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Kaepernick, Nike and White America’s (Fake) Tears

It was the 3rd of the September
That day I’ll always remember
Yes, I will
Cause that was the day
Racists in America cried

And cried they did as the news broke that former San Francisco 49ers NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick had been chosen as one of the faces of Nike’s 30th Anniversary athletes to commemorate Nike’s “Just Do It,” slogan. The deal is reported to be worth in the millions and according to ABC News, “Will feature Kaepernick on several platforms including billboards, television commercials, and online ads. Nike also will create an apparel line for Kaepernick and contribute to his Know Your Rights charity. The deal puts Kaepernick in the top bracket of NFL players with Nike.”


Many in Black America rejoiced, having watched a Black man be vilified and blackballed for taking a stand against injustice, racism and police brutality, get his just dues. While Kaepernick’s protest was silent, it spoke loudly garnering him attention around the world and even caught the attention of Idiot in Chief, Hitler Reimagined, Racist in the Oval, Donald Trump. Trump used his racist platform as the President of the United States to serve Colin Kaepernick to his racist base, stating at a Klan meeting, rally, “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!’”

To be clear, Kaepernick kneeling has never been an issue about the flag or patriotism. It has always been an issue of racism and police brutality.

Trump is well aware of that fact; however, Trump is also aware that his base is racist and will believe anything that he says. If he told his base that cheddar cheese was on the moon, they would ask him, “Should we bring Ritz or Saltines for the trip?” They are just that gullible and racist and when you combine being gullible with racism what you get is a man that jaggedly cuts through his socks because they have the Nike swoosh on them.


Stupid #1

Then a friend of this man named John Rich, that is famous for what I don’t know, tweets a picture of this soundman cutting through his socks as if he is taking a sockless stand for humanity. If you were on Twitter last night, the hits just kept coming with the “superior race” cutting clothes they were still wearing and burning shoes they have ALREADY paid for.


Stupid #2

It seems racists just do not understand the fundamentals of a protest. It benefits NO ONE to burn or cut up Nike merchandise you have ALREADY PAID FOR! Nike has lost nothing, and you look stupid. However, that is the level of ignorance we are dealing with. These are the SAME people that boycotted Starbucks by BUYING Starbucks. This is the same, “superior race” that destroyed their expensive Keurig coffeemakers they had already purchased. This is how protests look when you have never had to sacrifice anything in America, when the odds are always stacked in your favor, when the system is built for you to win, when you can exist on mediocrity, when you don’t have to worry about being gunned down by the police. This is a protest of privilege.

Black people are protesting to save our very lives. Black people are protesting for the right to breathe. Black people are protesting for the right to walk down the street and not be harassed. Black people are protesting because we are being gunned down in the street by those sworn to serve and protect. Black people are protesting so our children can have a decent future. Black people are protesting for the very right to EXIST!

What racist White America is doing is playing privileged protesting political games for social media hype.

And this is not a game. What Colin Kaepernick and others are kneeling for is not a game. Being Black doesn’t cease at the end zone or after the huddle. Colin is Black. After the kickoff, Colin is Black. After the snap, Colin is Black. After the 1st down, Colin is Black. After the touchdown, Colin is Black in America. And no amount of prestige or wealth will ever change that. If you want to chase the argument that Colin should have been satisfied and just played the game ask Desmond Marrow if being in the NFL will protect him? Ask Lebron James if wealth will stop racists from spraying the n-word on his property? Ask Lebron if his wealth will keep him from White people telling him to stay in his place? Ask billionaire Oprah Winfrey if her money prevented her from being denied entrance to a store? Ask millionaire Oscar award-winning actress Halle Berry if her beauty and prestige will stop a lover from calling her the n-word? Ask the first Black American billionaire, Bob Johnson, how well his money protects him from racism at high-end hotels? Ask Barack Obama how holding the highest office in the land, will keep you from racism? Black people are wise enough to know money and prestige will not protect us in a racist world. Colin Kaepernick understands this. It was Trayvon, Mike, and Sandra yesterday and Colin is smart enough to know, it is him tomorrow. Money and prestige will never be Teflon for racism.

White racists burning their Nikes don’t even understand why they are mad. They don’t HAVE a problem with protests because cutting their socks and burning their shoes IS a form of protest. So clearly, they don’t CARE about protests. They care that a Black man is protesting. They care that a Black man is not staying in his place. They care that a Black man is not bowing down. They care that a Black man isn’t conforming to the system.

So, to the White people burning and cutting their Nike attire, I say, BE MAD. PLEASE! I welcome it and enjoy it! It is laughable! Nike has already counted the cost, and Nike doesn’t care. WE. DON’T. CARE. CRY ON!


