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Many White People Really Aren’t Afraid of Black People They Are Just Racist

In yet another episode of White People Really Aren’t Afraid of Black People They Are Just Racist meet Becky, Karen, Becky.

Becky thought she was going to win Selfie of Year when she took her dumb ass over the barrier at the Wildlife World Zoo to take a picture with a jaguar. You know a jaguar the animal, not the car. A jaguar, the third-largest living feline species, after the tiger and lion. According to reports, the jaguar’s jaws are so powerful and its teeth so sharp, it usually kills its prey with one crushing bite to the skull. And Becky McBeckster thought it wise to climb over a barrier to take a damn selfie with Jake the Jaguar. And Jake said, “Bitch, not today! My name ain’t Simba. I will Circle of Life yo’ ass up in here!”

Thanks, be to God, Becky McBeckster is still alive to tell the story. Her dumbass got the selfie she wanted only it shows her on the ground crying with a gaping wound on her arm.

Look let me pause and say, I don’t like for anyone to be hurt, but she bought that lesson. In typical Becky fashion, she thought the rules didn’t apply to her ass. She gon learn today!

When things like this happen I always think, White people will call 911 on Black people for walking down the sidewalk, gardening, riding a bike, shopping, barbecuing, talking, breathing, existing but have NO PROBLEM whatsoever taking a selfie with a jaguar.

This was yet another reminder for me that many White people REALLY are not afraid of Black people; they are just racist.

White people will:

  1. Take a selfie with a jaguar
  2. Swim with sharks
  3. Have a wolf as a pet
  4. Hang out with bears
  5. Wrestle alligators
  6. Drink the venom from a poisonous snake
  7. Free jump off buildings
  8. Eat undercooked and unseasoned chicken

Yet somehow when they encounter a Black person minding their OWN DAMN BUSINESS, they are “in fear for their lives.”

We don’t believe you.

Nah Becky & Chad, y’all ain’t afraid of Black people. Y’all are just racist.


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    • Nah. I’m smart enough not to try to take a selfie with a jaguar. Don’t check me, check your friends.

  1. You realize white people’s ability to determine danger has been eroded by decades of being told to be scared of the wrong damn things? I would no more look to a white person to determine if something was actually dangerous than I would a park bench.

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