Current Events

By Any Means Necessary!

Baldwin said, to be a Negro in America & relatively conscious is to be in a constant state of rage
Since ya’ll want to treat us like animals then consider me uncaged
Every day I see the sun rise I wake up enraged
Wondering if today will be the day Black America goes on a rampage
And you think you bout that life cause you post a hashtag on your page?
While I’m canning food and storing water, plotting how to live in these last days
And you have the nerve to ask me why I am angry as if need to give you a reason
The biggest perpetrators of racism, injustice, corruption and treason
Yet somehow you got the world fooled believin’ we are the problem
We seek restoration, peace, and healing but you continue to be the toxin
This ground that we stand on for Black people aint never be sovereign
The very nature of America at its fundamental core has always been rotten
Land that was acquired by ill-gotten gains, built on the backs of slaves
You raped the Motherland then have the nerve to say, “Don’t make this about race.”
Everything is about race so you need to wake the fuck up!
Got the nerve to tell me I need to be quiet. My rebuttal is shut the fuck up!
How do you expect me to close my mouth?
When Aiyana Stanley Jones was killed just sleeping on her couch
Alton Sterling was killed outside of a store selling CD’s
Eric Garner last breath was taken yelling, “I can’t breathe!”
Trayvon’s life was taken after he bought Skittles and some tea
Terence Crutcher was murdered and they blamed it on PCP
Mike Brown died in the street simply holding up his hands
“I meant to reach for my taser” was the excuse given for Oscar Grant
Failure to signal is what led to the death of Sandra Bland
Playing with a toy gun on a playground led to the death of Tamir Rice
Tashii Brown was murdered under the glow of Vegas lights
Sean Bell was murdered just before he was supposed to be married
Philando died reaching for his wallet stating he had the right to carry
A “rough ride” was the excuse for Freddie Gray
The reason for Rekia Boyd’s murder was wrong time and wrong place
Yvette Smith was murdered in just 3 seconds because she opened her front door
Natasha McKenna died shackled and tasered for 17 minutes on a jailhouse floor
Walter Scott was shot in the back and murdered running away
Amadou Diallo was shot 41 times and they said they “made a mistake”
Jordan Davis was killed for playing his music too loud
Jordan Edwards was murdered for trying to leave a party crowd
The list of murders at YOUR hands is senseless and endless
And I don’t know where to go from here unless we end this
So, when you ask me why am angry just take a look at this list
This is why I’m angry and pissed off
And this is why I stand for justice at any cost
And I pray that justice comes quick, swift and in a hurry
Cause at this point I’m ready to get justice by any means necessary…

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