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The BIGGEST LIE White Men have pulled on the WORLD is Pretending EVERYONE ELSE IS THE ENEMY.

With just a few days before the November 6, 2018 election Hitler Squared Donald Trump is revving up the racism to ensure that his cult, idiots, followers, supporters will go out and vote for more racists. There is no better way to do that than to stoke the ridiculous xenophobic fears and purport that all Mexicans, Blacks, and Muslims are roaming the countryside eating the flesh and bones of White people. We are like a multi-cultural caravan of human locusts consuming everything in our wake, offering a blood sacrifice of White flesh to the moon gods every night. While anyone with just 1% of common sense knows what I just wrote is hyperbole and STUPID, many Trump followers will read that and say, “See I told you. They want to eat the flesh off our bodies.” This lie would be easy for Mussolini Donald Trump to project except for a few tiny details that derailed his plan. Over the course of just a few days, White men have committed heinous acts of domestic terrorism in our homeland.

In Kentucky, Vickie Jones and Maurice Stallard were murdered as they shopped at a Kroger grocery store. Both Jones and Stallard were Black, killed in cold blood by Gregory Bush, a man that called his ex-wife a “n*gger bitch” and touted his hatred for Black men. Before Bush murdered Stallard and Jones, he attempted to enter First Baptist Church of Jeffersontown, a historic African American church. The doors of the church were locked, so Bush proceeded to Kroger where he shot Maurice Stallard in the back of his head as he shopped for poster board with his 12-year-old grandson. He then  fled the store, smirking as he shot Vickie Jones in the parking lot. When confronted in the parking lot by a Dominiic Rozier, a Black man who had his weapon and a concealed carry permit, gunfire was exchanged. Rozier presumably stopped Bush from murdering more Black people in the parking lot due to shooting at him. As Bush was fleeing, he was also confronted by a White man with a gun, and the man’s son reports that Bush told his father, “Whites don’t kill Whites,” and the White man allowed Bush to leave without shooting at him.  The entire “good guy with a gun” argument went right out the window because that didn’t seem to apply when a “good guy” with a gun chose to uphold White supremacy.  However, I digress. Louisville was rocked to its foundation as many Black people in the community realized just how perilous Black life is in Kentucky and just how severely racism can impact our lives.

What happened in Louisville was just beginning to gather national attention when Robert Bowers, entered the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh killing 11 worshippers and injuring seven people. Bowers believed that the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, “Likes to bring invaders in that kill our people.” Bowers stated on social media, “I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics; I’m going in.”  The shooting was the deadliest attack on the Jewish community in the United States.

With all the hate and murder committed by White men that saturated the nation it is difficult to portray Mexicans, Blacks and Muslims as the scourge of humanity when in fact, White men hyped up on the hypocrisy and lies of Donald Trump managed to kill 13 innocent people, injure 7 and cause emotional and mental pain to countless families and friends in just ONE WEEK. This doesn’t even begin to take into account the number of people that have been under stress and emotional turmoil as two cities try to find a way to heal as Trump continues to shovel racist coals on the fire of his eternal flames of bullshit.

While many people have lacked the courage to speak truth to power, CNN anchor, Don Lemon, CORRECTLY stated, “We have to stop demonizing people and realize that the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them.”

With that statement, White men around the world  felt a quiver in their souls. Don spoke a truth that White men were not ready to recognize. White men didn’t want to face that reality. THE LIE THEY HAVE TOLD AMERICA WAS WORKING TOO WELL! Don was the Scooby Doo crew and White men were the old man saying, “We would have gotten away with pinning all the terrorism on everyone else but us, if it hadn’t of been for you meddling minorities.”

The tsunami of White men tears flooded social media after Lemon’s statement as White men looked at themselves and asked, “Who us,” as they wiped their fingerprints from the murder weapon.

The BIGGEST LIE White men have pulled on the WORLD is pretending that EVERYONE ELSE IS THE ENEMY.

