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Winter Came for House Frey, B*+ches!

Like many people with a pulse, I have been waiting for Game of Thrones season 7 to premiere on HBO, and babbbbbyyyyy the opening scene did not disappoint Sunday night!

*Stop reading now if you do not want to know what happened.*

Honey, the scene opens with Lord Frey having a dinner with all his family and I am confused because I am thinking wasn’t he murdered last season by Arya? But okay I will go along with it. Then Lord Frey starts to give a speech and offers up the finest wine he has to his family. He then starts talking about killing the Starks at the Red Wedding, and I’m like, “Why in the hell is he bringing that back up?” And honey, he says, “You didn’t slaughter every one of the Starks. That was your mistake. Leave one wolf alive, and the sheep are never safe.”

And just like that the men begin to gasp and clutch their throats dropping dead from the wine that has been laced with poison. Then Lord Frey pulls off his face, and we see Arya!!

Childdddd I clutched my invisible pearls!! What the f*ck!?!? Somebody catch me!! 


Then she turns to a young woman in the room and says the best lines in TV history!

“When people ask you, what happened here, tell them, The North Remembers. Tell them Winter came for House Frey!” Cue the dramatic music. 


Bisssshhhhhhh!! WHAT?! I died ten times and had to be resuscitated just to snatch my damn wig off!!! I felt the spirit of Ned Stark rise up to give her a standing ovation! 

Arya came for wigs, weaves, braids and edges! It was all snatched!!


And just like that she walked over their dead bodies and out of the room and my whole life was made!! This was better than watching Tyrion slap Joffery and almost as good as watching Joffery die.

Ayra, if you do nothing else this season, you have made the entire season seven of Game of Thrones worth it! This is a line that will go down in TV Hall of Fame! I have already added it to my lexicon.

When Trump is finally impeached I cannot wait to say…Winter Came For House Frey! 



Featured Photo: HBO Promotional Poster


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