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I’m Black. I’m Female. And I’m Angry. With No White Permission Needed.

In typical I-Am-White-And-Need-To-Tell-Black-People-What-To-Do fashion, Washington Post columnist, Sally Jenkins, felt compelled to write some bullshit an article telling the Golden State Warriors, a majority African- American basketball team, they should attend a meeting at the White House after their championship.  I don’t know if they will attend a meeting at the White House or not but what I do want to know is, who the hell gave Sally the right to tell them what they should do?

Why is it that many White people like Sally feel the need to tell Black people how they should take a stand? Why is it that White people get to set the cornerstone for how Black people should protest? Who made Sally the authority? I guarantee Sally is not writing an article about Congressman Scalise and telling him once he is out of the hospital he should go to the family of John T. Hodgkinson and shake their hands. I bet she is not telling him to extend the hand of forgiveness. I bet she is not telling him to just forget about it. I bet Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin is not telling his GOP colleagues to just pray around the baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia. But for some reason, White people feel the overwhelming need to tell Black people how they should act when it comes to racism, injustice, and acts of violence towards them.

Who the fuck gives them the right? Unless you are saying something that stands on the side of righteousness, why are you even a part of the conversation? Sally and many like Sally contribute nothing because they refuse to step down from their tower of privilege and imagine what it is like to live someone else’s truth.

Quite frankly, I am sick and tired of trying to make White people understand the injustice that Black people endure daily. I am sick and tired of White people acting as if Black people do not have the right to be angry. I am sick and tired of White people wanting Black people to sing kumbayah all while they continue to commit some of the most heinous and outlandish acts of racism and injustice against us. Then have to nerve to tell us we are wrong for being angry. Really?

I am Black, I am female, I am angry, and I have every damn right to be!

I am angry that White America voted an idiot into the White House and wants us to believe this man is not an idiot. He is an idiot! The EMPEROR HAS NO DAMN CLOTHES!!! I am angry that you want us to believe if this had been President Obama you wouldn’t have had articles of impeachment drawn up and a U-Haul in the driveway! I am angry because the NRA stands up for people’s right to bear arms but remains overwhelming silent and divided when Philando Castile’s right to bear arms was met with gunshots. I am angry at the weak ass justice system that puts murdering police on trial for a show when all along everyone knows they will never be convicted. I am angry that my people are being slaughtered live and in color and it is just another day in America.  I am angry that White America will not confess its sins. I am angry that Black life has NO value except when it is used for profit!

I am angry that greedy corporations are too damn corrupt to see the importance of having clean water. I am angry that people in Standing Rock continue to have their land violated. When will it be enough, White America? When will you have taken enough from indigenous people? When will you have taken enough from Black people? We have paid in blood and tears and still you persist. What is the extent of your greed? I am angry that people in Flint, Michigan still do not have clean water and the person that should be held accountable is not being held accountable. I am angry that power and greed fueled by White America continue to run this world.

I am angry that White people continue to tell me “not all White people” as if they cannot look beyond their need to be the ONE White person that doesn’t do something and cannot understand a White system built to advance White people! You are not absolved from the collective atrocities your race has committed around the world. Some stuff you must own! I am angry that White people won’t own their past. I am angry that White people want to rewrite history. You didn’t discover America! No one is buying the Christopher Columbus story anymore! Stop lying! I am angry that we must debate Confederate flags and statues and America doesn’t have the courage to say ENOUGH!

I am angry that White men in power want to tell me what I can do with my body! My womb is not something that needs to be policed.  I am angry that poor White people cannot understand that they will NEVER be part of the 1% and policies that hurt Black people impact them too! I am angry that my state governor feels that prayer is the solution to violence yet stands on policies that will further harm not just Black people but ALL people and I am angry that people that support him cannot comprehend THEIR HEALTHCARE WILL BE GONE TOO! I am angry that White America chooses hate and racism over the good of all people!

I am angry about Trayvon, Mike, and Tamir. I am angry about Sandra. I am angry that young Black girls continue to be the punching bag for White men in uniforms. I am angry at mass incarceration which is just slavery with another name. I am angry at Hollywood for profiting off Black History. I am angry at every White person that has ever stolen an idea from a Black person and pawned it off as their own. I am angry at policy that is rooted in racism. I am angry that Black people never had a chance to build generational wealth. I am angry at the NFL for blackballing Colin Kaepernick. I am angry that Black people couldn’t have been left alone! I am angry for my Motherland and that White America continues to rape and pillage her land. I am angry that Bravo promotes a show with participants that gained their wealth from slavery. I am angry that every damn day in this world being Black means it will be a fucking struggle to survive! I am angry that being Black in this world means no one gives a damn and to be honest, I am not sure I ever expected you to. This is the nature of the beast. All I have is history to go on and historically, White America has shown it doesn’t give a damn about Black people.

And you have the nerve to question why we are mad? The list is damn near endless!

You have the nerve to click clack the keys on your Mac and tell Black people how they should take a stand.

You have no right! Stick to what you know. Because you know nothing about being Black in America.

I am angry. I am pissed off. And I have every damn right to be. And please know I never needed your damn permission, White America, to be angry!

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