Ask Papa John’s how profitable it is for a business to attach its brand to racism? Not only do you look stupid, but your stupidity is entertaining and it reveals your heart. For instance, Brenda was so overwhelmed with fake outrage yet real racism that she no longer wanted to support Nike and insisted on wearing her Converse. However, Converse is owned by Nike. And of course, Brenda wasn’t going to give up her shoes. So, in fact, Brenda was NEVER mad at Nike, she was mad because a Black man was protesting racism.




Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 8.13.05 PM.png


But I-bake-cookies-for-the-PTA- and-knitted-a- pink-pussy-cat-hat White women don’t want to say they are racist, so they cloak their disdain for Black people it in “All Lives Matters” support, believing they are not a part of the 53% problem.


No one is moved by your crocodile tears.


Your fake tears,  fake outrage, and hyper-patriotism are just smokescreens to hide your racism. Black people know enough in this nation to know that before you were burning Nikes, you were burning crosses and burning Black people that hung from trees. Nothing has changed except the day and the weather. At some point, women like Brenda and others need to have a day of reckoning. Own up to who you are. Face the truth and then attempt to change. There is no racist lite. Either you be for justice or not. Stop being lukewarm when it comes to justice. I challenge you to take a stand –  JUST DO IT  – one way or the other. 

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  1. Thank God, Rest & Recompence for Brother Colin!

    Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. They can’t help but show us who they are now, it falls out of their swampmouths. It’s hilariously sad.

    • Watching people burn or cut up their Nike stuff is hilarious. And I bet you after they did it the realization of their stupidity hit them. The guy that cut up his shorts protected his account. All of this over a man taking a knee. It’s ridiculous.

  2. Great post. Protesting by destroying merchandise you paid for makes absolutely no sense and is comical. It reminds me of when some of Trump’s supporters decided to burn their Harry Potter merchandise, to which J.K. Rowling replied: “Well, I’ve still got your money…”

    The screenshot you included of that moron saying she supports Black Lives Matter, but then saying she thinks all lives matter is just another racist. We’ve been trying to explain for years that believing Black life is important doesn’t mean we believe the lives of those who aren’t Black are irrelevant. The moron also said she believed he should’ve protested in another way, which White people have been saying about Black civil rights protests for decades. No matter how Kaepernick had gone about it White supremacists and fake patriots would’ve been up in arms because no Black protest for civil rights or anything else has ever been well received.

  3. I agree with supporting Colin Kaepernick’s freedom of speech and the concerns BLM movement are increasing the awareness of.

    However, I feel Nike is being disengenious with this campaign which they will profit from handsomely. White multi millionaire CEO Mark Parker (estimated net woth $250 million) who makes almost $50 million a year is using Colin Kaepernick to boost his stock to benefit his mostly rich white investors, his personal compenstation and wealth and regain market shar form Adidas, NOT for the lofty reason they have us believe.

    However, I wholly agree that people burning their Nikes and buying Converse IS idiotic. Nike (Converse) is laughing all the way to the bank.

    I’ve been boycotting Nike for years because they choose to take from African Americans and give al most NOTHING back. They employ ZERO (literally 0) African Americans to make their shoes that they sell for $200, and instead make them in Southeast Asia in what are esentaially labor camps.

    I think Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and other African Americans with a platform and influence, that Nike are using to sell their shoes, should pressure Nike into making the more expensive shoes bearing their names in predominatlety African American neighborrhoods like South Chicago, South Central Los Angeles, Detroit, East Clevalnd… that have no real jobs due to racial bias and institutional corporate racism. Nike should employ African Americans at fair living wages to make these $150+ shoes and maybe they could employ people with convictions, many of which are victims of racial bias and racism in the criminal “justice” system. No that would be social justice I could believe in, if Nike is willing to put its money where it mouth is and sacrifice some of its profits to fix some of the terrible inequalities they claim to care about in their words but not their deeds, thus far. Maybe Colin Kaepernick, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and other prominant endorsers can agree to reduce some of their very lucrative endorsement money as a concession to get Nike to help less fortunate African Americans and others that have been victimized by economomic racial oppression.

    I think we should boycott Nike not for supporting Colin Kaepernick but for FAILING to do the right thing by the African Americans in the 99% that are NOT millionaire atheletes (many have been struggling to keep a roof over their head and put food on the table since emancipation thanks in large part to economic racial inequilities). Nike (like all other publicly traded megacorporations) seems more interested in serving their mostly white billionaire investors, the modern day plantation owners. Its a massive transfer of wealth from working class African Americans and others in the working class of ALL races to rich white billionaire investors and a waelthy white CEO.

    If Nike decides to do right by working class African Americans that need decent paying jobs that I will proudly start buying their shoes (and Converse again). Again my boycott started several years ago after the financial collapse when I was laid off and saw the big picture that almost ALL of these large publicly-traded corporations are the enemies of
    ALL Americans in the 99%.

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