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Why Are You Angry, White Man?

Only White men are allowed to be angry…

So I ask…

Why are you angry, White man?

Did the world give you too much?
Did too many women bow down to your needs?
Didn’t she swallow just the way you like it?
Didn’t the church make you the face of the world’s Savior?
Aren’t you the only one allowed to be our superheroes?

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Why are you angry, White man?

Was the trust fund too big?
Was the silver spoon not polished to your liking?
Didn’t Hollywood make you the perpetual movie star?
Didn’t we spit shine your Bostonians?
Didn’t you enjoy the music from the violin of Nero?
Aren’t you warmed by the flames of a nation burning?

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Why are you angry, White man?

Aren’t the laws written in your favor?
Didn’t you write the documents that govern this nation?
Didn’t history rewrite itself to make you the benevolent victor?
Hasn’t everything always been yours?
Don’t you always take whatever you want?
Hasn’t the world refused to tell you no?

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Why are you angry, White man?

Was private school not good enough?
Did Ivy League not suit your requirements?
Didn’t nepotism work in your favor?
Don’t you have the shiniest toys?

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Why are you angry, White man?

Is it because you can feel us on your heels?
You hear the pounding of an ancestral army chasing after you
The same way you unleashed bloodhounds on them
You may have forgotten
We didn’t
We see the panic in your jaundiced eyes
It is not anger you display
It is fear.
As you realize the day of reckoning will soon be upon you.


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  1. As always, your words are POWERFUL. I’m on a keyboard where I don’t know how to do emojis (I’m oldish). So imagine: several handclap emojis along with a bunch of glittery hearts.

  2. Amazingly raw and powerful. I know it wasn’t easy to step out and follow your passion, however I thank you for doing so and for sharing your gifts. After reading your posts, I can breathe a little easier.

    • Hi, Miss Kay. I don’t have a companion piece to this one but I am sure Black men can give is a laundry list of reasons for their anger. Sadly.

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