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Which Side Are You On?

Just when I think this administration cannot ‘out racist’ itself, it manages to surprise me.  Only a few months ago the nation was dumbfounded when Donald Trump said there were “good people on both sides” after a terror attack fueled by racism was committed in Charlottesville, Virginia killing Heather Heyer. Doubling down on the administration’s racist agenda, General John Kelly, who some have said was called into the administration to bring order, spun it deeper into a web of confusion when he stood at a podium and completely lied about remarks Rep. Frederica Wilson made at the dedication of a new building in Miami, calling her, “an empty barrel.” Video footage was released that disputed every word he said and proved him to be a liar and instead of apologizing, Kelly stated that he would “absolutely not” apologize and in fact stands by his comments lies.

That was not a surprise to me. Anyone that has chosen to serve underneath a man that is a lacking the morals of a slug probably thinks and acts just like him. While many people would like to hold Kelly to a certain standard, Kelly merely has proven who he is, and I am from the school of Maya Angelou, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” The first time was when Kelly insulted Rep. Wilson. The second time was when he came on national TV and said, “I would tell you that Robert E. Lee was an honorable man. He was a man that gave up his country to fight for his state, which 150 years ago was more important than country. It was always loyalty to state first back in those days. Now it’s different today. But the lack of an ability to compromise led to the Civil War, and men and women of good faith on both sides made their stand where their conscience had them make their stand.” (Some White people love to relitigate the reason for the Civil War to minimize their role in and the atrocities of slavery. The Civil War was about slavery. Period.)

To add the cherry on top of their bullshit and lies sundae they prance out the 2nd Liar in Command – Sarah I-Don’t-Know-How-I-Sleep-At-Night-Or-Look-My-Children-In-Their-Eyes-When-I-Am-So-Full-Of-Shit Huckabee-Sanders to echo Kelly’s comments about a compromise.

Compromise?  What is the compromise when the issue is slavery? What compromise would Kelly and Sarah suggest? Enslaved men, women and children would get a few days off a week? Maybe they wouldn’t have to pick cotton from sun up to sun down, and the slave owners would let them off at 4 pm?  What about a lunch break? Maybe Black women could only be raped once a week instead of every day?  What type of compromise do you make when it is about the freedom of Black people?

Kelly spoke his heart, and this is why I continue to say when people stand behind the Make America Great Again slogan it is indeed a call to Make America White Again. There was no time in the history of America that America was EVER great for Black people. The only time it was great for White people is when they could have their foot on a Black person’s neck, rape Black people freely, have Black people picking cotton making them rich, cooking food for them and saying, “Yes, Master” all while they did it. And for many people like Kelly and Trump, those were the good old days.

Sorry, Trump, Kelly and Huckabee, those days are over!  I do not care what policies they try to enact; those days are never coming back. The actions of this administration have drawn a clear line in the sand. For anyone reading this blog, please know that now is not the time waver. There comes a time in your life that you must make a decision and that time is now. There are some things that are just non-negotiable. If Trump believes there are two sides, then I am challenging you, to pick one. There comes a time when you must stand for something; when you must boldly speak truth to power. There comes a time when you must say, “Enough is enough.” There comes a time when you must admit the truth.”Ya been had! Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok!”*  And you fell for it. You believed you put a man in office that had your best interest at heart. You chose racism over righteousness.  You chose bigotry over your own healthcare. You chose hatred over love. And now here we are today standing in a mess of hypocrisy, treason, and lies. And you are still confused over where you stand?!

This administration has shown you everything they are. They no longer hide their true feelings. They no longer disguise their intentions, and if for one minute you believe that you will not be swept up in this horror you are fooling yourself.  If you believe in a sea of tiki torch racists yelling blood and soil, build the wall and fuck niggers and jews, there are good people; you are fooling yourself. If you believe there was room to compromise when it came to the liberation of enslaved Black people, you are fooling yourself. If you support people who think a White man killing over 50 people and injuring 489 is not domestic terrorism; you are fooling yourself. If you believe players in the NFL are kneeling to protest a flag; you are fooling yourself. How long will you play the fool?

If you support an administration that seeks to divide this nation, you do not stand with me. You do not stand with the people that are fighting for justice and liberation. And I don’t care how many Black friends you have, how many James Baldwin quotes you can recite or how many books and articles you read by Ta-Nehisi Coates. If you are silent during this time of blatant racism and chaos, you have made your choice.  For the others that are still deciding, just take a look around you, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Which side are you on?”

*Quote from Malcolm X (Film)


Author’s Note To Kelly: Robert E. Lee was a traitor to the nation like the man you work for and he lost. You  have completely thrown away your character to stand with a man with no integrity and that is the legacy you will leave behind. As stated in the National Review magazine  one thing you for certain have in common with Robert E. Lee is that you, like him, “failed the basic test of history: leaving the world better and freer than he found it.” Congratulations, you played yourself. 




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