issues. We have to clean up the mess they’ve made.

  3. What I’ve read on this issue is for the brave, not the fearful black person. Many have gotten to the place where it doesn’t make a difference anymore. Because they’re afraid to speak out and up. Just like that black senator who stood up for Trump. There are blacks men and women, who voted for Trump, and will again. It’s those people that fully discuss the hell out of me. Stupidity, along with incompetence will always ends in chaos. So, save your words my sister or brother.
    The white peoples won’t fully understand what you’re talking about until they see the Russians walking straight down Pennsylvania Avenue.

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