It’s not the White men; it’s the Muslims.

It’s not the White men; it’s the Blacks.

It’s not the White men; it’s the Mexicans.

I remember I asked a friend of mine that is a historian that happens to be White, “Name me ONE place, JUST ONE, in the ENTIRE WORLD, where the people that are native to that land are better off because White people came to their land?” Now you have to understand my friend to understand the magnitude of the answer I am going to tell you, but he is a person that REFUSES to be wrong. He is highly intelligent, hates to lose ANYTHING and will argue you down to win ANY debate. And he thought long and hard. I could practically see the mental mechanisms clicking.  The silence in the room was palpable, but I wasn’t going to say one word. I wanted the weight of the silence to add to my question. I will never forget, he placed his head down and said, “I can’t.” There was not ONE place he could think of in the ENTIRE WORLD that was better off for the people native to the land because White people entered it.  I hated to add my next statement to this solemn moment because I could tell he was having this internal battle with himself. He was facing a reality he never saw before. However the truth is the truth, and  I told him, “Anywhere, and I do mean ANYWHERE, White men have gone, and they are entering land where people already live, destruction, murder, and mayhem have followed. There is not ONE place in the WORLD White men have entered, and it was left peacefully.” I looked at his face, and I could tell that my statement broke his spirit. He sat in the chair and continued to stare at the floor. The reality that I had shared was a mirror, and the reflection was one that he did not want to see.  However, it was the truth, and in his silence, I knew that he knew it was the truth.

So when White men lashed out at Don Lemon and lashed out at me, I wasn’t bothered. I  know it wasn’t about Don and it wasn’t about me. It was about facing a reality that White men don’t want to face. White men love to talk about conquering new territory yet never want to talk about the blood shed to possess the territory. White men don’t want to look in the mirror, and I get it.  It is hard, and it hurts, and White men would rather call me names and call me racist before they look at themselves. White men would rather mention Chicago and “Black on Black” crime and ANYTHING that will deflect from the fact that White men have been and currently are the BIGGEST THREAT TO HUMANITY. If you look at some of the WORST, HEINOUS ACTS OF VIOLENCE IN THE WORLD, White men have been at the helm. There is NO OTHER RACE OF PEOPLE that have committed the atrocities that White men have committed AGAINST HUMANITY! PERIOD.

White men may want to cry. Please do. Cry on.

White men want to call me names. Okay. What names HAVEN’T you called me?

White men may want to deflect. We know that trick too.

Reality is what reality is, and I know it hurts to face the truth. Instead of gearing up your “Not All” rhetoric to respond to this blog, how about sit in your silence as my historian friend did and face reality.

Just sit…pause…think…face the truth.

STOP being consumed by EGO and pause and understand reality.

Don Lemon was correct. White men have pulled the wool over the eyes of humanity long enough. We see you for what you are. Own it.

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    • Thank you too, Queen for your courage. It isn’t always easy to speak truth to power but we both continue to write on. It’s what we are called to do. ❤️✊🏿

  1. I read something the other day saying that mass shootings since the 80s have on almost every occasion been perpetrated by men, and predominantly white men. Thanks for speaking truth to power.

  2. I admit it. I am a white man, which makes me a member of the most cruel, violent, merciless race in human history. I’ve been having to come to grips with this truth lately, with how shameful our history is, one we were never taught in school. And now, all we hear is that we’re the civilized ones, and that the blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, Native Americans, etc. are the bloodthirsty savages from whom we need protection. I am absolutely ashamed for my race.

  3. White men have committed every sin imaginable against every race of people they’ve ever encountered. The first sins, The original sins.

    it is especially galling that they have laid those sins on the backs of the people they committed these sins against as an excuse to commit more of the same.

  4. Hello Hannah, I am curious about one thing. What do you think should be the solution or do you believe there is a solution to all this evil you so much emphasize on? I would appreciate your response. Thank you

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