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Dear White America: At Least Acknowledge Your Hypocrisy and Bullsh*t.

By now I am sure you have heard of the domestic terrorist event, fueled by racism, which has taken place in Charlottesville, Virginia. What the media has chosen to call the “alt-right” (Tiki Torch Posse) instead of what they are-the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, bigots, racists, took a trip to Home Depot and bought hundreds of tiki torches and attempted to intimidate a group of “counter-protestors” at Emancipation Park. It is being reported that this event was organized to Unite The Right (whatever the fuck that means) against the removal of a statue of the man that lost the South in the Civil War, Robert E. Lee.

Watching this riot unfold on Twitter, I was overwhelmed with the response from White America. White men walking down the streets of a town in America shouting, Heil Trump, with torches, helmets, sticks, some decked out in camouflage and guns, and somehow, this was okay. What was strangely missing from many of the pictures were police in riot gear, people being tear gas, rubber bullets, and tanks.

It used to be against the law for Black people to gather in groups of 2 or more. And even now when Black people come together to protest injustice, the police come out in full military style regalia ready to tear gas anyone on the spot. Had this been a Muslim person that drove into a group of individuals, Trump would have spent every second of the day tweeting about it. It would have immediately been called an act of terrorism. We would have heard a million talking points about immigration. If Black people had gathered with tiki torches and guns, White America would have been in an uproar. The police would have tear gassed, billy clubbed and arrested many people.

Yet somehow when it is White people involved in acts of terrorism fueled by race, White America has amnesia. Almost worse than the white sheets and hoods, White America pulls on the cloak of hypocrisy.

I could deal with White America if it were consistent with its bullshit and fuckery. But it is the blatant hypocrisy that White America displays that makes me livid. I would do better if White people just said, “Yeah, we are cool with this because they are White and not Black.” JUST ADMIT IT! It is the BLATANT HYPOCRISY like we are not seeing what we are seeing. You are not going to gaslight your way through racism!  

You have Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy killed in less than two minutes for having a toy gun on a playground but White people can march down the street with AK’s, and the police don’t bat an eye.

You have Sandra Bland dead on a jailhouse floor, jailed for failing to signal but the police take Dylan Roof hours after murdering 9 Black men and women in a South Carolina church, for a burger and fries.

You have people protesting the murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson met with rubber bullets and tear gas, but the police look the other way in Charlottesville.

You have Indigenous People fighting for their land and the right to have clean water met with water hoses and vicious dogs, but the police do nothing in the wake of impending violence in Charlottesville.

You have Colin Kaepernick that silently protested by taking a knee during the National Anthem, vilified by White America, but White America is fine with White men walking down the street screaming, “Heil Trump!”

You have Trump that wants to get into a pissing contest with North Korea yet doesn’t have the courage to stand up against the KKK and racists right here in America. (Trump is a joke to the world.)

You have Trump that can dip his nose in and offer his useless comments on other countries fighting terrorism, but doesn’t have the courage to say an act of domestic terrorism has taken place on American soil if it is committed by White people.

You have Black people that desire intervention by way of policy, legislation, and funding to combat violence and when the Governor of Kentucky says, “Just pray about it,” we were supposed to be okay. But when he told White people to paint rocks to combat opioid addiction, NOW White America is enraged at his fake drug addiction policy.

This White America is you. Take a long hard look at your hypocrisy.

You are the SAME White people that want to tell me, “Why do you say, Black Lives Matter. You should say All Lives Matter.”

You are the same White people that want to say my blog is race baiting and send me hate mail. You are the same White people that believe if you don’t talk about race it will just go away. You are the same White people that don’t want to own any responsibility or understand a sound argument but are so quick to say, “Not All White People.” You are the same White people that believe just “being kind,” as Lady Gaga said, will fix racism. You are the same White people that believe because Barack Obama was the President racism is over. You are the same White people that call Black Lives Matter protesters thugs, yet Richard Spencer is declared as dapper and fashionable. You are the same White people that want to know all the Black slang, dances and hairstyles but don’t care anything about our suffering. You are the same White people that want Black people to jump on your causes but never stand up for ours. You are the same White people that tweet and post pictures of cats and dogs but won’t take the time to post anything about Black issues. You are the same White people that want to find soft terms to label racists in the media and call a riot a skirmish as the  You are the same White people that say give Trump a chance when he cannot even condemn hate groups. (BECAUSE HE IS IN COLLUSION WITH THEM!!!) You are the same White people that dare to tell me, “We should just wait and see how the Confederate show turns out.”

This is what “waiting to see” gets you.

A woman is dead. Dozens are injured, some with life threatening injuries and White America has the nerve to stand around looking shell-shocked like, “What happened?”

What happened is you didn’t listen. What happened is you chose racism over common sense and the good of humanity. What happened is you didn’t care. What happened is you didn’t give a damn because it wasn’t affecting you! What happened is our word wasn’t enough. What happened is that you were asleep at the wheel! What happened is you are fighting for a show like Confederate to be on HBO all while disregarding the racism going on around you live and in color every day! What happened is you have raised sons and daughters to be in that “alt-right” crowd because you never took a stand in your home as a parent to teach your children about righteousness and the reality of racism.

White America this one is on you. The blood was shed in the streets of Charlotteville is on you. You have been a passive and active participant in the hatred that continues to fuel this nation. If you want to start healing, mending and fixing this divide in America, the first step is shedding your cloak of hypocrisy and owning your part. Only then will this nation begin to heal.

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