Kentucky, It’s Time For A Movement

“Remember, Remember The Fifth of November.”  For me, it is a day that will go down in history as Kentucky stood together and said, “Enough!” On Tuesday, November 5, 2019, Kentucky spoke loud and clear, voting Matt Bevin out of the office of governor. I cannot express to you in mere words the joy I felt knowing that this man who was hellbent on destroying this state was finally being told to pack his bags and get out of town. I was so proud of Kentuckians, both near to me in Louisville, those in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and those in places West and South that used their vote to say, “We have had enough. We are literally sick and tired and we are sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Even a visit from Donald Trump couldn’t save Matt Bevin. I was so proud of my state. I felt like we got it. That we understood that many of us in this state desire the same basic things and try as they might to make us think that we should hate each other due to our differences, collectively we stood together and said, “No more!”

It is with that same solidarity that I pray come 2020, we will stand together and tell Mitch McConnell, “Enough!”

Mitch McConnell has been in office longer than Methuselah’s cat, and KENTUCKY IS TIRED. 

We are tired of working two jobs just to be broke.

We are tired of watching our loved ones’ overdose from opioids.

We are tired of being sick and wondering if we can afford our medication.

We are tired of blatant racist attacks.

We are tired of coal miners not being paid for an honest day’s work.

Blackjewel protest

We are tired of communities not having clean drinking water.

We are tired of rural communities not having access to the internet.

We are tired of job creation, only being yet another prison in a rural town.

We are tired of being labeled the 6th least educated state.

We are tired of being ranked the 44th state when it comes to healthcare.

We are tired of being ranked the 40th best state to live.

How long must we as Kentucky residents dwell near the bottom while Mitch continues to reap all the benefits of being at the top? Mitch McConnell has been in the senate seat for 35 years. Thirty-Five Years. Like Janet Jackson, so eloquently declared, “What have you done for me lately?”

When Mitch McConnell was elected into office, the Sony Discman D-50 emerged.

The Apple Macintosh was invented.

Microsoft Windows debuted in 1985. 

The disposable camera made its way on the scene in 1987. 

The Nintendo Gameboy appeared in 1989.

These are all relics of a time when this nation was making progress towards something better, faster, and more efficient. Why do we “update” technology, but don’t believe we need to update our senators? It is BEYOND TIME FOR MITCH TO MOVE AND MAKE WAY FOR THE MOVEMENT! 

That Movement is Kentucky Democratic State Representative Charles Booker, who has announced his exploratory committee for a potential run for U.S. Senate challenging Mitch McConnell.


I’ve been waiting, holding my breath wondering if Charles Booker was going to take a stand. And he did.

This is one of the most moving campaign videos I have ever seen.

It is time out for lackluster candidates. It is game over for candidates that want to play both sides of the fence with no clear agenda. Either you stand for ALL of Kentucky, or you don’t. Lukewarm campaigns don’t win elections. The people of Kentucky need someone that is on fire! Someone that ISN’T AFRAID! Someone that DARES TO SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER! Someone that has been in the trenches and can stand with coal miners. Someone that understands how it feels to bury a loved one too soon. Someone that understands the struggle of deciding to pay for your insulin or pay your light bill. Someone that can relate to ALL of KENTUCKY, not just some of Kentucky.

IT IS TIME FOR A MOVEMENT! Will this be easy? Of course not! Charles Booker is standing against one of the most powerful men in politics! Yet, we are not fooled or weakened by the fight. We understand attacks will come. We understand they will say he is too young. But lest we forget, young people have changed the very course of this nation! We understand it will be an uphill battle, but we believe fighting for the generations that will come in this state and country is WORTH IT!!


It is time for Kentucky to stand together again and say, “Enough.”

It is time for Kentucky to say, “Not on my watch.”

It is time for Kentucky to say, “We respect teachers.”

It is time for Kentucky to say, “Racism will not prevail here.”

It is time for Kentucky to say, “We are finished. We have tried Mitch for over THIRTY YEARS! Now is the time to TRY SOMETHING NEW!”


To donate to Charles Booker’s exploratory committee and be part of a movement please click here.

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  1. I’ve hovered in/around the Kentucky area a few times, and its some gorgeous looking country. I especially love the mountains. If things were not so bad there, that would be my first place to move. but the way things are there now….

    • Right. How long must our state be this way? Always dwelling near the bottom. Always reflected poorly in the media? Mitch is just living his rich life and not concerned about us here that are impacted. We can be better than this!

  2. Watched video and followed him on Twitter. I’d been rooting for Amy McGrath (from afar — Mass) but I think Booker is much more charismatic. McConnell HAS to go. Very strong in your post to mention what was being invented early in his career.

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