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Black Women Do Not Owe This World S#!t.


Once again, Black Women are being tasked to save the country. You would have to be hiding underneath a rock not to notice the brilliance of Stacey Abrams. It seems everywhere you turn this nation is speaking about her brilliance. But here is the thing, Stacey Abrams was brilliant BEFORE this nation so desperately needed her. She was brilliant when Georgia’s gubernatorial election was STOLEN from her. She was brilliant as a community organizer. Stacey Abrams is brilliant because she is Black Excellence.

But in typical fashion, this nation didn’t notice her brilliance until they NEEDED HER FOR SOMETHING! Which is typical when it comes to Black Women. White America overlooks Black women until White America NEEDS something. And after they get it, rest assured, Black women will be discarded yet again.

Black women are overlooked and regulated to the back burner until White America says, “Look, White People, it’s a bird, it’s a plane. No! It’s a Black Woman coming to save us!”

Let me be clear…Black Women Do Not Owe This World Shit!


It takes a lot of White audacity even to ask a Black woman to step up and save this nation. This nation that enslaved Black woman. This nation that raped Black women. This nation that committed medical malpractice against Black women. This nation that mutilated Black women. This nation that murdered our husbands. This nation that kills our children with impunity. This nation that co-opts anything a Black woman does and pawns it off as their own. This nation that ridicules Black women. This nation that mocks our appearance. This nation that despises our hair. This nation that called us “crack mommas” and didn’t give a damn about giving us treatment. This nation that labels us, “The Angry Black Woman” for having the nerve to have feelings. This nation that refuses to pay Black women our worth. This nation that incarcerates Black women at an alarming rate. This nation that overlooks the medical needs of Black women. This nation that continuously turns its back on Black women.

And still, this nation has the unmitigated gall, the White audacity to ask Black women to save it from itself. Right after spitting in our faces election after election.

Not today! And tomorrow aint looking good either!

Black women have paid our dues in blood.

Black women are tired of cleaning up your messes!

Black women will no longer let you suck at the bosom of our brilliance.

Black women are not this nation’s mammy. Our titties are tired!

If you want to save this nation, take a long hard look in the mirror. Do not ask us to save you.


Stop asking Black women to swoop in and save this nation. Black women only make this look easy. We are tired. Overworked. Underpaid and highly disrespected. This world treats Black Women like an ATM always coming to us for withdrawals and very rarely if ever depositing anything of any value back into who we are. We aren’t playing wetnurse because of mistakes y’all made. Here is a thought, support Black Women doing whatever the hell Black Women want to do and in turn that will bless this nation. That’s the part this nation fails to see; when Black women rise, EVERYONE rises!

But that’s too radical of a thought, huh?

Feature Photo Credit: Clarke Sanders

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  1. She is a true trailblazer and our election was definitely stolen from her she was in the lead as a black woman and Democrat and this white bible belt state wasn’t going to let her win. She is an amazing woman and a needed voice but its not her responsibility to help a white man who didn’t endorse her, win.

  2. I love your post because of how real you keep it and you’re not afraid to speak your mind. Can you please read my new blog why do I post the picture? I would love to hear your feedback on it

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