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No One Ever Told Me That God Could Be A Woman

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No one ever told me that I could believe that God was a woman
That I was created in her image
Wide hipped with hair dripped in emeralds and dipped in gold
My God is hues of illustrious brown and has an afro
She glistens…she is almost blinding
The light that illuminates from her is spellbinding
In her palms, the stars and moon are held
She exhales and breathes the universe
Sighs and humanity is birthed
She is a  mystery with stories to be told
Chaos turns to cosmos in her control
Her laughter causes the earth to quake
With a swipe of her hand she creates
Mountains and valleys
Her tears brings forth rivers and oceans
She holds time in her bosom, sets it all into motion
She is
She is the me no one ever showed me
No one ever preached to me on Sunday mornings
She is
The Womb
The Gateway
The Beginning and the End
The Spring
The Well
The Life
She is Woman

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  1. Excellent well thought out article. I believe that Man has given God a gender as a male but I believe He is whatever you need on your travels through life. When your need comfort, He is a woman, when you need protection, a man, when you need a friend or buddy, a sister or brother. We seek God for whatever we need and whom ever will give us comfort in the stages of our lives. So for me He is without a gender and comes to me in the form that I need in the many periods of my life. He is like the air, and we cannot give the air a gender, it just gives us life which we need to live.

    • Thank you, Sybil and I would agree with you. All my life I was never taught that God could be a woman. And why not?! Why can’t God be as you said, everything I need God to be? Amen!

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