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Rob Kardashian is a B*+ch!

Rob Kardashian is a Bitch. There. I. Said. It. And really I could stop right there but let me get in to it…

Love is a splendid thing but loving someone does not come without risks. Because loving at times means losing. Loving at times means the person you desire may  not love you back. Loving at times means the person that you love may hurt you. When you love, you must be mature enough to take the loss. When you love, you must be mature enough to own your mistakes in the relationship. We all have made foolish mistakes when we were stuck in the, “You hang up. No, you hang up.” phase. Some of our mistakes may not have been as foolish as dating the ex-girlfriend of your sister’s then boyfriend, but we have all made mistakes in love. And if we are honest, we have at times spent money on a mate that we have regretted. Money that could have been spent wisely instead of casting our pearls among the swine.


While the writing was on the wall for the rest of the world, Rob Kardashian fell head over heels in love with Chyna, eventually cementing their relationship with the birth of their daughter. Not shortly after their daughter was born, Chyna left the relationship, seemingly taking everything she came with and then some. Chyna had just birthed an heir to a financial empire, and while I do not know their financial details, I am certain the rest of her life along with her daughter’s will be extremely comfortable.


I do not want to get into the logistics of their relationship, the back and forth, the subliminal Instagram messages that have been shared throughout the course of their time together because quite frankly I don’t care enough about their relationship and more than likely give it 6 months they will end up right back together. But for this moment in time, Rob Kardashian has crossed a line with his weak, watered down, whitewashed shenanigans. And when you come for Black women, now it has become my issue.


Rob would have been better off eating a sandwich and selling his socks. But Rob has decided to cross the line right into the land of the Black back riding that the Kardashians are famous for. The list of their indiscretions is endless. Stealing design ideas, stupid Pepsi protest commercials, rocking Black hairstyles and acting as if they invented them, putting their faces over the faces of legends in the music industry on an overly priced T-shirt and calling it “vintage,” among a host of other culture stealing issues.  The Kardashians are known for being the worst kind of culture vultures. Similar to slave owners the Kardashians very livelihood started off the back and penis of a Black man. And they have used, stolen and exploited everything Black for their financial gain while they reside in their Calabasas plantation homes.


Such is the case when slave master Rob decided to put naked pictures of Chyna on Instagram for the world to see. Why would Rob do such a thing? Because Rob Kardashian is a bitch! Because he cannot take the fact that he lost. That he was played. That Chyna beat his family at their own game. How does it feel? Rob cannot comprehend that just because he bought things for Chyna, he does not own Chyna. Just because he paid for her surgery does not mean he now has the right to disclose her body to the world. Rob’s actions fall in line with a history of men who never see Black women in the sum total of who they are but in their parts that they so willingly pick apart and sale to the highest bidder.


Instead of taking the loss, he decides to exploit her body as if that will make him more of a man. As if putting her body on a virtual auction block to be exposed, will endow him with prowess. As if showing the world her intimate body parts will expose her. Instead, it exposed Rob for the bitch that he is. And before anyone mentions Chyna’s former profession, there is a difference when YOU make a decision to do something and when someone makes the decision for you. Rob made the decision that the world was going to see Chyna’s body because his feelings were hurt and in that moment, he had the power and he would damned if a Black woman made him feel powerless.

Rob is no better than his sisters. Because Rob reduced the mother of his child to what was between her legs. He had no respect for a Black woman. He had no respect for the mother of his child. His only concern was exploiting her. Because that is what his family is born and bred to do. Everything Black they touch, they find a way to destroy. They use everything Black until they have used it all up for their gain. Instead of just taking the loss, chalking it up to experience, Rob decides this Black woman isn’t worthy of anything but exploitation. Shame on you Rob! You have shown yourself to be what I always knew your family was, a family that will use, exploit and destroy anything Black for social media likes and a buck.

In Rob’s rant, he said he hopes their daughter sees the social media posts that he placed online. And when she does Rob, what will you tell her?  When she asks, “Why did you do that to my mother?” When she asks, “Why did you expose my mother?” When she asks you, “Daddy I am a Black woman, do you respect Black women?” What will you say when you look into her eyes?  How will you explain your actions to your Black daughter? I hope you tell her the truth, “That your mother is a Black woman and our family never gave a damn about Black people. Welcome to the family.”






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