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Dear Trump: You Will NEVER Be Able to Muzzle A Black Woman

Omarosa has always been one to climb the ladder of success by any means necessary. She has built a brand using cutthroat tactics to secure her position in the history of reality TV as the villian on The Apprentice. Moving from TV to the White House, Omarosa placed herself in a precarious position to be in the proximity of power. She has been arrogant, rude and self-serving. She willingly worked for a man that openly disparaged Black people. She sat by Trump’s side and smiled as this man stood accused of sexually assaulting multiple women. Omarosa was silent when she should have shouted. She sat at a table with a known racist during Black History Month and smiled as this idiot spoke as if Frederick Douglas was still alive. She went on national TV and tooted a horn for a man whose oppressive policies disproportionally affect the very people that look like her. Omarosa knew he was lying and said nothing. She didn’t utter a sound when Trump said there were, “good people on both sides,” in reference to the racist rally that led to the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia. She attended the opening of a Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, Mississippi with a racist that only wanted to attend because he was not wanted and felt he needed to throw his weight around. Omarosa said nothing publically when Trump vilified a pregnant Black woman that mourned the death of her military husband. She didn’t even whisper when Trump maligned the character of Rep. Frederica Smith Wilson and Congresswoman Maxine Waters. She swallowed down her words when Trump called Black men sons of bitches.



This is just a few of the things that Omarosa did in her role as Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison of President Trump. The list of Omarosa’s transgressions is almost endless. As a person that worked her way on the inside, it seemed she turned her back on the very people whose backs she should have been supporting.

When she resigned was fired, I sat back and took a long sip of, “We told you so,” tea and it was delicious.

Sip Tea.gif


However, even then, I was not willing to toss Omarosa aside, and I encouraged her to redeem herself by telling everything that she knew. To be sure Omarosa is going to be Omarosa and her unveiling of details of the Trump Administration coincided with the release of her new book, Unhinged. The details have been astounding as Omarosa went on a full media tour, dropping secret recordings like they were the Beyonce Lemonade release.

And immediately the White House went into overtime to discredit her.

Is Omarosa self-serving? Of course, she is. Is Omarosa arrogant? Yes. Is Omarosa stupid? No. Is Omarosa a liar? Not likely. I believe every single detail she is sharing, and the White House doesn’t know what Omarosa has on tape, and apparently, it has them shook. Which is probably one of the reasons Trump took to Twitter (because you know when you are golfing running an entire nation you have time to tweet about a former employee) yesterday and posted:

Say what now?

Say What .gif


The President of the United States of America went online to call a Black woman, “that dog.” This is the same man just weeks ago, Black preachers were declaring, “the most pro-Black President ever.” Lies, Falsehoods and Fallacies. 

Was I surprised Donald Trump called Omarosa a dog? Not really. A racist is going to racist all day long. I was angry! I called it out before Trump made his tweet.


Donald Trump knew precisely what he was saying and why he said it. Donald Trump often insults the intelligence of Black people, and it is NOT because he doesn’t consider them smart. When Trump calls Don Lemon, Lebron James and Maxine Waters, low intelligence, he knows FULL WELL they are intelligent people. Trump does it because that is what racists do. For racists like Trump to thrive, they must make Black people appear lower than them. They continue repeating this lie until people believe it and that makes it easier for people to feel superior and treat Black people as beneath them and undeserving of being treated like a human. So not only is Omarosa a crazed lowlife that White savior Trump rescued, he calls her a dog to make her seem less than human.

Make no mistake, Trump called Omarosa a dog because that is exactly how he sees her. That is how he has always seen her and that is how many people in this nation see her. He was essentially calling her a Black bitch.  His tweet was liked over 80,000 times which speaks to a segment of the population that America wants to pretend doesn’t exist.  Omarosa may have foolishly believed she and Trump were friends, but she was never his friend, she was merely his favorite Negro. She was his “thing.” The Black woman he could point to and say, “Look at her. How can I be racist when I have this Black woman on staff?”  And when she stopped being that for him, he spoke about her as he always saw her, “that dog.”    

It reminded me of a slave poster I saw online that read that states, “Russel Bros., having no further use for their nigger, offer him for sale. Said nigger is sound and kind and never talks back…” Perhaps that is why Donald Trump called Omarosa a dog. Perhaps he realized she couldn’t be and wouldn’t be muzzled and that is why he working overtime to  shut her up.

