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Just In Case Y’all Wanna Hate on Beyonce.

In typical world domination fashion, Beyonce released a glamorous photo of her and her twins and instantly took over the internet. Beyonce gave birth to her twins, Rumi and Sir, in June and the world has been anxiously waiting to see her two bundles of joy. While many of us will celebrate Beyonce, such joy will always come with the inevitable hateration social media posts. To avoid any confusion and have your answers on deck, I’ve compiled a list of responses to the hater social media posts.


1. Am I the only one that doesn’t care about Beyoncé having twins? Yes. Yes, you are the only one in the world that doesn’t care about Beyonce having twins. As a matter of fact, if you don’t care, why are you even make a post about not caring?
2. Y’all act as if no one has ever had twins before. No. It’s not that. It’s just that Beyonce has never had twins before. We are happy that you had twins, but this is Beyonce’s moment. Plus, we know Beyonce is never going to call us to babysit her twins so she can go to the club and then come back late saying she lost track of time. Get yo kids!
3. Everything that is going on in the world and they are reporting on Beyonce? Yes. Beyonce understands that the world needed a moment of joy and she sprinkled her Black Girl Magic all over the media. It is a nice break from Russia, collusion, and Orange Cheez-It’s bullshit.
4. While y’all are focused on Beyoncé y’all need to be worried about ______________ (fill in the blank.) While we know, it may be impossible for you to focus on two things at once, it is not impossible for others to celebrate Beyoncé having twins and be concerned about issues going on in the world. It is possible to care about two things at once, and there is nothing better than taking a moment to celebrate the birth of two beautiful Black babies.
5. What kind of names are Rumi and Sir? The names that they chose and the names that will make their children rich before they are even out of diapers. Those two names are destined to be part of a product empire and are already trademarked. What you did was name your children after items that were already trademarked. No one said anything when you named your baby after a bottle of liquor.

6. How did Beyoncé get such a flat stomach after having twins? Beyonce was already in incredible shape, so maybe she bounced right back. Who knows? Maybe she got her stomach snatched. Hell, I would have surgery right now if I could to get rid of my pregnancy fat, and my daughter is 21. I would tell them to snatch my stomach back to circa 1995 before I had my daughter and I was bumping to This Is How We Do It in the club.
7. I can’t believe she still got pregnant after all that drama on 4:44. Really? Some of y’all are Instagram stalking a man that has left you years ago, and you want to discuss Beyonce’s marriage? Marriages have challenges. Sometimes people work through the problems and make it out on the other side.
8. Was it necessary to do a full-blown photo shoot so soon? It’s muthaf*ckin’ Beyonce! If lying Phaedra Parks can have a sip-n-see on Real Housewives of Atlanta to debut her son what did you expect from Beyonce? Beyonce doesn’t do anything mediocre! Everything she does is done with excellence.
9. What she needs to be doing is… Just stop. What she needs to be doing is whatever the hell she wants. She’s Beyonce. Put some respect on her name!


Congratulations, Jay-Z and Beyonce. I pray the two new additions to your family fill your lives with many blessings!

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  1. Thank you lady, I can’t understand the amount of hate that people have for Beyoncé, hell can’t we just applaud a sista for her excellence? Love it!!!

  2. Hannah I’m screaming in my hotel room, you just dumped a bottle of shade on all the haters …. your responses to all the ignorant comments is exactly how I feel every time Beyonce snatches my wig and haters want to be petty

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