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Dear White Women, It’s Not About You.

 In ‘today’s “woke” climate, everyone is fighting to show the world that they are socially aware. Gone are the convenient days of saying, “My best friend is Black.” Now, White women must use buzzwords like intersectionality, diversity, and inclusion to show Black women and Women of Color that they are down for the cause, they understand our oppression, and they stand with us in the fight.

Many celebrities understand in this socially connected and aware world that merely being a movie star is no longer enough. Nowadays, society requires that celebrities stand up and speak out, using their influence, prestige, and wealth to impact injustice.
Over the past weekend, many celebrities did speak up as this nation was once again reminded just how deep the roots of racism and hate go when mass shootings took place hours apart in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Dozens of innocent people were murdered and many others injured as 2 White men hunted them like prey. In El Paso, the 21-year-old murderer, Patrick Crusius, wrote a manifesto filled with hate and racism towards immigrants that often echoed the sentiments spoken by Donald Trump. And the nation pretended to be surprised by the fact that words matter and the President of the United States is a racist that stokes the fires of hate through his racist rhetoric. Black people and People of Color have said this repeatedly only this time there has been just enough bloodshed that the nation is paying attention. How much more blood needs to spill before this nation comes to grips with the fact that indeed they voted for and put a racist into the highest office in the land?

This new level of surprise is impressive when the reality is what the reality is. Donald Trump did not waltz into The Oval; many people helped place him there. Fifty-three percent of White women that voted, voted for Donald Trump, helping to secure his position of power. And now here we are today as this nation is screaming, and White women are surprised.  Let’s be clear, Donald Trump never hid who he was as a person, and White women were okay with that. However, the problem with being okay with “a little bit of racism,” is that there are no levels of racism. Being a “little racist” is like being a little pregnant. You either are, or you are not.
So now that this nation is realizing what Black people have tried to tell you everyone wants to step forward and make a statement to prove they are “woke.”  Perhaps that is what Rosanna Arquette thought when she took to Twitter to state, “‘I’m sorry I was born White and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame.”

Twitter Screenshot
Really, Rosanna? Being born White and privileged disgusts you? You feel so much shame? Really?
And you think that tweet does what? Endear Black women to you? Make us say, “Awwwww?” Should we all break out our tissues and console you? Should we offer you a cookie? Should we say, “Look how “woke,” Rosanna is?”

What did Rosanna think she was going to accomplish with that tweet?

White Women if you want to help Black women do not be like Rosanna. Rosanna comment is self-serving, which is often what White Feminism is all about. It seeks not to put the attention on Black women and Women of Color but always aims to put the focus on White women. Rosanna’s tweet makes her feel better in the moment, and people can tell her, “Oh Rosanna we love you and appreciate you, and you are doing your best. Here, why don’t try one of these chocolate chip I-am-not-a-racist-cookies I made.” White Feminism always needs a participation trophy.

No one on this earth faults Rosanna or ANY White person for being White, having privilege and wealth. NO ONE! But she KNOWS that, but somehow she had to find a way to make it about her.
Take yourself OUT OF THE CENTER WHITE WOMEN! It is okay to stand with Black people, to understand injustice and NOT MAKE IT ABOUT YOU! It isn’t about your “sadness” because you are White and privileged. What Black women have always asked is how are you using your privilege to help others that are not privileged? How are you using your influence to impact others? How are you using your wealth to support people that fight for justice? How are you using your voice to advocate on behalf of women who will NEVER be in the rooms you are in, who will NEVER be invited to the table? How are you doing that?

Making some self-serving, woe is me for being White, tweet that is dripping in White Feminism does absolutely nothing! It does nothing because you get to go back to your home and your wealth and your privilege while Black women and Women of Color are still fighting for justice all while burying our loved ones that were taken far too soon through acts of hate fueled by racism. But sure, let us pause in our pain and our anguish to wipe away your tears because you are sad that you are White and privileged. 



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  1. Thank you again, and again, and again, Hannah! And I do not have the right to do my own work in front of you. Thank you.

  2. This post is so powerful – Thank you. Thank you for putting in words so astutely what many (including I) have struggled to verbalise when on the spot and trying to highlight this. Keep doing what you are doing! It’s great!

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