Seeing the words,  “that dog” on my screen caused my blood to boil.

This was no longer about Omarosa and my need to say, “I told you so.”


National Memorial For Peace and Justice

Perhaps because I had just returned from the National Memorial for Peace and Justice also known as the Lynching Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. Maybe because I saw hundreds of names with no faces of Black men and women that were treated less than human because that has to be the ONLY way you can wrap a rope around a person’s neck and hang them from a tree because you never saw them as human. Perhaps because some names were listed as unknown, invisible names, we will never know. Perhaps because I stood underneath those hanging pillars and wept as I saw my state listed over and over and over again. Perhaps because my arms grew tired taking pictures of the names because 162  people were lynched for the crime of being Black in Kentucky. Perhaps because I wept as I saw the name of a Black woman named Hannah Kearse that was lynched in 1895 in Colleton, South Carolina with her mother and son for allegedly stealing a Bible.  Perhaps because I was screaming for justice in a state where a White woman named Florence Thompson presided over the last public execution in Kentucky and Arthur L. Hash, a former Louisville police officer,offered his services free of charge to perform the execution. Perhaps because in that moment it hit me that I was still fighting for my humanity in my own state. Perhaps because I am fighting to be a voice in a state that years ago would have lynched me for speaking the truth. Perhaps because I had to go online in my state to submit a form about taking down Confederate statues.  Perhaps because in the museum I saw the signs No Jews, No Niggers and No Dogs.  Perhaps because one of the posters I read was selling Black men, women, and children alongside livestock. Perhaps because just a few days ago I was called an ugly pig for speaking the truth about Black excellence. Perhaps because I have been called a Black bitch for calling out racism. Perhaps because daily I wake up to messages and tweets calling me nigger.


Perhaps because when I read “that dog” it all came back to me – the horrific subjugation of Black people in America. The lengths White people went to then and now to make Black people appear less than human is mindblowing.

Omarosa is no longer a Black woman in the eyes of Donald Trump, and I doubt she ever was.  To him and many others, she is  just  “that dog.”  That is all she has ever been because she is a Black woman in America and that is how Black women are treated in America. Black women are easily disposable.  Put em out to pasture and get you another one. Malcolm X was correct when he stated, “The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman.”

Omarosa has many things to account for, and she has to wrestle with those things when she looks in the mirror. But when I look in the mirror, I am not going to allow Trump to call a Black woman a dog on my watch and think that it is okay. It will never be okay. Black women have fought for every ounce of respect we have in this world.  We have sacrificed. We have cried. We have shouted only to be met by fists. We have been called out of our names too many times to count.  The disrespect has been monumental. But we are still here, standing as the backbone and womb of civilization.

Omarosa, should this blog ever come across your computer screen, please know this is not a blog of absolution. You have many things to atone for and at night I pray you are reminded of how your silence was so deafeningly loud. And when the time comes for you to explain to your children and your grandchildren where you stood in these times, you will have to face them. And not like a coward. Tell the ENTIRE STORY of your complicity in the unraveling of a nation. However, having said that, please know, that I am a Black woman and I stood with you and had your back when Trump used your back to walk all over you. A dog? Never! Not on my watch! Not today or ever will it be acceptable to call a Black woman a dog. Trump and this nation will NEVER be able to put a muzzle on a Black woman again!

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  1. I have never liked Omarosa all that much, but I hate 45 even more. But I will always have her back when it comes to punching White supremacy in the face.

    • True indeed. She has to have a come to Jesus moment on her own but when I saw “that dog” I was fish grease hot!! Not today!

  2. Never intend to read her book; not telling us anuthing we don’t already know or suspected. I will not help this traitor to her race become one cent richer!

    • I will probably try to read it. I work at a library and they most definitely will be buying the book. That way, I haven’t actually given her any of my non-existent money.

  3. I have reached the conclusion that this entire 45 Debacle is dependent on how I look at. I help when I can help, cry when I need to, and gloat like a petty asshole whenever anything bad happens to him. Gloating over 45’s misfortune is the only entertainment I’m gonna get out of this entire era, I suspect.

    • LOL!!! I understand. Watching him have a meltdown over the op-ed that was released provided me so much joy!

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