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Another Day, Another Kardashian Stealing Ideas From Black Women

There are very few things in this world that I can be certain of but some things I have learned are just a given. Donald Trump will tweet something stupid. White Republicans will defend Trump’s stupidity. And one of the Kardashians will be sure to steal an idea from a Black woman.


Kim Kardashian Boxer braids. For real? They are cornrows! 

Khloe Bantu knots

Khloe Kardashian. She did not invent this hairstyle. These are Bantu knots! 

From cornrows to Bantu knots, the Kardashian have literally built a brand off Black people. Ray J. the Black people of the world blame you for all of this. All. Of.This. Today is no different in the Kardashian world of “let’s-steal-a-black-woman’s-creativity-and-pawn-it-off-as-our-own. This time they must be going for a record because, in just one week, not one, but two Kardashians have been accused of stealing the ideas of creative director of Plugged NYC Tizita Balemlay and bedazzled fashion designer to the stars, Destiney Bleu. Remember the bedazzled leggings on the Formation tour? Yep that was her!


Beyonce Formation World Tour Photo: Frank Micelotta/Invision for Parkwood Entertainment/AP Images)

Here were are AGAIN with Khloe and Kylie being accused of thievery. It never ends!  Both designers can produce actual receipts of the Kardashians ordering from their lines before stealing “making” their own.


Instagram: @theplugsdaughter


Twitter: @dbleudazzled

While would like to say, I am surprised, I am not. This is the modus operandi of the Kardashians. As a matter of fact, it is the modus operandi of many people in the world. They see something that Black people possess and decide it is just up for the taking. White people seem to have this overwhelming arrogance when it comes to the creativity of People of Color. If they want it, they take it. If they like it, they steal it. If they can profit from it, they pimp it.

There is this level of innate privilege many White people feel as if everything belongs to them. From hairstyles to art, some White people have made a lifestyle from being the kings and queens of Invasion of the Culture Snatchers.

What bothers me with this is several things:

1. The thievery, robbery, and belief that you can just take something that is not yours.
2. The way the world acts as if White people discovered everything. No one is buying the LIE that you discovered America and no one believes you invented cornrows or Bantu knots.
3. The fact that independent fashion designers will not get the monetary compensation they deserve for their ideas. For instance, over 6 million people liked that picture of Kylie-I-Steal-All-Things-Black-Jenner. Imagine if she would have just worn the outfit and told everyone to purchase it what that would have done for Tizita’s Black-owned business? Maybe it would have gotten so big she would be hiring more employees of color to help provide for their families. But the Kardashians cannot see beyond their selfish behavior because they don’t care about helping Black women. Their only desire is how much they can profit from Black culture in between sleeping with Black men until they ruin their careers and credibility.
4. The fact that it is INCREDIBLY easy to say, “I like this, and I got it from _____________ fill in the blank.” It doesn’t take ANY work to give someone credit for their creativity. NONE. It is very simple to do.
5. The fact that White people continue to PROFIT from the creativity of Black people.
6. The pure arrogance that Black creativity is up for the taking.
7. The fact that White people continue to steal from Black women bolstering a narrative that Black women are to be disrespected and used as the stepping stone for White people.
8. The fact that White people love everything “Black, ” but as soon as it comes to standing up for Black people or against police brutality they are silent.

How long are White people going to continue to steal from Black people? When will your thievery finally be enough?

I applaud these independent designers for calling out the Kardashians. The sad part about it is most people that like the Kardashians don’t care. They don’t care they rip off their very being from Black people. They don’t care that the Kardashians are just like every other culture vulture in the world. They would step over a Black woman on fire to support the Kardashians before they ever thought of purchasing something from a Black woman to bolster her business. Because everyone wants to imitate Black culture until it’s time to truly buy and support Black creativity.

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