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Rose, White Feminism & Intersectionality

Rose, White Feminism & Intersectionality
(Or some other buzzword that’s hot this month)


Really, Rose? In your righteous fight against men that have sexually assaulted women in Hollywood, you went overboard by saying being called a woman is comparable to being called the N-word. To double down on your ignorance, instead of apologizing to every Black woman that you offended, you blame your now deleted comments on smoking weed. (Don’t worry, I have screenshots below.)

And THIS is my problem with White feminism and just how self-serving it is. 

You see, we were rooting for you, Rose. 


But still, I watched your comments on Twitter and never said a word because as much as I reveled in you and other women bringing down a seemingly lifelong sexual predator, I remember that it is some of these very same White women that didn’t have any problem putting a man that said, “Just grab em by the p*ssy”, into the highest office in the land. It is some of these very same White women standing with you, that never say a word when a Woman of Color is a victim.  I have been in this world long enough to know that in your quest to bring awareness to your issue, you would say something against Black women.  And without fail, you were right on cue. 

Feminism and Black women aren’t that difficult to understand, but for some reason, it appears White feminists continue to make misstep after misstep when it comes to Women of Color and feminism. 

I am going to explain this as plainly as I can from my narrative of being a Black woman and a woman that believes in the liberation of ALL women. Of course, this list is not exhaustive but these steps should serve as a good start to combat White Feminism. 

1.This is Hannah. Hannah is a woman AND Hannah is also Black.


2.Being a woman and being Black are not two separate issues for Hannah. 


3. Hannah fights for justice and believes in the liberation of ALL women! 


4. Not just SOME women.


5. Because Feminism does NOT just include cisgender heterosexual, able-bodied, middle and upper class White women. 


6.Feminism is NOT about silencing Women of Color. 


7.Feminism is NOT about ignoring issues that affect Women of Color because you think they do not directly affect you. 


8. Feminism  is NOT about stealing the creativity and ingenuity of Women of Color and pawning it off as your own in order to capitalize on it. 


I literally sleep in one of these every night. No joke. How, Stella?  How?

9.Feminism is NOT about equating the issues White women face with being called a n*gger or other racial slurs. 



10. Feminism is NOT about making excuses when you have said or done something that is problematic or offends Women of Color.


11. Feminism is NOT about valuing the legacy of White supremacy over the interests of all women. 


12. Feminism is NOT about appropriating the struggles of Women of Color or exploiting a cause that is centered around Black people to champion your cause. 


13. Feminism is NOT about restricting Women of Color from the table. 


14.Feminism is NOT about allowing one woman of color at the table to perpetuate the illusion of inclusion. 


15. Feminism means getting your hands dirty and it will not always feel comfortable or have a cute hashtag, hat or ribbon to go along with it. 


16. Feminism means looking in the mirror and having some tough conversations with yourself, then your friends and family about the privilege White women have in this world.


17. Feminism means admitting that you have not stood up for Women of Color because you didn’t care or you didn’t have to because you didn’t see our issues as your issues and then making a conscious decision to do better. 


18. Feminism is admitting that as a White woman you have benefitted from some of the very systems that have harmed Women of Color and you remained silent. You have been complicit either as as active or silent co-conspirator in some of the very systems and policies that have harmed Women of Color.


19. Feminism means remembering it is not all about you, taking your ego out of it and refraining from calling Women of Color hostile, abrasive, disruptive or intimidating when we challenge your silo style of feminism.


20. Feminism means holding the door open, passing the mic and using your privilege to advocate on behalf of Women of Color. 


21. Feminism means LISTENING to Women of Color when we speak.


22.Feminism means challenging policies that negatively impact the lives of Women of Color. 


23. Feminism means inviting ALL women to the table to share their voices, influence and power and not as an afterthought.


24. Feminism means if it is an issue for Women of Color it is an issue for ALL women!


This is White Feminism.


This is White Feminism on Intersectionality. 


Any questions?


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  1. This post, is everything. I came to your blog hours ago and haven’t left yet. Your posts definitely ‘stir the pot,’ but old crusty soup that gets hard and smelly without being stirred isn’t really on any one’s menu, especially those interested in real food. For thought.

    I look forward to all your future posts.

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